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2nd Ave deli, Sarge's Deli or Katz?

We went to 2nd Ave Deli (162 East 33rd location). Beautiful day for a cab ride. We waited about 10 minutes for a table. We had a lovely chat with a personable manager from Spain about the merits of living in Toronto before being seated. We had lovely, attentive service from Sofia. It was a wee bit of a zoo with tables crammed together but it just added to the experience. Overall it was an enjoyable dining experience. My dining companion enjoyed the cherry cola, cholent (he would have preferred no potato in the cholent), chopped liver, Matzoh ball soup (coined Jewish Penicillin on the menu) and a tongue sandwich. I tried the brisket sandwich and the potato salad. Nice touch having the pickles and coleslaw appear on table upon being seated. And a chocolate soda sample to end the meal.

Thanks for the advice. I will pay it forward on the Toronto board.

We went to Carnegie Deli on a previous occasion so it was nice to mix it up.

2nd Ave deli, Sarge's Deli or Katz?

We don't mind taking taxi - so I think we will try Artie's. Menu seems to be exactly what my traveling companion will enjoy. After he treated me to Per Se and Bouley - I am trying to treat him with an indulgence he can't get in northern Ontario.

Thanks all for the speedy responses.

Nov 23, 2014
mskatsam in Manhattan

2nd Ave deli, Sarge's Deli or Katz?

I am a Torontonian in upper west side with a Jewish traveling companion from a remote northern community.

We have dined at Per Se and Bouley.

We fly home this evening from Newark.

Any Chowhound recommendations for brunch/late lunch? We would prefer not to have a long line up.

Traveling companion adores Montreal smoked meat, tongue sandwiches so I thought I would make some suggestions. Chowhound previous reviews pointed to 2nd Ave deli, Sarge's or Katz.

Nov 23, 2014
mskatsam in Manhattan

Best bouillabaisse in Toronto?

My bf loves the bouillabaisse from Brussels Bistro in the beach. When I posted an inquiry for suggestions a few years ago - recommendations were for Scaramouche Pasta bar and Biff's on Front.

NY Hound in TO (North York/Yorkdale area) for the weekend Needs some decent recs

Collette for Sunday brunch, The Grove for a dinner and a Fat Pasha lunch suggestion.

Anyone going to the Royal Winter?

Day pass is the way to go if traveling with kids and adults. We were 2 adults, 2 children and a baby for $48.

Loved the lamb pie (perfectly flaky crust), so so butter tart from the food court (Cousins?), Grandpa Ken's back bacon was yummy - fresh bun ( I think he may the Grandpa Ken of Weston Farmer Market?) and enjoyed an Octoberfest sausage.

TTC might be the way to go. It is door to door if you leave the building near the Princes Gates exit and get a bus near Strachan. Otherwise it is more of a trek outside if you go to the ttc area closer to CNE food building.

If you want to avoid line up for tickets - use the automated machines that accept credit cards to the right of the line up for a cashier. No line ups.

The kids loved the apple chips and healthy granola snacks from the vendors. And I brought home a selection of cheese.

Sunday Lunch near Lower Ossington Theatre?

So many options in that area. Depends what kind of meal you are seeking. You could try the Saint if looking for a pub. Or take a stroll and see what doesn't have a long line for tables if you are in a time crunch.

NY Hound in TO (North York/Yorkdale area) for the weekend Needs some decent recs

You can always try the ttc subway from north york to downtown as well. Sometimes traffic can be a considerable pain - so worth a shot.

Our liquor store hours are limited (close at 9pm - most LCBO locations) but you could always pick up something here.

weston and eglington, any good eats?

I see P & M is moving to a larger location a few doors down.

The Toronto Restaurants to watch the Chefs cooking in the kitchen

Monk kitchen at Templar hotel? (I have not been yet.)

restaurants near Courtyard by Marriott Downtown

I love the onion rings at W burger on College at Yonge. It's close to your hotel and would be fine if you need a meal close by. 3 minute walk.

Another meal that would be decent and close walking distance is Salad King. Quick service and various options on the menu. 5 minute walk.

You have a bulk barn store around the corner if you need snacks.

You are close to the subway - easy to navigate and could walk to different neighbourhoods for better options.

Schnitzel Queen ???

