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Smoked Fish - DC Metro Area

I haven't been, but Bullfrog Bagels on H Street serves their own house smoked salmon and whitefish.!menu/...

I will second the rec for Chutzpah.

Something nice near Mt. Vernon? (VA, that is!)

Southside is definitely pubby, down to the little booths. The fried chicken/fish are pretty good, along with the collards greens, and not too expensive. Generous portions.

Real Shabu Shabu in VA/DC?

Like Foodiegirl posted, Tachibana serves Japanese shabu shabu. I had it a few years back and it was quite good. I don't know "authentic" but it tasted as good as the version my Japanese mother makes.

Something nice near Mt. Vernon? (VA, that is!)

If you want pubby, you're pretty much limited to Old Town. River Bend Bistro is more "wine bar-ey" and the food is good, but not cheap. Prices along the line of what you'd find in Old Town, but plenty of parking.

Route 1 isn't all chain slop. Su Pollo does excellent (and cheap) Peruvian chicken.

Kimchi House does your Korean standards, they serve beer, and their interior looks like a funky Korean bar.

Avoid Cedar Knoll unless you're interested in eating horrible food and getting stuck with a bill for the month's rent.

In Old Town, John Strongbow does some interesting takes on Medieval/Renaissance food in a pubby atmosphere.

Arby's Gyros

Not in America, no. Burger King and some other chains do lamb burgers, but only in countries with a substantial Hindu population. I have a hard enough time finding real gyros at Greek restaurants. Half the places are serving that zero-prep grey bologna garbage.

Sep 09, 2014
monkeyrotica in Chains

Lebonon bologna

There's an excellent Dutch Market in Laurel.

Arby's Gyros

It tasted like beef because it IS beef. No lamb in Arby's "gyro."

Sep 08, 2014
monkeyrotica in Chains

Chicago-style Hot Dogs & Eats?

Haute Dogs in Old Town does a pretty good Chicago. About as good as you'll find inside the Beltway.

Popeyes buys recipes from founder Al Copeland's family for $43 million

No Krogers in DC/VA/MD. We usually do the chicken at Roy Rogers or when in Maryland, Royal Farms. For something that's made in a gas station, it's pretty awesome fresh fried chicken.

Aug 04, 2014
monkeyrotica in Chains

Popeyes buys recipes from founder Al Copeland's family for $43 million

Where do you get your fried chicken? Because KFC is pretty vile.

Don't think Popeyes red beans ever had sausage in it.

Jul 31, 2014
monkeyrotica in Chains

Popeyes buys recipes from founder Al Copeland's family for $43 million

You never know. McDonalds used to just do burgers and fries and now their menu is a sprawling mess because customers demanded "Heart Smart" grilled chicken caesar wraps they nobody bought. Would not surprise me that some bean counters say they need to get out of fried chicken and start acting like Chipotle and cutting their throat because the customer is always right.

Jul 29, 2014
monkeyrotica in Chains

Where to buy dried corn husks in DC area?

Any Latino bodega will have them. Also you might want to check out the refrigerated section for banana leaves. I used to use corn husks until I tried them and I prefer the banana leaves. Gives the tamales a "tropical" aroma.

Smokey's mambo sauce

Good stuff. Sweet, sour, with a little heat. Not quite bbq sauce, not quite duck sauce, not really hot sauce. Every Chinese carryout does it a little different, but Smokey's is definitely good.

Topo Chico, Mexican mineral water: Help me find it in stores

G Mart definitely carries it, along with some of the finer bodegas.

E**a's Wood Fired Pizza

I've experienced that "stale English muffin crust" at Matchbox on Barracks Row. The same thing happened to me when I made pizza using yeast that had expired. The dough didn't proof properly and when I baked it, the crust came out bland and crackery. So maybe rather than throw out the failed dough, they just went ahead and used it. And that's why I stick with the burgers at Matchbox.

Wegmans going downhill

Never been impressed with their meat selection. I take my car to get serviced near the Fairfax Wegmans and usually stop by to pick up a few things. The last couple of times, the garage/lot has been a congested nightmare. Almost as horrible as Whole Foods. When I did manage to find a spot, I also noticed the product consolidation; they stopped carrying some of the natural casing hotdogs I like and their beer selection seems to have narrowed down as well.

For meat, I always end up at the Asian supermarkets like Super H or Grand Mart. If you're willing to learn how to trim your own steaks, their deals on whole ribeyes and hanger steaks can't be beat.

Jul 21, 2014
monkeyrotica in Chains

Lunch near Fort Belvoir -- a culinary wasteland or am I missing something?

Second the apps over the entrees at River Bend. A better deal and better flavor. Apart from the steak, the entrees were underseasoned.

