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Dinner reservation for 5 in Toronto this week?

Fat Pasha on Dupont is a lovely spot for 5 people as you can sample different platters and dishes.


Outside at Collette? (Inside is too noisy)

Uncle Tetsu

I went on Sunday morning just before 8am. The last cheesecake went to the person in front of me so I had to wait 13 minutes for next batch to be prepared. Staff seemed busy, friendly and they answered inquiries. I purchased 2 cheesecakes and 8 madelines (I was with a friend).

I was not crazy about the madelines - tasted similar to a muffin. (The kids at the dinner party ate them up though.)

I enjoyed the cheesecake. Light, creamy and lovely texture. My friends loved the cheesecake. (I think they have a slightly similar cheesecake version in eastern Europe that is served near the holidays - much denser though.)

I purchased the cheesecake in the morning. I was told it could stay at room temperature for 12 hours. We had cheesecake for dessert midday.

Early morning seems like a good time to go if you are a morning person.

Looking for jars of Putter's Dill pickles

Thanks to all. I found them at Caplansky's and New Yorker Deli.

(They serve them at Schwartz's in Montreal.)

Nathans Kosher Dills

I found them at Highland Farms. Thanks to all for assistance.

Nathans Kosher Dills

Summerhill Market does not carry them.

Nathans Kosher Dills

New Yorker Deli sells Putters Pickles. They no longer carries Nathan brand.

Nathans Kosher Dills

No longer at Harbord Bakery.

Nathans Kosher Dills

I am now on a search for Nathan's pickles (for same person who was seeking Putter's pickles). Bump.

Where to find Szechuan peppercorns?

Check bulk barn as well.

Frog legs in Toronto?

Collette no longer offers frog legs on menu. My dining companion found them so so at Cluny Bistro. Any other recommendations?

Looking for jars of Putter's Dill pickles

I am looking to purchase several jars of Putter's dill pickles. I live in downtown Torpnto. I am willing to travel to GTA if necessary. I have a vehicle.

Anyone know where they might be found?

Much thanks.

R&D - New update. Photo and menu.

Yes - Bonacini is an investor.

First Time Visitor to Toronto from Washington, D.C.

Canoe over Scaramouche for first time visitor to the city.

First Time Visitor to Toronto from Washington, D.C.

Splendido is an option for high end meal. Also Canoe and Scaramouche.

There is a LCBO (liquor store) not far from your hotel with a wide selection.

If you enjoy seeing the Toronto skyline take the ferry (at foot of your hotel) to the Islands. You can stroll through Wards Island or Hanlons Point (Centre Island has more tourists). Time your trip so that you catch the sunset on way back to city for great pics.

First Time Visitor to Toronto from Washington, D.C.

Lick it Gelato at 250 Queens Quay is worth a stroll from your hotel. Yummy selection of gelato. Just be warned that the pedestrians, cyclists, streeetcars and vehicles seem to be having difficulty with the new signs along Queens Quay - keep eyes open to avoid a collision.

A peameal sandwich breakfast or lunch from St Lawrence market is an option.

I enjoy Little Fin for lunch - good salads and sandwiches. Quick, efficient and small seating area outside. It is close to Queen subway station.

Butter in sticks

Independent Grocer in Bracebridge has wide selection of butter in sticks.

Does anyone know where I can find icebreaker gum in the city ?

Bulk Barn.

Where to buy truffle salt?

Les Douceurs du Marche, 138 Atwater #150 (514 939 3902) was the perfect spot. Thank you very much.

Suggestion for French or Italian restaurant for birthday

I preferred Colette over Cluny. I like the outside seating in summer months.

Where to buy truffle salt?

I am in Montreal staying near Rene-Levesque Boulevard and de la Montagne Street. My boss has me to pick up truffle salt. Can anyone recommend a shop? I am in town till Monday.

One Dinner and Two Lunches in Toronto

It is Summerlicious in the Toronto at the moment. Some places will have a summerlicious menu.

One Dinner and Two Lunches in Toronto

You may find it tricky to get into some places at last minute.

The most enjoyable meals I have enjoyed recently were at R & D, Fat Pasha, Scaramouche, Buca and Boralia. Nota Bene is always a pleasure.

I have enjoyed lunch at Little Fin.

Recommendations for clean, healthy, 'upscale' breakfast or brunch in North Toronto or North York?

I think the early hours is a problem for many brunch spots. Perhaps contact the concierage at the Westin Prince to see if they have a suggestion.

Schnitzel Queen ???

They are open at 211 Queen St east of Jarvis/west of Sherbourne (across from Moss Park). Plenty of 'metre' parking out front. Same prices. Same staff.

They will open on Saturdays now from 1-6pm.

I went yesterday. The new spot has a few tables. Warm, cozy and kitschy feel perfectly suited to getting your schnitz on.

$10 for a queen schnitzel sandwich shared with friend. Yum.

Ready made (fresh or frozen) burgers?

PC Free from Angus Beef frozen burgers from No Frills / Loblaws were a hot at a bbq recently.

Monday night special restaurant near the ROM - Toronto?

Bloor Street will have plenty of taxis. The front of your hotel is a taxi stand - so do not worry about finding a cab.

You may wish to travel a short distance to Scaramouche. It is also open on Mondays.

Joso's on Davenport is another option. Pricey. I have not been there in ages but it is an option. Patio available.

Monday night special restaurant near the ROM - Toronto?

I did not find Café Boulud to be raucous. I think it would be a wonderful choice.

Buca Yorkville is also an option.

My preference for a special meal in the area would be Opus. Quite close to hotel and romantic setting.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Thanks for the bump. I was in the area for a noon meeting. We popped in for a Sunday lunch - a few other tables were enjoying their meals. I took an adventurous eater (who sampled testicles, duck tongue, tripe) and a novice (who had the spring rolls, curry, singapore noodles and mango salad with chicken and shrimp. Everyone found something to enjoy. I believe the server mentioned they are almost about to celebrate 3rd year anniversary.

Stopped into the turkish bakery next door at the end of the meal. Love the chocolate pudding - so light, yet creamy texture. Will sample some turkish delight on next visit.

Branca Restaurant

Finally got a table at Branca last night (booked weeks in advance). Enjoyable meal and terrific service. Patio opens on Wednesday so I may make trek again before the end of summer.

Ossignton - what are your favourites?

I loved Borealia - outstanding meal. My server was likely a 7/10 but food was 10/10.