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Juice pairings

So we all know that there are beer/alcohol pairings, but what about JUICE pairings? Are there particular meals or foods that you find taste well with certain fruit juices?

For instance, orange juice tastes best in the morning with breakfast-y type stuff (pancakes, sausage, hash...)

Sprite/7up tastes weirdly ok with Twizzlers (for me)

Coke and pizza (right?)

Jan 12, 2014
TCtoothpick in General Topics

Midtown Global Market....Great..but could be Amazing.

Maybe a traditional Indian food place...

best lasagna

Craving traditional/comfort (red sauced) lasagna. Where can I find the best in Twin Cities? It can either be bought in a store or restaurant.

'Staple' foods you just don't like

Mac and cheese
Mashed Potatoes
Hot dishes
hard boiled eggs

Dec 18, 2013
TCtoothpick in General Topics

Food habits that make you go...

For some reason I don't mind other people's loud smacking. I even find it sort of relaxing, but I can NOT stand my parent's chewing. I don't know why. Probably has some sort of emotional connection.

Dec 02, 2013
TCtoothpick in Not About Food

Food habits that make you go...

I don't mind fast eaters. To me, it means they are really hungry, the food is good, and/or the person is in a hurry.

Dec 02, 2013
TCtoothpick in Not About Food

Food habits that make you go...

I am crazy and I guess sound sensitive. I try to respect everyone though. No hatred.

Dec 02, 2013
TCtoothpick in Not About Food

Food habits that make you go...

I wouldn't EVER say anything to these people or judge them as individuals. I just have my personal preferences that's all. Just curious if others had similar internal reactions. Peace.

Food habits that make you go...

One time I saw someone put Heinz ketchup on their sushi rice. My body started to breathe heavily to the point of almost coming to tears. Thankfully I caught myself and started to laugh. Though, I was actually going to cry!

When I see someone not eat the skin and throw it away, I have to count to 5 in my head so I don't start yelling.

On a happier note, I get sooooo happy and warm when I see someone slurping a big bowl of noodles. Life is good for them!


Nov 26, 2013
TCtoothpick in Not About Food

the last sandwich in the world!

If you had to eat one sandwich for the rest of your life, nothing else, with no modifications EVER, what would it be?

Mine, PB and Honey.

Nov 19, 2013
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It's nothing to be ashamed of but.......

I have always wanted to do that, but always had to share the chicken with others. Skin especially the belly is the yummiest. I did that once with KFC because I hate their white meat, but the skin is the best.

Nov 14, 2013
TCtoothpick in Not About Food

Foods that make you sick?

Mayo, sour cream and cottage cheese make me gag even in the site of it.

Nov 14, 2013
TCtoothpick in Not About Food

looking for meat stuff...

how much does the blood cost roughly?

D Spot in East Metro

Has anyone tried the ghost challenge? They are free if you can do it right?

The Rabbit Hole

This is place is all aces! Korean FUSION people. The dukk bogi and the appa (daddy burger) are to die for. Plus, everything is affordable. Only thing is the table are a bit small for the amount of food we got. We hungry folks :)

Food runners/busser...

I just got hired as a food runner. Wondering what I should look for and what is the etiquette/rules for this position. Thanks so much!!!!

Nov 04, 2013
TCtoothpick in Not About Food

Do you view exercise as penance or justification?

I exercise for emotional and mental health and it DOES help with muscle stuff.

Nov 04, 2013
TCtoothpick in Not About Food

looking for meat stuff...

Is there a place to buy blood for sausages? (don't worry, I am not a vampire) Also is there a restaurant with good blood sausage?

Last meal EVER?

If you had a to chose your last meal EVER made by a fast food chain, what would it be?


Nov 03, 2013
TCtoothpick in Chains

Favorite restaurants from the past

Mannings on Como Avenue where Finnish Bistro (hyuck!!) is now.

Rocky Rococcos in Roseville (best arcade games)

How Do You Like Your Cold Cuts Sliced, Thin or Thick?

thin as possible

Nov 03, 2013
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What DON'T you like in a sandwich?

mayo (in anything for that matter)
sour cream

Nov 03, 2013
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popeyes in st. paul needed

Why is there no Popeyes? It would get sooooo much business in Midway-Frogtown. Yes?

Last meal ever of different cuisines

So the question of the last meal on earth has come up a gazillion times, BUT... What would be your last meal if it had to be

-Fast Food

Apr 15, 2011
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The Manliest Restaurant in America?

In Minnesota, Manny's Steakhouse is pretty chest pound. Service is wonderful by the way.

Mar 26, 2011
TCtoothpick in General Topics

Are condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, aioli, etc.) necessary for burgers?

If you toast the bun and the burger is juicy and seasoned, no handles required. Although, if there is doctoring needed, BBQ sauce or Worcester for sure.

Mar 26, 2011
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Best sandwich-chip combination

What is the sandwich-chip combo? For example....

My preferences:

-peanut butter sandwiches only + sour cream and onion chips
-hot dogs + bbq or plain lays (no fries)
-burger + NO chips (fries though)
-turkey sandwiches + salt & vinegar or plain
-meatball subs + nacho doritos

I guess I like certain things, but I am willing to explore. "Interchipwich relationships" (ha) G'head....

Mar 26, 2011
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Cheap (but good) places for college kids in the Roseville area?

Word to that. Or grab something at Shuang Hur (University and Dale). Art Songs has good chicken wings.

New Asia on University and Lexington ain't bad either.

New Asia
474 Lexington Pkwy N, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Osaka in Roseville

japanese food, although she probably wouldn't say no to a dance and song. i guess i am looking for quality. should i go for sajiya or sakura instead?

Osaka in Roseville

For my mom's birthday, I want to take her to Osaka. She has been talking about it for a year. I think it is time. Is it good? Are there better choices for Japanese?