I've been twice and although I want to come back more often, their menu doesn't change much and a lot of it I can't eat for medical reasons. Still, it's a nice place for a glass of wine and a few apps and gets quite crowded on the weekend.

Has anyone tried the BBQ at Ardmore Carryout?

It's a classic breakfast/lunch carryout near New Carrolton Metro, but it seems the BBQ is a Thursday only thing. Looks like they're using a real smoker instead of baking their meats, which should be a plus. Looking for something in that area that is a little more consistent than KBQ.

Seafood in Southwest, or Not?

Pretty sure Jenny's is the only sit down place left. Their crab cake is okay but nothing special. Your best bet is a dozen on the half shell from Captain Whites or Jessie Taylor eaten al fresco. The crab cake at Jimmy's Grill is pretty good but, again, no seating.

best crab cakes in maryland - any suggestions?

Second the Crab Bomb at Jerry's. I kinda prefer the seedy charm of the Lanham original.

Chinese restaurants

China Boy is a total dump. One table, bulletproof glass, specials in Chinese on the wall. Excellent chow foon. You can kill yourself for $10 in there.

Teenagers and where did you "dine?"

Every year our high school German class would go to Old Europe. Pretty sure the same blind lady is still playing the piano.

Stainless steel vs cast iron temp science

You have a similar situation viz stainless steel vs. cast iron grills in outdoor gas cookers. Being denser, the iron grills retain more heat for better searing. The less-dense steel, while easy to clean, aren't as dense and consequently don't sear as well. As soon as you open the lid of the cooker, the temperature of the SS grills drops dramatically. This isn't an issue with the iron grills.

Jun 22, 2014
monkeyrotica in Cookware

Dim Sum

Same experience here. Maybe it's my luck, but half the time I get dim sum off the carts its cold and not supposed to be. The rest of the time, all the good stuff is gone before the cart even gets to me. No big deal, as I tend to want the stuff that's not on the cart anyway, like tripe or chicken feet or that shrimp ball with the crab leg sticking out. I usually end up at Golden Hong Kong or Sampan Cafe and order dim sum off the menu just because I know it will be hot. Neither are any better/worse than what you'd find in Seven Corners but at least I don't have to deal with traffic or lines or people staring at you giving you the stinkeye so you'll hurry up and pay and leave so they can get your table.

Teenagers and where did you "dine?"

Italian Inn, Ledo's, Hot Shoppes, Happy Italian Delight, Rosa's Pizzeria, Rips, J Mart, Cetrones, Lums, Red Barn, Shakeys.

And the curb next to the 7-11.

Pizza delivery in SE DC

When I used to live near Lincoln Park, we'd get pizza from Al's on East Capitol, but that was ages ago. I've tried the pizza at Pizzaiole on Penn near Fragers; it's edible, but that was eat in, never delivered. New York Pizza down the street is pretty vile and their delivery is inept. Both the Papa Johns and Dominos near the Navy Yard are inept; you won't get your pies within an hour if at all. Jannat Kabob and Pizza in Kingman Park delivers pizza; it's okay, better than chain pizza, but I prefer the kabobs. Eddies in Trinidad delivers CHINESESUBSCHICKENBEERSEAFOODPIZZA, but I've never tried the pizza. 

My experience on the Hill has been you can either pick up good pizza via carryout or mediocre pizza delivered. 


If you're talking about southern style chitlins, there's not much to choose from. Mid Atlantic Seafood sometimes has them as a side, as do some of the bbq places in PG County. Ooh's & Aahs used to serve them along with Torries At Wilsons near Howard U. My experience has been that most places serve them plain and the customer seasons them, either pepper vinegar or lots of hot sauce.

Natural Casing Hot Dogs

Are those natural casing or caseless? Teeter has Sabretts but caseless only.

Lunch near Fort Belvoir -- a culinary wasteland or am I missing something?

7531 Richmond Highway, just south of La Mexicana. The Peking Duck is excellent, I think better than Mark's Duck House, but a LOT of the other dishes are hit or miss. I like the ma po tofu because they still put ground pork in it, but the wings were corn mealey and bad. Some of the non-Peking duck duck dishes were drowned in the usual Americanized Chinese syrupey sauces, but the sizzling rice and hot and sour soups were good. The interior hasn't been updated since 1975, but I like it that way.

Natural Casing Hot Dogs

Just to revive this thread, Safeway, Shoppers Food Warehouse, and Harris Teeter have dropped Nathan's Natural Casing Hotdogs. Don't care for Boar's Head, so who still sells Nathan's casing dogs? Wegmans? I'd rather not have to order direct.