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Recommendations for clean, healthy, 'upscale' breakfast or brunch in North Toronto or North York?

I think the early hours is a problem for many brunch spots. Perhaps contact the concierage at the Westin Prince to see if they have a suggestion.

about 14 hours ago
mskatsam in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Schnitzel Queen ???

They are open at 211 Queen St east of Jarvis/west of Sherbourne (across from Moss Park). Plenty of 'metre' parking out front. Same prices. Same staff.

They will open on Saturdays now from 1-6pm.

I went yesterday. The new spot has a few tables. Warm, cozy and kitschy feel perfectly suited to getting your schnitz on.

$10 for a queen schnitzel sandwich shared with friend. Yum.

Ready made (fresh or frozen) burgers?

PC Free from Angus Beef frozen burgers from No Frills / Loblaws were a hot at a bbq recently.

Monday night special restaurant near the ROM - Toronto?

Bloor Street will have plenty of taxis. The front of your hotel is a taxi stand - so do not worry about finding a cab.

You may wish to travel a short distance to Scaramouche. It is also open on Mondays.

Joso's on Davenport is another option. Pricey. I have not been there in ages but it is an option. Patio available.

Monday night special restaurant near the ROM - Toronto?

I did not find Café Boulud to be raucous. I think it would be a wonderful choice.

Buca Yorkville is also an option.

My preference for a special meal in the area would be Opus. Quite close to hotel and romantic setting.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Thanks for the bump. I was in the area for a noon meeting. We popped in for a Sunday lunch - a few other tables were enjoying their meals. I took an adventurous eater (who sampled testicles, duck tongue, tripe) and a novice (who had the spring rolls, curry, singapore noodles and mango salad with chicken and shrimp. Everyone found something to enjoy. I believe the server mentioned they are almost about to celebrate 3rd year anniversary.

Stopped into the turkish bakery next door at the end of the meal. Love the chocolate pudding - so light, yet creamy texture. Will sample some turkish delight on next visit.

Branca Restaurant

Finally got a table at Branca last night (booked weeks in advance). Enjoyable meal and terrific service. Patio opens on Wednesday so I may make trek again before the end of summer.

Ossignton - what are your favourites?

I loved Borealia - outstanding meal. My server was likely a 7/10 but food was 10/10.

R&D - New update. Photo and menu.

We went about a month ago for Sunday brunch. I took guests from northern Ontario and Oakville - it was a 416, 905 and 705 mix. Everyone loved the experience and we planned a return visit. Our server Julia was personable, efficient and knowledgeable about the menu. I thought she was such a gem that I made a comment to the manager on way out.

We pretty much ordered everything on the menu. (they were out of snow pea leaves) Our table loved the pork ribs and mushrooms. We did not love the ceviche. Likely would not order the octopus again. We would order the scallop, lobster chow mein, chinese hash, polenta fries, beet gado gado and various dim sum buns again. I would likely order the fried chicken again as it arrived late in the meal when we were all a little full. No CSB at brunch which was disappointing.

Meal with cocktails, 2 bottles of wine and dessert was about 400. We were beyond full - it was a truly indulgent Sunday brunch. (I took the same group recently to Sunday brunch at Collette for about the same cost - they seemed to enjoy the experience at R & D more.) We may be the perfect target audience - willing to try a restaurant with hype. Same group has enjoyed Fat Pasha, Ritz Carlton Sunday brunch and Takht-e Tavoos.

It was a lovely dining spot to get a table with room for a group - we were able to share food effortlessly, converse without shouting and do some people watching. I'll be back as it strikes the right note for me.

Business Patio Toronto

The hostess of Collette or your server can bring you to the elevators to the roof patio and arrange for your visit. Collette and Thompson staff work well together.

Business Patio Toronto

I love the bartender at the Park Hyatt who has worked over 50 years in the establishment. Truly old school.

Business Patio Toronto

Or the roof top of Thompson Hotel for a drink if you want a view. I do enjoy the Collette patio for dinner and then going upstairs for a nightcap.

I have enjoyed Deq at the Ritz Carlton as well.

Hidden Gems Close to Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel. Any help???

C'est What is in St. Lawrence market area. I hear good things about Bellwoods Brewery if you see it offered on a menu. The Keg on York St has a nice patio out back if you need a meeting place close to Sheraton Hotel. Bannock does offer good food close to your hotel - and it has a takeaway counter if you need to rush.

Irish Embassy Pub on Yonge and Real Sports Bar might appeal to some of your group.

