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Road food between Toronto and Ompah ON (just southwest of Ottawa)?

Hey guys -
I'm driving up to a farm in Ompah, ON from Toronto and I don't want to get stuck eating at a terrible truck stop or relying on the ubiquitous timbits and coffee.
Does anyone know of anywhere good to stop for food in that general area? We're not too picky - we don't expect gourmet, just good homemade food, with a couple of vegetarian options (something more than an iceberg salad would be great.) And if there happened to be pie, or milkshakes, so much the better! I've done some googling - does anyone know anything about Madoc Dairy? What about any of the restaurants in Tweed?In the same vein, does anyone have any bakery suggestions on the same route? Somehow butter tarts always taste better if you buy them on the road to the cottage.
Our planned route is east on the 401 and then north-east on the 37 at Belleville, continuing along the 7 E and then the 41 N or heading north at 115 and taking the 7 the whole way along, but we're willing to detour if there's a real gem nearby!