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Is anyone else addicted to Olde Cape Cod (Westminster) crackers?

I am snacking on a 0.5 Oz mini bag of the Westminster Oyster Crackers right now. I get them along with a take-out soup at Whole Foods. I stuff my pockets with these crackers when I buy soup at Whole Foods for lunch (which is 2-3 days a week) and snack on them often - I always have a pack or two in my drawer at the office in case I get hungry.

I will have to look for and get the rounds, I can't imagine that they are better that these Oysters, so thanks for posting the tip. I agree, Saltines SUCK!

Apr 12, 2012
Goyescas in General Topics

Belgique cookware

Like poster's AVSHowtime and metalgrannie, I too got my set from Burdines (mine came as a housewarming gift from my parents, so I know that this was in winter of 1994). I cook at home almost everyday, and I am amazed how adept I have become in using the Belgique cookware. Water will boil on Medium electric heat on my glass topped electric Kitchen Aid range, so it is important not to use high heat on these! The instructions that came with them, a little booklet I still have, makes this very clear.

Funny thing, people are talking about this stuff as if it is entry level. That was not my understanding when we got my set - I had been lusting after them but could not afford them. I guess the price dropped (plus I make 500% more than I did back in 1994!).

I use my Belgique steamer 4 times a week, and you would think the stuff was brand new. The only other thing in my typical arsenal is a cast iron skillet and a Kitchen-Aid 1.5qt saucepan that I love for making my own tomato sauce (which is all I've ever used it for!).

Those who remember Burdines - it became Dillard's which became Macy's. The Burdines in Sarasota at SouthGate Mall was kind of a pit as far as department stores go, but I am sure glad they carried the "good stuff from Belgium."

Mar 16, 2012
Goyescas in Cookware

Cento San Marzano tomatoes, the real deal?

I have been wondering the same thing. I tried the "Certified" (non DOP) Cento San Marzano's the other night and I found them to be just as good as those which were DOP certified. I am wondering if the company simply decided against paying the fees associated with the DOP certification without usurping its distribution chain. So I emailed Cento but have not yet received a response.

I ordered a case (28oz x 12 ) of DOP certified San Marzano's from a well-known Italian company out of Cary, NC: CapriFlavors, Inc. Titina's San Marzano Certified DOP Tomatoes are about $45 for the case, and it appears the proprietor is a heavy hitter direct from Italy. Check it out:

If I hear back from Cento (doubt I will) I will post the response here.

Mar 23, 2011
Goyescas in General Topics