Our transit system can be a good bet to get to different neighbourhoods as your hotel is right on streetcar line and steps from the Yonge or University subway line. (Best deal on weekends is a day pass which is good for 2 adults and up to 4 children all day hop on and hop off). It might be nice to get out of your neighbourhood as it does not offer much representation of what the city offers.

Sunday lunch in Toronto

I have brought out of town guests for the lunch buffet at Little India restaurant on Queen St West. Lunch buffet is open from 1130am-330pm on Sundays. Many options.

Sunday lunch in Toronto

I prefer Mother India roti over Bacchus Roti. They are located quite close to one another in the Queen West area but Mother India is open at noon on Sundays. You can eat in the restaurant - simple, decent location. Or you may wish to take away and enjoy the roti in the sunshine near Sunnyside Park (waterfront). The roti is perfect for takeaway as it stays hot. And one roti is perfect for sharing.

Hidden gem brunch

Cardinal Rule on Roncesvalles (at Queen).

Best cafe with wifi to do online job hunting?

Croissant Tree at Church and Charles might work.

(Good luck!)

Sunday lunch in Toronto

I went to R & D for lunch on a Sunday a few weeks back. Service was stellar. Some items from dinner not available on lunch menu.

Fat Pasha is another place I have been to on a Sunday.

Takht e Tavoos is a more casual option.

If I had $500 in Toronto...

Canoe, Scaramouche, Splendido or even Borealis.

Saturday night buy out of restaurant in Toronto?

A nice option could be outdoor patio at Collette on a Saturday night in September. Pricey but possible.

What is your current "List"? (i.e. places you want to try)

I took 2 of my list this weekend (Borealia and R & D).

I stilll have Buca Yorkville, Flor de Sal and Market Street catch (* always on look out for a good seafood bouilliabaise for my signif other).

And I must confess that the Uncle Tetsu cheesecake intriques me - but not enough to loiter outside a greyhound bus terminal. The line ups are still impossibly long for me to consider.

2015 Mother's Day Brunch Buffet idea around GTA

Jazz Bistro on Victoria will have a jazz band playing Sinatra standards for brunch on Mother's Day.

Looking for a nice quiet dinner out with husband, for my 35th birthday, close to the Eaton chelsea.

Toca Sunday brunch is also an ideal place for a birthday celebration. Free flowing mimosa's and divine decadence. Truly unforgettable indulgence.

60th Birthday Dinner in Toronto (Most Memorable Restaurant Experience)

Scaramouche did a lovely birthday celebration for me. Great view, attentive service and divine food.

Looking for a nice quiet dinner out with husband, for my 35th birthday, close to the Eaton chelsea.

Canoe is doing a few Saturday openings with a fixed menu at 100 pp. A little out of your range but truly a romantic night with divine food and attentive service.

I was at Pearl Diver on Friday. Not really a romance spot - but we loved our meal.

And maybe look up the George Brown chef's house dinner (as you wish to be a chef).

Rio 40, Mata Petisco Bar or Brasileirissimo?

We went to Mata Petisco Bar (formerly Kiriwa Cafe) in Parkdale for brunch. Hours are 11-4pm. There was a line up at 11am but it slowed down around 130pm. Great service, great food. Worth the trek. Only quibble is some of the dishes we wanted are only served on dinner menu (octopus). And my friend missed the chance to have chicken livers though they may come back on menu in summer.

(Rio was 40 was a little out of the way for us and Brasileirossimo did not answer phone or have a web page. So it made decision a little easier. We might try Branca on next trip as my friend was also looking to sample Argentenian dishes.)

Rio 40, Mata Petisco Bar or Brasileirissimo?

RIO 40
Mata Petisco Bar

I have an out of town guest coming to town who will stay at 1kingwest. He has suggested dinner or brunch at one of the above establishments. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? He is a meat eater and will try different cuisines. His preference is for not 'too loud' and tables not too close to one another. Price is not a concern. And he is happy to take taxi anywhere.

Thank you.

Family Day - Downtown Lunch

Bannock (queen and bay).

New Yorker looking for quintessential Toronto cheap eats

https://nowtoronto.com/food-and-drink... might be worth a review.

(And look into getting a ttc day pass for public transit as you are so close to subway. You can buy a day pass for any day of the week but it is a better deal on weekend as 2 adults (and up to 4 children) travel on 1 pass on Saturday & Sunday. Gives you the ability to hop on, hop off in different areas. Well worth the $11 fee.)

I am looking for red pickled peppers stuffed with cabbage

On request for a dear friend who lives in northern Ontario I am looking for red pickled peppers stuffed with cabbage. I live downtown but could travel to GTA. I believe they may be Romanian, Turkish or Greek item. Any particular shops come to mind?