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Single Serving Quick Meals for Gal who likes it fresh and vegetarian

I find cooking for one is hard - most of the recipes are for 4 or more servings. It doesn't help that I like to make everything fresh. For some reason I can't make myself eat frozen meals these days. So I prefer not to make big freezable batches and just make single serving meals. I am vegetarian and soy intolerant ; and usually prefer meals which I can quickly put together. To give you idea of what I have been eating these days:-

Lunch and dinner :-
WW Pita stuffed with greens, beans and dips.
Pita pizza - tortilla baked with sauce and veggies
Pasta with store bought sauce + fresh store cut veggies
Hard boiled eggs/ beans in Salad

As you can see one can quickly run out of ideas!! I am planning to brown bag my lunches so any single serving meal suggestions will help.

Mar 20, 2011
dunim in Home Cooking