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MULINO'S - rant! (white plains)

Sorry, but I needed to confirm what I already knew. Those BEST OF WESTCHESTER Italian nods they continue getting make me doubt myself every few years. I wouldn't say the place is not living up to its' reputation - I would say the place is downright horrible. I give them an A for effort in the service category but I'm really reaching now. Someone please blow the place up and start over! Just to take the comment one step further - I am not saying it is bad 'for the price' - I'm saying there is nothing good about the place.
I would love to hear differently from someone who knows decent food.....

Dec 22, 2007
zswp in General Tristate Archive

Real Italian in Lower Westchester

Try Pinocchio's in Eastchester. Owner, Tarchese, is the real thing. Please report back. I'm not saying this is the perfect answer but I long for the same thing you do and somehow Pinocchio's satisfies me.

Dec 16, 2007
zswp in General Tristate Archive

LaManda's Restaurant in White Plains

Best cold scungili salad I've ever had. The scungil is probably canned but it is tender and just the right balance of garlic, lemon, oil, etc in the dressing. That, warm loaf of bread, couple glasses of chianti.............
What upscale restaurant in scardale do they own???

Positano / Amalfi Coast

Ask about a place called ZACHARIA'S in the town of Amalfi.
Seafood - they JUST BRING - best I'VE ever had!
Please report back if you go!

Dec 29, 2006
zswp in Italy

Good Itailan Before a show in the Theater District

Becco. Lidia B. & son. Great pasta special - reasonable. If you can get in!

Dec 17, 2006
zswp in Manhattan


I usually make a lb. but sometimes up to 2 lbs. What do you suggest is a good size pot?? I currently use a 6 qt. for the lb but I feel like I need more? Should I use two different sizes if I'm boiling one versus two lbs.?

Thx in advance!

Nov 30, 2006
zswp in Cookware

Thanksgiving Dinner in L.A.?

This is sooo funny. This is one of my favorite LA restaurants - Josie!
I was kind of looking for some Classic Hollywood venue for this one meal. Any other thoughts are appreciated.

Sep 17, 2006
zswp in Los Angeles Area

Thanksgiving Dinner in L.A.?

Any famous restaurants do popular Thanksgiving dinner??
Thank You,
NY Visiting CH

Sep 17, 2006
zswp in Los Angeles Area

Ebb Tide Seafood and Lobster Shack, Port Chester--anyone been? Worth a trip?

Thank you 'cervisiam' for the tips.
I agree with alot of your comments, however I did order the lobster roll on my last visit and although I didn't love it I did know it had crab - not sure if it said it up on the board or on the printed menus - maybe it was added - I did like the bread part. Also, I always bus my own table and I thought that was what was expected also - who knows.
Definitely going to check out you Ct. rec's. ZSWP

Jul 12, 2006
zswp in General Tristate Archive

Ebb Tide Seafood and Lobster Shack, Port Chester--anyone been? Worth a trip?

I'm a big fan of Ebb Tide. Service is slow at the counter, prices are not cheap, but I personally love the atmosphere outside, good menu/items. I go for lunch often on the weekends and as RJKA replied, it depends where you are coming from. I visit from White Plains and I'm comfortable with that (15-20 mins.). Don't know if I would visit from the Hudson side of the County.
I have been ordering the fried clam bellies but they are "always" out of them - I wonder if they ever really have them. I haven't had a decent order since Boston.

Jul 07, 2006
zswp in General Tristate Archive