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Can anyone recommend a good boulangerie for sourdough?

Guillaume's sourdough baguette is quite sour, or at least more so than Mamie Clafoutis' in my experience.

Boulangerie Guillaume
17 Avenue Fairmount Est, Montreal, QC H2T 2L9, CA

Aug 09, 2011
dhd in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Pupusa in Montréal

I've only had pupusas once before in Los Angeles but I liked them a lot, so I'm excited to try all of these places... I was just biking down Beaubien and saw a tiny place called El Buen Gusto and decided to give it a try. They have three or four kinds of pupusas all for $2.80 including tax - I got a bean and cheese one which was pretty good (although I didn't eat it until I got home, so it might have been better on the spot). The curdito was good, not as sour as I remember it being in LA though. I'm interested to go back to try their fried plantains.

Aug 09, 2011
dhd in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Indian in Montreal.

I saw Bombay Mahal on Jean-Talon recommended for their dosas in this and a few other threads, so I tried it tonight. Unfortunately it wasn't very good. The dosa was thin and crispy, but also very greasy and the filling was kind of bland with no curry leaves in it. The sambar was also watery and bland. The bright spot was the chutney which was spicy with red chili.

I was very hungry so I ate most of it but I like Indian Curry House's dosas much better (they are also at least a dollar cheaper).

Indian Curry House
996 Rue Jean-Talon W, Montreal, QC H3N1S8, CA

Aug 09, 2011
dhd in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Vegetarian Chinese eats?

Hmm, I tried this for lunch today and there was quite a bit of actual meat in it - so it's probably best to explicitly ask them not to put meat in it. Unless I somehow accidentally ordered the wrong dish...

It was really good, though.

Aug 05, 2011
dhd in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Restaurant Openings in 2011

Yes, it's great. I've only had the vegetarian arepas (the avocado one is excellent) but a friend had something with chorizo on it and assured us that it was very good. The fried plantains are tasty, as are the fresh juices - the passionfruit juice is worth trying but beware, it's just passionfruit, so it's pretty sour! Super nice people, too.

Aug 02, 2011
dhd in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

favorite vegetarian food in mtl

More recommendations (echoing some other ones that have already been mentioned, but whatever):

1) Comptoir 21, at 21 St-Viateur O., is an inexpensive snack-bar style fish and chips joint which happens to also have a pretty good homemade veggie burger. Plus, their poutine sauce is vegetarian, and their fries are excellent (not quite as good as Patati Patata, but mostly just different - they're thicker).

2) Depanneur le Pickup, on Waverly between Mozart and Jean-Talon, home of the famous vegetarian pulled pork. The "pork" here is made from tofu skin, like the "duck" at Chu Chai, but unlike Chu Chai, you get a heaping amount of it on a bun for only $6 or so. However, the sauce is cloyingly sweet so it's hard to eat the whole thing. Still, a fun place to go. It is actually a depanneur, but with a snack bar inside and picnic tables outside.

3) Olive et Gourmando. Yes. This place had a vegetarian and a vegan sandwich when we were there and both were unbelievably good.

4) Satay Brothers, which is a food stand at the north end of the Atwater market, has a Gado-Gado (a salad with vegetables, tofu, peanut sauce, and an egg) that's great and steamed buns with tofu on them that are mind-blowing. If you don't mind fish sauce the green papaya salad is really good too.

5) Arepera du Plateau is also inexpensive and really great, for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. However, it seems they're still getting their production system for arepas ironed out so sometimes the wait can be pretty long. Don't forget to try their passionfruit juice.

Olive et Gourmando
351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA

Chu Chai
4088 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M5, CA

Patati Patata
4177 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC , CA

Arepera du Plateau
4050 Rue de Bullion, Montreal, QC H2W 1H1, CA

Comptoir 21
21 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest, Montreal, QC H2T 2K7, CA

Depanneur Le Pickup
7032 Rue Waverly, Montreal, QC H2S 3J3, CA

Satay Brothers
138 Avenue Atwater, Montreal, QC H3J 2Z6, CA

Jul 31, 2011
dhd in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Best pizza in MTL

Has anyone tried La Bella Italiana on Jean-Talon in St-Leonard?

Jul 31, 2011
dhd in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

New vegetarian Taiwanese restaurant on Rachel

Thanks for posting about this! My wife and I went there for dinner tonight. It was really empty which is a shame... the people there are super nice and the food was good. I went to Taiwan a few years ago and fell in love with the vegetarian food there so I was excited about this place.

In Taiwan I found three main kinds of vegetarian eateries - there are pay-by-weight buffets which are usually full of greasy fake meat, there are sidewalk stands which just serve a few things like noodles and fried rice, and there are sit-down restaurants. This place was quite a lot like the few sit-down vegetarian restaurants I went to.

In Taiwan all major Chinese cuisines are represented, but the local style of cooking usually involves light and sweet sauces, sesame oil, and fresh vegetables. So be aware that "spicy" doesn't really mean very spicy at all - nothing like Szechuan food! I liked the lack of obvious fake meats on the menu although I wonder if it will be a problem for Montreal people.

The deep-fried soy milk skin roll is really good - this is often called "mock duck" at other restaurants and you can also buy it pre-packaged, but the menu here says that it's handmade. We also had the fried tofu balls, which were tasty - although the tofu doesn't seem like it's freshly fried.

The drinks are very tasty, although, yes, very sugary - speaking of which, I'm interested to try their hand-made sun cakes (these are rarely found outside Taiwan).

This place is really close to our house and I wish them best of luck - I'll definitely be going back to try some other things on their menu...

Mar 30, 2011
dhd in Quebec (inc. Montreal)