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What is the noise level like here? My dining partner would like the meal but is not one for noisy restaurants.

Niagara Falls - I know, I know

I just came back from trip with 13 year old niece and her Grandma. We packed a picnic. So many spots to eat outside along the water. And the weather is perfect. Bug free. Even the seagulls were well behaved and not a nuisance. Everyone was happy and no one went hungry.

Where to find Split Top Hot Dog Buns in GTA?

I see them often at the Weston outlet just south of the Ikea (Etobicoke). Ridiculously cheap.

GOOD Turkish Delight?

I loved the Turkish Delight I found at the Kurtz orchard store at Niagara on the Lake. Wide variety. Fresh and enjoyable. I enjoyed it more than the Peter's Natural store at the St. Lawrence market.

Two free days/nights without kids - where should we go in southern ontario

Porter has a seat sale. Have you thought about a quick trip to Boston? Good food and the airport is close to many hotels. With all the driving chaos leaving Toronto on a Friday - you may spend as much time flying as you would have in snarly traffic. I did a weekend in Boston and wrote a post last summer. (Best part was the low cost of wine in the restaurants.)

(I assume ptbo is Peterborough?)

Jacobs & Co.

It looks like Rib steak is the way to go at H60.

Jacobs & Co.

Recommendation for a Saturday night steak dinner - H60 or J & C for a table of 2, a date night where expense is not a major concern. The ability to sit at a table and not be squashed to next table is a consideration. Person footing bill enjoys Canoe, Splendido, Scaramouche and Hys. He is in his 50s and does not like loud music. My recommendation was H60 as I seemed to recall J & C as being noisier on the weekend? Anyone have thoughts to share?

Blue Goose at the Harbourfront -- seriously outstanding hamburgers

Has anyone tried the lobster?

Cocktails before Richmond Station this Saturday night.

Trump hotel is close - they have a patio bar on 35th floor. The Chase upstairs has an outside bar on 5th floor. There is a hotel bar/piano bar at Pantages hotel. Hy's steakhouse bar at 120 Adelaide St west is walking distance.

Help me find great Filet Mignon at St. Lawrence Market

I use Whitehouse Meats at SLM. Speak with Lyla (owner) or any of the staff - I recommend Adam who is quite helpful and knowledgeable. whitehousemeats.ca or call 416-366-4465

Advice please: which McEwan establishment?

I have recently enjoyed Fabbrica for a Sunday brunch. I went to One on the May long weekend and found it lacking - Kelsey's quality food and poor front of the house service.

Ontario sour cherries 2013

I am on a mission to find some sour cherries to send to a friend up north who has a craving. Are they any still available? I did pick up some lovely sour cherries from Bzjak Farms at the Sorauren Farmers market last week.

Fat Lava has opened in Parkdale (on close avenue)

Has anyone been to Fat Lava since it opened? Does it have a patio out back? Looks like a very small café - not sure if I should meet a friend at Capital or try somewhere new as the seating looks limited.

Ontario sour cherries 2013

I found some in Roncesvalles as well.

Ontario sour cherries 2013

I am on a mission to find some sour cherries this weekend. Has anyone spotted some yet? I am in Toronto area. I will try Liberty Village market to see if Sunray Orchards has any on Sunday. I might go to St. Lawrence market this weekend.

Help me find this chocolate shop please !

I go to Morocco chocolate (Yorkville) or Nadege when I am buying gifts.

Please help me plan the ultimate 3-day dining experience in Toronto. Specifics within:

I would go up the CN Tower for the view and then consider the Sunday Brunch at the Ritz or even Deq.

Authentic Newfie food

Canoe has a Jiggs dinner on the menu. I will be taking guests on Friday night that are keen to try it.

The New Toronto's Best Slice Thread

I like Pizza Flora in Roncesvalles. http://www.pizzaflora.ca/

Lisbon by Night Fish Rodizio

I have a guest in for the long weekend from way up north where he has slim pickings for dining options. He loves fish and seafood. Good food and good service are essential but it is not necessary to be a fine dining experience. He once enjoyed the Brazil Rodzio. I'm thinking he may enjoy Lisbon by Night as it looks like similar type. Any thoughts on the establishment? I have seen the ads on bus shelters - which is usually not my trusted source.

Ici Bistro - Comically Dysfunctional

I had dinner at Ici bistro during the last weekend they were located on Harbord. Flawless service, divine food and lovely ambience. Personally I would never book a restaurant in their first weekend operating in a new location - no matter their reputation without expecting some snafus. But that is just me. And truth be told I have never quite been impressed with JPs customer service - in fact he has always struck me as the type that has a better relatioship with the dishes he prepares that people who enjoy the meal. So good luck getting a satisfactory response.

GOOD Turkish Delight?

I am traveling out west and found some Bayco Turkish delight. Thanks for the tip.

The Chase Fish & Oyster

The menu changed sadly. I miss the lobster claw dish, beets and whitefish appetizer. The new sides did not quite work - brussel sprout Caesar salad and mushrooms. Sundays are a good option if you don't like the jam packed days.

Bindia dishes? Located near St Lawrence market

Has anyone tried the jumbo prawn, lobster tail or lamb dishes at Bindia restaurant? Any thoughts of this restaurant? I will go this weekend with out of town guests who are staying downtown.

Return of Cafe Brussel!!!!

I don't live in the Beach. I learned of Roger's new venture on the board so thought I would pass along the info sent to me in a forwarded email.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Return of Cafe Brussel!!!!

I have heard that the restaurant may be in trouble.

The Grove - Still Tops?

I was there for dinner tonight. Attentive service. Meal was divine. And loved my cocktail. I did the 3 course rather than the 5. I found it satisfying. Not sure if they still offer a la carte.

weekday breakfasts, beyond bacon and eggs

Love the olives, feta, bread and tea. The egg dishes were good. If you're feeling adventurous try the sheep's soup - not for everyone but my dining partner loved it so much I thought he might lick the dish clean. It is a place where I found the servers quite knowledgeable and willing to make recommendations based on your tastes.

weekday breakfasts, beyond bacon and eggs

I need to try it on a weekday so I can enjoy Turkish coffee with my breakfast. The creamed spinach/eggs dish was amazing. My dining companion enjoyed the kaleh pacheh (sheep's soup). Truly an unforgettable meal.

best french toast in toronto?

Café Belong at Brickworks was quite yummy.