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Which brands are you loyal to?

Hellmans Mayo
Heinz ketchup
Boarshead cold cuts
Tropicana OJ
Maxwell House Colombian (though some of the Colombian blends by other companies are good--just not as good as MH)

Mar 23, 2011
monica1020 in General Topics

Brand Failures

I love Flipz!!! I love the salty/sweet combo--also love chocolate and peanut butter. I did try the white chocolate Flipz but they were just way too sweet.
When my son was first starting to eat baby cereal (1992), Gerber had a line of baby cereals that were flavored with mango, papaya, and guava. He loved them. When my daughter came around a couple of years later, I looked for them again but Gerber had stopped making them.

Mar 23, 2011
monica1020 in General Topics