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Blade Roast, Slow Cooker, No Stock or Wine

I did use garlic and onion. Nothing was browned though as what's the point in using a slow cooker if you can't just throw it all in? You can't put the ceramic slow cooker pot on the heat, so you have to use another pot, and by that stage you may as well put the pot you used to brown in the oven on low rather than lose all the tasty scrapings off the bottom.

This seems to me to be the main drawback of the slow cooker. Incidentally I see America's Test Kitchen have a new slow cooker book out. Might be worth a look.

No point boiling the sauce down. It's already very thick from all the pureed veg. I also added a beef stock cube to try to improve the flavour. It has a dull bacon flavour which throws everything off. Sometimes you gotta quit while you're ahead.

Blade Roast, Slow Cooker, No Stock or Wine

Actually I still have it. I liquidized it to try and make a half-decent gravy, but I think it's not rescuable. I have a lot of it. It's not so wonderful. I find not so wonderful soups and sauces just seem to take up freezer space. My dog won't be as fussy as me though. :-)

Blade Roast, Slow Cooker, No Stock or Wine

Yep. @greygarious is spot on. There was so much liquid from the veg that it just made a kind of watery pot roast. I tossed out everything but the meat. The meat itself was very forgiving. It seemed like it might be dry at first, but when cooked up with a different sauce, it loosened up, had that good fall apart texture and a good meaty flavour. Had some excellent burritos with it tonight.

Next time I think I'll either commit to one dish or another form the outset, or I'll slow dry roast the the meat as suggested by @fourunder. If I slow dry roast I think leftovers will still lend themselves to burritos, ragu etc. I'll have to try flatiron steak too.

I'm glad I did this experiment anyway. Sometimes you have to break the conventions to appreciate the difference they make. Blade is an excellent cut. Versatile, flavoursome, meaty, forgiving. Thanks for all your replies.

Blade Roast, Slow Cooker, No Stock or Wine

Yes, you're right. It's still on the pot-roastish side, but leaves my options open enough. I think I buckled under the pressure of deciding and just threw it all in. I can't always cook exactly what I want. I have 2 small children who tend to prefer their ingredients (at least the ones they can see on their plates) separate-ish rather than mixed up, and are for the most part not keen on strong spicy flavours.

I have discovered that any dishes made with hamburger meat, are always better made with leftovers from a roast. Chilli-con-carne, ragu, burritos... I made a chilli a while ago with the fattier parts (chopped) from a prime rib roast, and it was really good. I won't touch store-bought hamburger meat anymore. I'm always disappointed. If I want to make hamburgers I'll have the butcher grind up a blade roast for me.

What Latino dishes do you make with this type of cut?

Blade Roast, Slow Cooker, No Stock or Wine

I've just thrown a 4lb blade roast seasoned with just black pepper, in my slow cooker with some diced thick streaky bacon (needed using up), mushrooms, diced carrots, diced celery and a few peeled spuds. I'm kind of tired of the usual pot roast and I feel like cooking the meat in a fairly generic way so I can use leftovers in different ways afterwards. (e.g. burritos) I can always puree some of the veg and make up a sauce with some stock later.

Is there any reason why I shouldn't cook the roast like this without searing, and without liquid? As it's a fairly sinuous fatty cut, it won't dry out will it? I'm thinking it might be good if cooked on low for a very long time.

Any thoughts?