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Seattle this weekend - must eats for 10 ppl?

Thanks for the suggestion! Looks like a hidden gem and will definitely be on my list next time I'm in town!

We wanted to find something relatively walking distance to where we are staying (near Seattle University) and so tentatively booked reservations to both Anchovies and Olives and La Spiga. Our party also went from 10 people to a slightly more manageable 8 people.

Any feedback on either restaurant? I've also tried to book a reservations for predrinks or after drinks at Arturi since getting into Spinasse seems to be near impossible! Do we need to book reservations for these small craft cocktail bars?

Nov 07, 2012
qimburlee in Greater Seattle

Seattle this weekend - must eats for 10 ppl?

There's 10 of us Vancouverites heading down to Seattle for the long weekend to catch the Seahawks game on Sunday. We rented a house in Capital Hill since the area seemed to be up our alley with restaurants/craft cocktail bars etc. We all love food but understand that a lot of the really good restaurants don't take reservations and will be hard pressed to get a table for ten.

I've already considered Sitka and Spruce, Serious Pie, Lola for lunch and Spinasse and Walrus and the Carpenter. How easy is it for a group of 10 to make reservations and/or wait for a table at these places? I've also tentatively made reservations for Needle and Thread for Saturday night and was thinking of Canon and Artusi for drinks.

I'll need recommendations for lunch and dinner recommendations for Saturday as well as Monday lunch before we head back. We will be celebrating a birthday Saturday night so would love a fun dinner recommendation and then bar nearby afterwards. We're in our early to mid 30's so fun and loud is okay, but kitschy, touristy and club beats while eating are not!

Also, if there are any suggestions for how to get to and from the game and tailgating tips as its most of our first time going to an NFL game! Thanks!

Nov 07, 2012
qimburlee in Greater Seattle

Vancouver foodies in Scottsdale for four days

My fiancee and I are heading to Scottsdale this Friday - Monday. We'll be staying at the Phoenician and can't wait to try some good food and get away from all this rain!

I definitely know there are a few places I want to try (FnB, CPH, the Mission) and I don't know what else we should try. I also haven't looked too much into any lunch or brunch places for the wknd.

We're also interested in going for drinks - since we don't have happy hour up in Canada, are there places we should go to? I was hoping to go somewhere for drinks (great cocktails, red wine, mojitos etc) and maybe watch the sunset? Or even somewhere fun after we eat.

We're also very keen on Mexican and or latin food since it's lacking up here. The restaurants that look interesting are the Mission, Distrito, Barrio Queen, Caroline's...I'll want some recommendations on what to order and which are better for brunch, lunch, and dinner. I absolutely love fish tacos, corn and ceviche if any places have it.

My itinerary so far is:

Friday night - the Mission?
Saturday night - CPH and drinks at Citizen R+D. Does anyone know when it gets too full? I want to make resos early enough so we can manage to get into R+D. I would hate to be stuck in that alley if they're full.
Sunday night - FnB and an early night since the fiancee has a work meeting Monday morning

We don't leave until Monday at 8pm so we can always do an early dinner as well.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Apr 11, 2012
qimburlee in Phoenix

Dinner and drinks options near Marrriott Pinnacle Hotel at 1128 W. Hastings

Everything downtown is fairly close to one another, so I wouldn't necessarily limit yourselves close to your hotel.

I would suggest going to Gastown, since it is about a ten minute walk from where you're staying. Lots of options for food and drinks. Some tapas places (Judas Goat, Cobre), seafood/sushi (Cork & Finn, Seamonstr Sushi), french (L'Abbatoir, Jules), and great bars (Diamond, Six Acres, Irish Heather, Pourhouse, Salt). There is also a Guu in Gastown. The great thing about it is you can just hop from place to place until you find a place that you like.

If you do want to stay close to your hotel, you can always head over to the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel lobby, or across the street to the Irish pub Mahoney and Sons, which is at the convention centre and along the waterfront with a really great view.

Have fun!

Cobre Restaurants
52 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E7, CA

838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

Six Acres
203 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6B2J2, CA

Pourhouse Restaurant
162 Water Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2, CA