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Assiette Champenoise - Set lunch menu on the weekend?

Thanks rrems: Was this during lunch or dinner? Weekday or weekend?

Oct 27, 2011
amourlinds in France

Assiette Champenoise - Set lunch menu on the weekend?

Did you do the tasting menu or a la carte? Any menu recommendations? We are also from New York, though we live in Berlin currently (which btw, is a foodie wasteland).

Oct 25, 2011
amourlinds in France

Assiette Champenoise - Set lunch menu on the weekend?

Thanks for the advice. I'll give them a call. After a week eating through Paris, have to start watching the wallet.

Oct 25, 2011
amourlinds in France

Assiette Champenoise - Set lunch menu on the weekend?

Does anyone know whether they serve the less expensive set menu for lunch on the weekends?

Oct 24, 2011
amourlinds in France

Restaurant recommendations with lively ambiance

My boyfriend and I split time between Berlin and New York. I would consider myself a health-conscious foodie, with no particular love of French cuisine. In general I typically avoid really heavy food.

We are 27 & 30 going to Paris for a week to celebrate my birthday. He lived there years ago for a short period; it's my first trip. We'll be staying at an apartment in the Marais.

Would love recommendations that consider the following:

- One splurge dinner for my birthday. Are there any respectable restaurants that have a lively bar scene or have late night dancing? We want something fun, special but not overly formal.

- We both appreciate a good scene, but refuse to eat at trendy restaurants that serve mediocre, high-priced food. That being said, we generally don't prefer over formal service and ambiance. For a New York reference, we prefer downtown vs. up

- We love great wine, and affordable great wine is even better.

- I see a lot of French bistro recommendations, naturally. Any places that have an interesting take on traditional French fare?

- We love sushi, and Berlin lacks many decent options. Any favorite, affordable Japanese spots in Paris?

- Lastly, we really enjoy champagne brunches.

Thanks for any advice!

Oct 11, 2011
amourlinds in France

Healthy dining options in Barcelona?

My boyfriend and I are visiting Spain for 10 days next week. We'll see friends in Madrid for a few days, then head to Barcelona for four nights (Nov 1- Nov 4), Girona for 1 night, and rioja wine region for the last weekend with our Spanish friends. Living in New York City, I would consider myself a foodie and have been lucky to enjoy some of the best restaurants around the world both here and abroad. That being said, I am incredibly nervous about 10 days of eating tapas. I'm a very health-conscious woman and would like to avoid eating heavy meals and fried tapas the entire trip. Please help with some guidance!

1. General Question: What are the "healthiest" tapas options? What key terms should I avoid?

2. Barcelona: I have been reviewing the board for the top restaurant choices. Are there any top restaurants known for being organic or "clean" preparation? I tend to learn toward seafood, raw or cooked, to avoid cream, butter, sauce etc. Any lunch recommendations for good salads or simply prepared seafood? We are staying at the Passeig de Gracia.

3. Girona: I have tried to get a reservation at Cellar de Can Roca, but they only offered lunch and we are cycling. Any hints on how to get a reservation? What would the second best option be in the area?

4. Rioja: If by chance anyone knows some must-see wineries, please share. I really enjoy unique experiences such as sensory tastings etc.

Oct 22, 2010
amourlinds in Spain/Portugal

Young NYC Professionals wanting Special Occasion Eats and Fun bars

My boyfriend and I are heading to Boston (my first trip) from NYC over Valentines Day Weekend. We are staying at the Liberty Hotel, but I think we are going to drive so not handcuffed to the location.

We would love recommendations for some fun, upscale/trendy type bars and lounges for Friday night. If there is a nice wine bar with an actual decent wine list, that would be great.

In search of a a recommendation for a great local restaurant on Saturday. Lively atmosphere, great food, maybe nice views.

For Valentines Day, of course, something romantic (not too stuffy or dated) and price not really an issue. I enjoy modern, straight forward cuisine. Think balanced tastes, fresh fish, limited sauces. No french! Of course would enjoy going to the "must see" restaurant in Boston.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Cab lovers trip to Napa/Sonoma

Thanks for the response (my vacation already started and thus, online access is limited). We are not driving fro St. Helena to EDK for the meal, we are staying in Glen Ellen that night. Our thinking is that the majority of wines we wanted to taste were on the napa/St. Helena so we will likely be there until most locations close around 5pm and then we will start making the drive down to Gaige House.

It seems like restaurant recs are few and far between on the south sonoma side near Sonoma town and Glen Ellen. EDK was one of the few...

Cab lovers trip to Napa/Sonoma

I'm one half of a young NYC couple heading to spend 4 days in Napa/Sonoma. While I have exhausted my research on chowhound and the web, I'm now suffering from information overload. I really love big cabs and love exploring new wine countries, my boyfriend on the other hand probably prefers a more laid back approach to tastings and might be easily intimidated. While I don't want to miss experiencing great wines, I hope someone can vet my list with ambiance/experience factored in and find a few great places to drop in for a quick(ish) tasting as compared to the full lengthy tours.

