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Best gluten-free breakfast in Calgary?

I'm a recently diagnosed celiac and have yet to find a really good gluten-free breakfast place in Calgary.... especially one that serves gluten-free french toast or pancakes!

I was going to go to the Gratitude Cafe, but I hear they are overpriced and the owner is terrible - also, they only open at 11AM which is a bit late for breakfast.

Any favourites?

Thanks so much!

Kingsland Farmer's Market: Highly recommend!

I love the Kingsland Farmers Market! They have the most AMAZING pulled pork sandwiches - they aren't gluten free, but damn, they were $7 and came with sweet potato fries and I would have paid $20 for something that delicious. I don't remember the name of the stall but I will definitely be going back and I will share the name with you.

I love the gluten-free options there - lots of stalls have desserts, breads, pastas and soups with big signs that say Gluten Free. It's a great space and there is lots of diversity in product (and hardly any crafts, which was one of the main reasons I didn't like the other Farmers Market so much).