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I give God 10%...

Good comment

Feb 04, 2013
mar35 in Not About Food

I give God 10%...

Apparently the pastor has never worked in the Hospitality business. Its long hours, in some jobs low pay, and customers that aren't nice. If you eat out you should know what to tip. Big parties are "pains" in the neck.

Tips are part of waiters income. I don't think I would want this person to be my pastor.

Feb 02, 2013
mar35 in Not About Food

Cuban Green Salad with Avocados

Great Salad!. Did I miss the roast pig in the Cuban Christmas? People forget that there is a large Cuban and Spanish people in Tampa, Fl. Often canned or pickled beets were put on Salad(not alot). Florida avocados were used. Vegetables are grown year round in Florida.

Aug 16, 2012
mar35 in Recipes

Can Project Gold Hamburger Save Wendy's?

Wendy had and I hope has good fast food. The real truth is when DAVE the founder died, no one stepped up to bat at Wendy's to take his place. Let's hope Wendy's will now go forward or another part of Americana dies When my husband retired from Marriott he got 3 Roy Rogers fast food rest. and they were sold to Hardees that was the end of the good Roy Rogers and that's the way it goes.

Sep 23, 2011
mar35 in Features