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Where to buy German speck or double-smoked bacon in SEA?

If you want to order it over the internet, you can get it from

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey with Pear Cider Gravy

And that's how Thanksgiving should be done.

Nov 19, 2007
Bacon Heather in Recipes

Eric Ripert restaurant t open next week!!

Went opening night and went back again last night for drinks at the bar. Food-wise, the Pate en Croute (the pork appetizer described by others here) is probably the best thing on the menu. And the Veal Cheeks are definitely the way to go for your entree.

Chef Greggory Hill ?

He did not stay at Hudson. He hasn't landed anywhere permanent yet, but is hanging out at Landmark at The Melrose Hotel in the meantime. They are having a bacon dinner there on Tuesday night - if you're interested, call the restaurant. The information about it is on my blog -

Is it wise to freeze liver, bacon?

I freeze bacon all the time as well. Purists claim it affects the taste (just like freezing can affect the taste of pretty much anything), but unless you have a really sensitive palate then it isn't really a problem. But I do suggest only freezing what you can eat within a month or two (for some of us that is more than others...).

Sep 08, 2007
Bacon Heather in Home Cooking

Bacon o' beef

I suggest checking with your local butcher. My mom serves beef bacon for Christmas breakfast every year (along with regular ol' pork bacon, of course), and she gets it from a butcher (in Idaho, which I assume doesn't help anywhere here). I've never seen it in a grocery store myself. Even though i'm a big fan of the hog, beef bacon is pretty darn good. Good luck!

Aug 30, 2007
Bacon Heather in California