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A good place for lunch near Olde Sturbridge Village but not inside the resoration itself.

I second the vote for BT's, but just past the Cracker Barrel is a Pizzeria UNO as another option for the little one in your group.

Desperately Seeking Fondue

Thanks, everyone. I discovered all your recommendations prior to posting but was hoping I had overlooked something as he really wants the entire meal to be fondue. Looks like we will be keeping our Melting Pot reservation unless he will acquiesce to cheese and chocolate at Le Bonne Soup. Thanks, all!

May 05, 2014
chowgirl1 in Manhattan

Desperately Seeking Fondue

We are celebrating our son's 9th birthday and searching for a fondue restaurant (a la Melting Pot but good) at his request, so we don't have to keep our reservation at Melting Pot in the suburbs. We will be at a show in/near the theater district before dinner, so somewhere too not far afield is best.

May 04, 2014
chowgirl1 in Manhattan

Good, reasonably priced caterer?

Help! I am having difficulty finding a really good but reasonably priced caterer to cater a small dinner time event for us in Southbury, CT. We don't need someone who will staff the event and serve; rather, someone who makes excellent food and willing to drop off platters is perfect for our needs. Casual fare is what we want, but it needs to be really, really yummy.

Pizza Truck Catering in CT

Can anyone suggest a good pizza truck for catering a party for a mix of adults and kids in Southern/Western CT? I'm particularly interested in hearing experiences with Victoria's Wood Fired Pizza, The Pizza Truck Company, and Big Green Pizza Truck. Besides taste, I'm interested in reliability, quality of service and quality of food.

Christmas in Ogunquit?

On Christmas Day, we started out at Hoss and Mary's in Old Orchard Beach for lunch. It was the perfect choice--yummy, beachy, and casual. Dinner found us at Empire Chinese Kitchen in Portland. The food was great with good service. Day after Christmas brought breakfast at Stonewall Kitchen's cafe, lunch at Mike's Clam Shack in Wells (decent enough lobster roll and reasonably close to Ogunquit when finding a place to eat lunch while driving around an unfamiliar town during a snow), and dinner at Cornerstone in Ogunquit. All in all, successful, yummy dining during the off season.

Christmas in Ogunquit?

We're heading up to Ogunquit on Christmas Day and are looking for a place to eat. Our preference is for decent Chinese or dim sum. We are not looking for a traditional Christmas meal, and we'll have two foodie friendly kids with us. We're willing to travel up to about 45 minutes. Suggestions?

Brazilian in Danbury

We're looking for a delicious Brazilian place in Danbury. A dive is fine, but it needs to offer sit down area for dinner. A local favorite is what we'd love to find!

Great, inexpensive lunch and dinner options in Natick/Needham/Newton

Thanks for all the recs! We ended up at Union Street (good), Echo Bridge (ok but super friendly, attentive service), and the food trucks at the SoWa Market. We passed Farm Grille in our travels and definitely have that on our list. Looking forward to trying other places, so any more recommendations are welcome!

Sep 25, 2013
chowgirl1 in Greater Boston Area

Great, inexpensive lunch and dinner options in Natick/Needham/Newton

We will be in the Needham/Newton/Natick area (plus Sudbury) several times over the next several months and are looking for good, inexpensive to moderately priced restaurants for lunches and dinners. We will have a will eat anything 8 year old with us, so all recommendations are welcome. We're staying in Natick or Newton for each of our visits. Thanks!

Sep 19, 2013
chowgirl1 in Greater Boston Area

Ogunquit winter dining options

Thanks, and thanks to an earlier rec from Kristy, too. We went tonight for dinner, and it was great!

Ogunquit winter dining options

This is wonderful information, thanks. We're looking forward to this time away.

Ogunquit winter dining options

Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, they're closed from the 23rd-25th, the days we will be in the area.

Ogunquit winter dining options

We're a Sandy Hook, CT family getting out of dodge by going to our happy place for a few days and looking for open restaurants suitable for a family with well behaved, eat anything kind of kids, 11 and 7. We need options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Suggestions?

New Restaurants Near or In Danbury CT???

I highly recommend Thai Berry in Monroe if you're looking for really good Thai food in the area. Yes, it isn't all that close to Danbury, but it is worth the trip down Rt. 25. The drunken noodles are phenomenal, and the pad thai, which my friend ordered and of which I had a taste, also was good. They have a great lunch special, too.

Comments on Figs Wood Fired Bistro in Newtown?

I just saw your post now, but for future lunches, the restaurant you mention is called Pub 25. I don't know from where you or the other women will be coming, but Thai Berry in Monroe is a nice lunch option as is The Inn at Newtown.

Rye bread in West Hartford, CT?

Where in Fairfield does your aunt get the rye bread? I work in Bridgeport, so it would be easy for me to pick it up. My parents moved from the DC area to here a few years back, and my father still laments the dearth of good rye here, so I'd love to get him some.

Rye bread in West Hartford, CT?

I'm looking for really good rye bread in West Hartford. Any recommendations are appreciated!