I found the staff to be quite accommodating. It is a tiny establishment with counter seats for 4 people. They seem to be keen to keep patrons happy.

Schnitzel Queen ???

There are some pics of the sandwiches in their blog: http://schnitzelqueen.blogspot.ca/p/b...

I was full after sharing the sandwich. They do have a junior size option as well.

Schnitzel Queen ???

I finally tried it based on Now Magazine cheap eats recommendation. I shared a Queen Schnitzel sandwich with a friend for $10. It was huge, delicious and worth the trip. The restaurant is in a dive part of town and it's decor likely has not much changed since it opened but worth a go if you like schnitzel.

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

I finally tried Schnitzel Queen (based on Now Magazine Cheap Eats recommendation). I shared a huge Queen's Schnitzel sandwich with a friend for$10. Both of us were stuffed. Delicious. Cheerful service. No real space to sit so expect to take away. Queen and Sherbourne is a dive of a neighbourhood but this sandwich was worth the trip. Some pics are here: http://schnitzelqueen.blogspot.ca/p/b...

Lunch@Yonge and Bloor?

Croissant Tree is at Church and Charles - tasty lunch options and daily specials. Outdoor seating and wifi.


What is the noise level like here? My dining partner would like the meal but is not one for noisy restaurants.

Niagara Falls - I know, I know

I just came back from trip with 13 year old niece and her Grandma. We packed a picnic. So many spots to eat outside along the water. And the weather is perfect. Bug free. Even the seagulls were well behaved and not a nuisance. Everyone was happy and no one went hungry.

Where to find Split Top Hot Dog Buns in GTA?

I see them often at the Weston outlet just south of the Ikea (Etobicoke). Ridiculously cheap.

GOOD Turkish Delight?

I loved the Turkish Delight I found at the Kurtz orchard store at Niagara on the Lake. Wide variety. Fresh and enjoyable. I enjoyed it more than the Peter's Natural store at the St. Lawrence market.

Two free days/nights without kids - where should we go in southern ontario

Porter has a seat sale. Have you thought about a quick trip to Boston? Good food and the airport is close to many hotels. With all the driving chaos leaving Toronto on a Friday - you may spend as much time flying as you would have in snarly traffic. I did a weekend in Boston and wrote a post last summer. (Best part was the low cost of wine in the restaurants.)

(I assume ptbo is Peterborough?)

Jacobs & Co.

It looks like Rib steak is the way to go at H60.

Jacobs & Co.

Recommendation for a Saturday night steak dinner - H60 or J & C for a table of 2, a date night where expense is not a major concern. The ability to sit at a table and not be squashed to next table is a consideration. Person footing bill enjoys Canoe, Splendido, Scaramouche and Hys. He is in his 50s and does not like loud music. My recommendation was H60 as I seemed to recall J & C as being noisier on the weekend? Anyone have thoughts to share?

Blue Goose at the Harbourfront -- seriously outstanding hamburgers

Has anyone tried the lobster?

Cocktails before Richmond Station this Saturday night.

Trump hotel is close - they have a patio bar on 35th floor. The Chase upstairs has an outside bar on 5th floor. There is a hotel bar/piano bar at Pantages hotel. Hy's steakhouse bar at 120 Adelaide St west is walking distance.

Help me find great Filet Mignon at St. Lawrence Market

I use Whitehouse Meats at SLM. Speak with Lyla (owner) or any of the staff - I recommend Adam who is quite helpful and knowledgeable. whitehousemeats.ca or call 416-366-4465

Advice please: which McEwan establishment?

I have recently enjoyed Fabbrica for a Sunday brunch. I went to One on the May long weekend and found it lacking - Kelsey's quality food and poor front of the house service.

Ontario sour cherries 2013

I am on a mission to find some sour cherries to send to a friend up north who has a craving. Are they any still available? I did pick up some lovely sour cherries from Bzjak Farms at the Sorauren Farmers market last week.

Fat Lava has opened in Parkdale (on close avenue)

Has anyone been to Fat Lava since it opened? Does it have a patio out back? Looks like a very small café - not sure if I should meet a friend at Capital or try somewhere new as the seating looks limited.

Ontario sour cherries 2013

I found some in Roncesvalles as well.