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ISO recs for first time visitors to Philadelphia

Thanks guys, I appreciate the input.

Jun 03, 2011
geekerella in Philadelphia

ISO recs for first time visitors to Philadelphia

we'll have a car. I'm not entirely sure where we're staying, but i know we're doing all the historical stuff, library, etc. We're plenty touristy when it comes to the attractions but not so much when it comes to the food. I know we're going to Reading Terminal Market, but other then that, we're wide open. I'm on the hunt for the best roast pork. And good coffee.

Jun 03, 2011
geekerella in Philadelphia

ISO recs for first time visitors to Philadelphia

My family and I will be all over Philadelphia for a week and we will need to stop and eat at some point. We range from the non-adventurous (mom) to adventurous (me) and we span 18 - 50 years old. Ethnic food is probably out (by ethnic, i mean stuff like Thai and Indian, not the relatively "safe" ethnic foods like Mexican and iIalian.) Also, we're not drinkers so places that aren't necessary. We like hole in the walls and off the beaten path stuff, so feel free to recommend non-touristy spots. Any help would be awesome. I've already gotten some great ideas from just reading this board, but I welcome any other must-eats comments.

Jun 03, 2011
geekerella in Philadelphia

Fort Worth Omni/Houston St.

Downtown is rather lacking in any stand out fare. I'd suggest taking a taxi over to Magnolia Ave, just 5 minutes south of downtown. There you'll find Nonna Tata (handcrafted rustic italian), Temaki Sushi, Avoca Coffee (not a restaurant, but awesome coffee and local pastries). There's mexican in the form of Benitos, and Yucatan Taco stand. Paco and John is also a mexican sort of place that is supposed to be good. Ellerbe Fine Foods is a more upscale restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients. All of these places are in one central location along a nice street that is easily walkable.

You can also go west from downtown on 7th Street, and you'll encounter La Familia (take a left on Foch and it's not open on Sundays) which is excellent mexican food. Across the street is Montgomery Plaza, which has some chain restaurants and bars, but behind the 7th Haven bar, on wed-sat, there is a taco truck called Taco Heads that is pretty good. You can also get a decent burger at Love Shack, in that area. Of course, there's barbeque, probably have enough of that in TN.

Downtown proper, there are Fort Worth standbys like the Reata (which can be hit or miss) and requisite downtown steakhouses. Good, but there's better outside the immediate downtown area.

La Familia Restaurant
1111 La Salle Ave, Waco, TX 76706

Nonna Tata
1400 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

A Badly Named Sensible Gourmet Snack

The Love Shack :), am I correct, alliegator?

Mar 23, 2011
geekerella in Features

Pizzeria Regina vs. Pizzeria Regina

Mmm. Ernesto's. Calzones the size of your face. So fresh, so delicious.