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Looking for a good cookout location in DC

I'm graduating soon, and I would really like to have a cookout to celebrate. The only place that I can think of to accommodate the amount of guests that I'd like to invite (50-60) is Haines point. Does anyone know of another area with lots of space or picnic tables and (I'm probably pushing it here) a decent view, either within the city or in the nearby suburbs? Thanks!

Spicy Green Rice (Arroz Verde)

I loved the base flavor here, although it is more refreshing than spicy as described. The serrano did not add any noticeable heat, but the taste was great without it. I did feel that the recipe could use more salt, and so I used adobo to also give it a hint of garlic. Instead of one lime, I used one and a half to add an extra zap of zingyness. Perhaps the type of rice I used caused the need for these tweaks, I used Jasmine rice rather than plain white! Served it with beans stewed with bay leaves, onion, garlic, chili powder and cumin! Would be awesome with any spicy grilled meat, onions and beautiful multicolored bell peppers!

Mar 15, 2011
TineTiger in Recipes