Lunch spot between Danbury, CT and Plymouth, MA

We are heading from the Danbury area on 84, 90, and 495 to the Plymouth area and are looking for a good, non-chain lunch spot. We'd prefer eating once we get into MA but not too far. Just for geography's sake, Wrentham is about 20 minutes from our destination.

We want something other than Reins or Pepes in CT, both of which we'd had recently, and while BTs in Sturbridge normally would be a great choice, I'm traveling with someone not in the mood for BBQ. We also can't take a big detour because we need to arrive at our destination by a certain time. Suggestions?

Seeking Montreal recs for family with kids

I thought as much, thanks. Any restaurant recommendations?

Seeking Montreal recs for family with kids

We're heading to Montreal for a long weekend and have no idea where to eat. We're staying at the Embassy Suites with our two kids. Both are well behaved and foodies in their own right. We are looking for inexpensive to moderately priced lunch and dinner spots, some place where kids are welcome but there are good appetizer choices that are more enticing for them than standard kids menus off which they rarely order. We don't mind taking the subway or a little walk, so if the restaurant involves a subway, please include the closest station. Of course, French fare and native food (poutine included, please!) are of interest among other suggestions. One last request--only one of us speaks French of the rusty high school/college variety, so I'm curious if most restaurants have menus in English or French. Just need to know how much brushing up to do! Thanks.

lunch suggestions Milford, Fairfield, Monroe/Trumbull

Did you end up at Tula? If so, how was it?

Bar Mitzvah Venues in CT

I would never not think of the guests, but just like a bride and groom make choices about their wedding, a bar mitzvah boy should be able to do the same within reason. His request for food trucks instead of traditional catering may make planning a little more challenging, but I actually think it is a neat idea and also can be a way to get really good food while staying in our budget. One of the food trucks we're considering has the kind of menu you'd find in many of the better restaurants that have opened over the last few years (Community Table, LeFarm--where I just enjoyed an amazing lunch today, etc.). We're not keeping up with the Goldbergs kind of people nor are our friends, and I know our friends and family, many self-identified foodies, will appreciate an interesting venue and approach to catering. I don't want a mini-wedding minus the bride; I want a celebration of our son and our faith, both of which are so very important to us.

Bar Mitzvah Venues in CT

Thanks, Bagelman. We have a guest list of around 100-125. I anticipate landing at just about 100. Keep in mind, though, the $10,000 includes all expenses, not just the site and catering.

The party will be in mid June, so you have a great idea with rental of a day camp. There is one in Southbury and one in Monroe. I'd definitely like someplace that has a building but also outdoor space as I am worried about if it rains. I thought about the town park route, but I am worried about keeping park visitors (non-guests) from getting food from the trucks/cart as, at least at our two town parks, the pavilion is a little bit of a distance (not much but enough) that it would be hard to monitor. And, while keeping it kosher is not an issue (although can't bring myself to offer pork or shellfish at a bar mitzvah even if we eat it year round), there is some irony to be found in having it at a YMCA, right?

Big Green Pizza Truck is on our list of possibilities as is Rocket Fine Foods (out of Torrington) and one out of Milford; the name escapes me, but the chef is the chef/owner at Biagio Osteria. I'll definitely check out Roxanne's, too, thanks. One of the things I am considering is using my cousin's house in Danbury. She has a beautiful, large, level lot with a great backyard for a tent and front yard for flag football and newcomb (summer camp game to go along with son's requested summer camp theme).

Thanks again for all your suggestions. Keep them coming as you think of them! As I remember from some of your previous posts, you were in the catering business and have the insight I don't.

PS. Have you (or any other Chowhounds) heard of Chez Lollipop in Ansonia? To extend the summer camp theme, we want to do a candy bar and call it the canteen.

14 Candlewood Lake Rd Ste 7, Brookfield, CT 06804

Bar Mitzvah Venues in CT

Help! I'm looking for a not too expensive (whole budget--invitations, dj, site, catering, photography--is $10,000) place for reception and yummy food trucks and food carts for catering a daytime party. We're about half way between Danbury and Waterbury. The catch (besides the need to stick to a reasonably priced location)? Our son is OBSESSED with food trucks and wants a couple or a truck and cart (like Chez Leonard) to cater the party. I think it is an awesome idea and lots of fun, but it limits us to places that don't offer catering and has an accessible space for a truck to park. This rules out our temple (dedicated caterer plus food truck options make it hard to stick to kosher style rules of temple) and most catering halls. The other catch? He wants a place where he can do an activity--flag football, basketball, etc. We have about a year to settle on a place, so I'm starting to look now. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions--my local friends have not planned b'nai mitzvahs as of yet, so have no advice to offer.

Western CT day off from work food road trip

If you can wait until at least April 1st, you could have a meal at Community Table in Washington, CT (www.communitytablect.com). It earned a James Beard nomination for best new restaurant, and reviews are wholly positive.

Great, fresh raw bar within reasonable distance of Newtown, CT?

I've been craving raw oysters, and my husband and I finally have a night out planned, so I'd love recommendations for restaurants with great raw bars within a relatively short drive of Newtown. We'll be paying a sitter in addition to paying for dinner, so we don't want to go too far afield. Thanks!