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Impromptu road trip with family in Burlington VT area

Thank you for all these great suggestions! We only ended up staying a day in Burlington in the end. But we loved it and plan to make it part of our weekend road trip rotation (so I've saved the post). We ate our way through the farmers market on Saturday: organic sausage, hamburger, delights from Nomadic bakery, had spiced cider, samosa, croissants, and apples. Needless to say, we skipped lunch and had dinner at Big Fatty's BBQ. Kids loved the catfish!

We'll be back to try the rest!

Impromptu road trip with family in Burlington VT area

Canadian Family of four (with toddlers) seek interesting, GREAT food in a part of the States we've never been to. We are willing to be the first people in the door at an upscale establishment (we tip well, and get out fast because of the kids). We are also happy with farmers markets and food trucks (kids=wet wipes). Just looking for a bit of CH guidance.

food and drink after the symphony

We live in the east end of Toronto, so on our way home after the ballet we stopped at Origin on King Street East @ Church Street. We found three warm dishes split between us to be just enough for a 10pm snack. Had the burger/fries/float combo, Chinois duck wrap, and the chorizo/manchego rice/poached egg.

The kitchen begins to close at 11pm, so get there by 10:45.

109 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C, CA