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Home Made Instead of Purchased

I find that once I make a previously store bought staple at home I can never go back. This is, of course, a blessing and a curse. What I wouldn't give to be able to open a box of pasta and pour it into boiling water again! But, ever since my darling counterpart was so sweet to buy us a pasta attachment for the kitchen aid, a quick pasta dinner is at least a one hour ordeal, haha. I wouldn't trade my homemade semolina pasta for anything... but, man do I miss the convenience of boxed pasta :)

May 26, 2012
scarletbagonia in Home Cooking

quirky personal home food combinations....

Great topic! Ever since I was in grade school I've loved uncooked Ramen noodles crunched up and mixed with crushed salt and vinegar chips. The shrimp flavor made the best combination. My Mom would always wonder where they went, because she never saw me cooking them...

May 24, 2012
scarletbagonia in General Topics

Nacho Dips ?

Sour cream, lots ofmfresh chopped cilantro, and diced pickled jalapenos.... Sooooo good.

Jul 25, 2011
scarletbagonia in Home Cooking

What Do You Wear When You Cook?

I love this apron, excellent find! So funny about the pearls... I tried them and heels once when we had friends visiting, that was a major fail comfort wise :/

Jul 25, 2011
scarletbagonia in Not About Food

What Do You Wear When You Cook?

I'm with you, I am all about comfy... I say my food does the talking so I don't feel the need to get all dolled up, haha :) When I feel like getting a little cutesy for the bf I toss on a cute little apron (like this one that I've been salivating over lately, haha I love searching for aprons on etsy, it's one of my fave ways to kill time lately....

Jul 24, 2011
scarletbagonia in Not About Food

Sous Vide Lamb Stew

I know this sounds crazy... but I've been reading the Alinea cookbook, so blame Grant Achatz, haha :)

I just got a new Sous Vide and vacuum sealer and I want to start trying some funky stuff. I'm going to vacuum seal each part of the stew individually with herbs and such to impart unique flavor so...

What herbs, spices, zests, or flavors in general pair well with:
Celery Root
Russet Potato
Butternut Squash

Also I HAVE to use Guinness since I'm serving in on St. Paddy's Day so I was thinking of making a marinade for the lamb with Guinness and vanilla bean... too weird?? If not, what other flavors would complement the vanilla and Guinness as well as the lamb?

Mar 15, 2011
scarletbagonia in Home Cooking