Basic itinerary:

Day 1: SFO - through Napa town/carneros - Yountville Inn
Dinner Reservation: Redd

I've read great things about Stelzner, Hartwell, Pine Ridge and Shafer. Unfortunately Shafer is booked.. I myself love Stag's Leap wine, but want to keep the $34-$45 tastings to a minimum.

Question: Since all of the above wineries are in that price range to taste, which is the "must-see"? Are there any other options in the area for a drop-in tasting and not necessarily the full tour (we will only half half day).

Day 2: Drive through St. Helena and cross over into Sonoma - Gaige House, Glen Ellen
Dinner reservation: El Dorado Kitchen

Cakebread cellars? Has anyone done the food pairing?

Casa Nuestra, Pride (head west on Spring Mountain toward Sonoma)

Suggestion in Kenwood as we drive down towards Glen Ellen?

Robet Hunter?

Day 3: Russian River Valley or Healdsburg?

We are staying the two nights in Glen Ellen, but plan to spend Saturday up north. I don't love Zin's or Pinots (which seem to be the focus in RRV). Where do you think the day is best spent?
If we do RRV, it seems the best choices are Siduri, Rochioli, Arista, Hartford and Merry Edwards. I haven't attempted to get a reservation at any of them however.

Any suggestions or alternative plans are welcome. We also need a dinner suggestion near Glen Ellen for Saturday evening. Girl and the Fig is an option, but don't love "comfort food" menus.

Bored foodie..what's new and interesting?

Nice. I look forward to hearing how A&D is. Must be decent as they have pretty full reservations most nights I've called on a Friday or Saturday. Haven't been to Falai or Rayuela.

May 04, 2009
amourlinds in Manhattan

Bored foodie..what's new and interesting?

Thanks for all the Asian recs. Not familiar with any of them besides Kyo YA, though haven't been

I have been to Tailor in the past, but don't remember it for the food as I typically go for the bar downstairs. You would suggest their current menu? I enjoy the atmosphere there.

May 04, 2009
amourlinds in Manhattan

Babbo - Service and Menu Question

Just a note -- I drop into Babbo frequently on late week nights and usually snag a table up front. Just to note, the wines by the glass are served in a carafe and are really generous. I would say typical is one app, two pastas and two apps. The pastas are really rich, though if you go with a ravioli they tend to be smaller portions. Agreed, service is pretty good.

Apr 30, 2009
amourlinds in Manhattan

Bored foodie..what's new and interesting?

I'm a young downtown manhattan foodie. I enjoy places that allow me to get dressed up in addition to not killing my week of working out. As a single girl who dates a lot, I am also constantly going out to eat which has a few adverse effects: I get a bit jaded, my expectations are increasingly very high, and I abhor heavy food as I am constantly trying not to over indulge due to frequency. Building on that bit of TMI, I have been tasked with picking another restaurant to go out to dinner at tomorrow. This week I have been to Smith's in Greenwich Village, Bond St, and Morimoto...all of whim were him haw with Morimoto being the worst of all as the chef's selection at Bond St. was surprisingly good.

Alas, I turn to you all. What is fresh, different, unexpected and below 20th St. I enjoy great seafood, though not looking for sushi. One place I have been meaning to get to is Allan and Delancey or Corton, though something with a bit more of an edge or a scene (that's what he is looking for) might be preferred. And by scene, I simply mean a cocktail dress is appropriate ( not that it exists in meat packing).

Apr 30, 2009
amourlinds in Manhattan

Upstairs at Bouley - what to order?

This place is amazing. I live around the corner and just about everything I've tried has been worth going back for. Grilled Calamari salad is perfect for those who like calamari but don't enjoy fried foods..... Mushroom salad app and chicken entree also nice.

Apr 30, 2009
amourlinds in Manhattan

Mastro's Providence or Grace

So thanks for all of the great advice. We ended up going with Providence.
Ambiance: They had the music at almost an inaudible level and made for an uncomfortable environment - you could hear every conversation.
Food: Outstanding. We did the 9-course tasting menu with the wine pairings. Had a great waiter who upgraded a lot of the wine selections.
Overall: At first I got the "what did you get me into" speech - after the food we were both very impressed.

Certainly not a cheap night out, but for sophisticated palates and real food-lovers, most would appreciate this restaurant.

Nov 20, 2007
amourlinds in Los Angeles Area

Mastro's Providence or Grace

Going on a date and would like to go to a new restaurant. Exboyfriend taking me out and thankfully money isn't a factor. Mastro's seems so predictable to me, although I have never actually been. Have read great things about Providence and Grace as well. So, help me out, which should I try first?

Nov 13, 2007
amourlinds in Los Angeles Area