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August trip through New England...looking for suggestions.

I am from Burlington, Vermont. I also agree with the post about stopping at Rein's deli off 84 in CT since the Jewish food is amazing and I am a Jew from New Jersey. But do stop in Burlington and try any of our amazing cafes such as August First off Main for thier Hungarian Sweet Rolls with Walnut Merengue, try Nunyun's Cafe for the lemon bars if he has them or anything he makes since he makes something new and delish every day, try Panadero's for thier fruit tarts;I love the blueberry and the tart cherry, and of course Mirabelle's for anything your heart desires. We have bakeries with bread to rival any major city so try Aug. 1st, and a few bakeries on Pine Street including Great Harvest for free samples and a bagel maker who makes Montreal style bagels called Meyer's. Don't leave without trying the Skinny Pancake at the bottom of Main near Echo at the water front since they have great beer on tap, a wonderful casual atmosphere and great crepes of all kinds with all local ingredients. I could go on and on but to stop me please try Burlington!! You won't want to leave.

203 N Winooski Ave, Burlington, VT

Skinny Pancake
60 Lake St Ste 1A, Burlington, VT 05401

Where to buy dried chiles (ancho) in Burlington, Vermont????

I am making a great chili recipe and can't seem to find dried ancho chili in the grocery stores here in Burlington. Anyone know of an international store that sells dried ancho chili?

Burlington, Vermont Easter dinner recommendations help!

Though I liked Trattoria Delia, I did not love it and the setting is kind of dark, sort of European looking. I say when in Vermont look for a Vermont style restaurant. In Burlington we don't have much in the way of real fancy. We are just not a fancy people, in my opinion. We have good food, no great food, but it is just not a place to get dressed in your tux and tails and go to dinner. I only know Burlington so I can't speak for out of Burlington but to me the best restaurants in town are the Farmhouse Tap and Grill. The Blue Cat Cafe and Leunig's Bistro. The fancier ones are Blue Cat, which has amazing steak and standard American fare, lovely fancy atmosphere, kind of romantic AND Leunig's, which I love, that is a bit fancy, great for the whole family or a date night, and has amazing food in a kind of french bistro fashion. Delicious. The least fancy is the Farmhouse and though it is not fancy, it is super! Great burgers, mac and cheese, fries, beer from all over the state, and local fare prepared in a way you could never imagine doing yourself at home. Enjoy Vermont!

Trattoria Delia
152 St Paul St, Burlington, VT 05401

Leunig's Bistro
115 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401

Can one find lobster rolls in Vermont?

My friend and I love lobster, of course, and we can find it in our grocery stores and steam them easily. But, we would love to find a place near Burlington, Vermont to buy lobster rolls when we get the hankering for one. We have heard of Ray's seafood off Dorset Street but don't know of any other places to get seafood. Whey is there so little seafood in Vermont and why not in Burlington where there seems to be everything else? Does anyone know something we don't?