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Good bloody mary?

I second Slow Club. The best I've had in the city. But I do prefer spicier versions. If you go for brunch, do try to make a reservation; last time I was there it was easily a forty minute wait during prime time.

Slow Club
2501 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Wasabi Potato Salad

There is an interesting take on this recipe here: . However, the description I've always found at DELICA calls for wasabi mayo and garlic -- the referenced recipe includes neither. I would personally replace half the milk with wasabi mayo and incorporate muddled garlic into the mash. The delica version isn't as mayo heavy as most potato salads you find.

Jul 02, 2010
anaxgorous in Home Cooking

Chilaquile Tour --> SF and East Bay.

Nopalito has a very good version. Very dry, almost all chips. But the sauce is outstanding.

306 Broderick St, San Francisco, CA

Bonnie Doon Cellar Door Café, Santa Cruz

Probably my favorite place to eat in Santa Cruz (not alot of competition though). Probably been here a half dozen times for dinner. Usually I go a la carte, but they have a set family style, three course menu every night. I enjoy sitting at the counter overlooking the open kitchen watching Parker expedite. Cuisine is more comforting than innovative, but is always perfectly executed. Service has gotten better since they opened, but is still a little green at times. They serve barefoot coffee which is my favorite in the south bay. Seek this place out.

Apr 09, 2010
anaxgorous in California

Best cheesiest thing I ever ate...

Besides the sandwiches mentioned here, probably the lobster & burrata salad at Bar Crudo; often served with beets or tomatoes when in season. A perfect pairing.

Bar Crudo
655 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

wine shops san jose area

The three that I frequent most are:

Joseph George
1559 Meridian Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 448-9463

K&L Redwood City
3005 El Camino Real
Redwood City, CA, 94061
877-KLWines (877-559-4637)

Unwined Wine Bar & Shop
(408) 323-9463
6946 Almaden Expwy
San Jose, CA 95120

JG is the best overall experience/selection. I go there for items that I don't seem to find anywhere else. However, note that their hours are not customer friendly. K&L is a bit of a trek, but worth it for one of the better International inventories. Unwined has a modest selection of premium wines in store, but I highly recommend their wine bar and wine club.

Vegetarian Vietnamese Options in San Jose

My favorite by far is Di Lac in Evergreen. They have an extensive menu and they make their own tofu on site. It's the only place I know with the audacity to offer faux abalone. You can't go wrong with an order of Spring or Summer rolls and a bowl of their house special tofu soup. They also have great deal where you can pick any three items up front for $4. Also, you are required to pick up a couple of their chicken drumsticks (they only have them up front, not on the menu). They are served in a tangy sauce that is addictive.


Sent Sovi doesn't get much love on this board, but I find that the service is always professional, the space elegant and romantic, and the food always solid if not inspired. Easily the best fine dining in Saratoga, IMO.

Golden Mushroom Pizzeria in Santa Clara: It’s Hard to Decide What’s Worse – the Undercooked Pizza, the Overcooked Pasta, or the Inbred Zombie Servers

Entertaining review. I have to concur with Jatbar though. It's a $3 plate of spaghetti! They are setting the bar very low, you've got to adjust your expectations accordingly. Heck, if they knew how to cook the pasta, it might justify a 9/10 rating.

Princeton Restaurants

Is this true? I live in California now, but visited the Haven last week and found it to be the same as always. If the prices were raised, it couldn't have been that substantial. The bread and hoagie construction have not changed at all as far as I could tell.

Jul 18, 2006
anaxgorous in Mid-Atlantic

northern Sussex County, NJ

I tend to favour Zoe's by the Lake as the best fine dining in this area. It's located right on the waterfront of Seneca Lake in Sparta.

On my last visit, the chef threw down a smoked gorgonzola from Oregon(?) that I had never tasted before in the amuse. I also recall having soft shell crabs followed by a lamb entree -- both were exquisitely prepared. Try the chocolate sampler dessert, although it might be best to split it between two.