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How to use a bag of frozen mixed seafood so that it isn't chewy as gum.

This old...but, I use it often.

I cook red sauce, usually from scratch, but you can use your favorite store bought.
In a separate pan, get it nice an hot. Before that I toss the thawed sea food with red pepper flakes, and salt. Make sure it is drained, I use paper towels until they are not wet. I then put in some olive oil and fresh chopped garlic. Saute that for a few seconds, then toss in sea food.
Let everything sit for a few minutes to brown, then toss in the pan to cook evenly. Turn up the heat, then add the sauce to that pan. You want that seafood juices and bits. Works well with penne or linguini.

Mar 23, 2011
evildaniel in Home Cooking