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Looking for very low fat salad dressing recipes

I think I should have noted that I can't stand mayonnaise, buttermilk or ranch dressings which makes this even more of a challenge

Mar 01, 2011
chamoudi in Home Cooking

Looking for very low fat salad dressing recipes

I'm on WW and don't really care for most of the store-bought fat-free and extremely low-fat dressings available. They are usually way too sweet. On WW, fats take up a lot of points so I'd like to find a dressing I can enjoy without being penalized

Mar 01, 2011
chamoudi in Home Cooking


I know it's early but has anyone seen rhubarb in any local store - either fresh or frozen? I wanted rhubarb crumble for Xmas.

Dec 17, 2010
chamoudi in Los Angeles Area

Progresso canned tomatoes

Have these been discontinued? I found them missing completely in all forms at both Vons and Ralphs.

Sep 15, 2010
chamoudi in Los Angeles Area

Hatch Chile Roasting 2010

Bristol Farms in Westlake has them for $2.49 a pound. They are not doing the roasting bit in that store but you can order them from one of the stores that are roasting

Aug 19, 2010
chamoudi in Los Angeles Area

Quality sushi in the Westlake/Agoura area?

We ate lunch at Kanda today and were very pleased. Prices were high but so was the quality of the fish. We will definitely go back.

Apr 09, 2010
chamoudi in Los Angeles Area

Fresh Tuna off the boat

Any idea of the quantity that one is required to purchase? Are we talking 50 pounds or something more manageable?

Apr 06, 2010
chamoudi in Los Angeles Area

101 Noodle Express... in Agoura Hills!

We tried this place in January after reading the above but were rather disappointed. Perhaps we ordered wrong. Those of you who have eaten there - any suggestions?

Mar 12, 2010
chamoudi in Los Angeles Area

Lamb Shoulder

I have a lot of recipes that call for lamb shoulder - something I never see at any of my local markets. Usually the best I can do is lamb shoulder chops - a pricey substitute. Anyone know of a store that carries shoulder?

Jun 01, 2009
chamoudi in Los Angeles Area

London - Valentine's Day- Spanish/Moroccan

I will be in London for 1 day (unfortunately Valentine's Day). I was hoping to eat at Moro but they are fully booked. Can anyone suggest something similar? (Also had my eye on the River Cafe but they are booked.) I'll be staying in Winchester but willing to travel a bit. I'm not looking for a romantic meal (traveling with my brother) but I am looking for a memorable one.

Jan 17, 2009
chamoudi in U.K./Ireland

Kid and Vegetarian friendly in Santa Monica area

We need a dinner place for out of town friends who will be staying in Santa Monica. One friend is a vegetarian (rest of us are not) and they don't want anything too fancy or expensive as they will have small kids with them. We had thought of Tra di Noi or Allegria in Malibu but they want something less expensive. We usually go for Italian because of the larger selection of meatless dishes

May 23, 2008
chamoudi in Los Angeles Area

Rump steak

Does anyone know what the common American equivalent of rump steak is? Nigella has several recipes that call for that cut of meat.

Feb 26, 2008
chamoudi in Home Cooking

Jewish chicken fricassee recipe

There is a Mimi Sheraton one in the NY Times Jewish Cookbook - it's taken from one of her cookbooks. I make it substituting boneless skinless chicken thighs for the whole chicken.

Sep 09, 2007
chamoudi in Home Cooking

New Mexican Green chilies

Anyone know of a local source of fresh New Mexican green chilies? Or frozen roasted green?

I used to buy them from New Mexico when they cost $30 for 10 pounds (incl shipping) but they've gone up to about $100 for the same amount.

Aug 30, 2007
chamoudi in Los Angeles Area