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Edmonton Favourite Weekend Eats

Hi Edmonton ChowHounders,
Coming in from Calgary for the long weekend and looking for some suggestions on where to eat. We are staying at the Matrix on Whyte Ave, but wouldn't mind cabbing or walking for good eats. Looking for brunch/lunch suggestions and good places for dinners. Price is not really a concern, but a fun atmosphere is a must. We are very flexible on types of cuisine. If anyone is familiar with Calgary restaurants, we love Tribune, Divino, Sugo, Jaro Blue, Diner Deluxe fro breakfast and Farm for lunch. Would love a cool Tapas place to get late-night drinks and snacks. Thanks so much for your help!
P.S. Trying to get into eating more local food, so any place that used local ingredients would be a really plus. Also, I hear in Edmonton you get much more variety of local produce so that would be great to try!

May 14, 2009
annynstar in Prairie Provinces

new resto: Belfry in YYC?

Went there last night (Saturday) for a drink around 9:00 and the place was empty! Maybe 12 people in the entire place (including staff). Prices on pints were good and the menu (although they weren't serving it yet) looked quite good. Hopefully business picks up, it is quite a nice space after the reno.
As to the short-skirted waitresses, the waitresses were as covered (if not more) than they are at Joey's or Earl's (places people take their families), so I wouldn't worry about that.

May 03, 2009
annynstar in Prairie Provinces

Friday night in Victoria within walking distance of cruise ship docks...

The Superior is quite good and is quite close to the docks (a ten minute walk tops). The food is excellent and they have live music in the evenings. But reservations are a must on a Friday night!
Niche is also quite close (a couple blocks past the Superior) and always gets a lot of praise on this board.
Also, downtown Victoria is about a 25 minute walk so that opens up your choices a lot, but I definitely recommend reservations on a Friday night.
Enjoy your evening in Victoria.

Fuzion Wine in Calgary

I was at Willow Park last weekend and they were all out. Superstore Liquor Store had some at the Sunridge Store and Deerfoot. It is also cheaper there (8.99 compared to 9.99 at Willow Park). Since the Globe and Mail article last week it has been so much harder to find!

May 01, 2009
annynstar in Prairie Provinces

Left over sauerkraut

Salmon with Charcroute is really easy and super delicious. Charcroute is basically french sauerkraut and this recipe is uses sauerkraut as the base.

Mar 03, 2009
annynstar in Home Cooking

Calgary Food Shopping

4. Superstore organic aisle in frozen section. Also have seen them at T & T.

Feb 10, 2009
annynstar in Prairie Provinces

Mini Brioche in Calgary

I got mini dinner rolls from Superstore. They were the perfect size, but too wide so I just cut the middle out to make hamburger mini-buns. It's not brioche but the buns were actually really good. My only suggestion, make more than you think you need ... they went so fast on hockey night!

Jan 15, 2009
annynstar in Prairie Provinces

Cream of Coconut in Calgary

I have seen it at the Deerfoot Meadows and Sunridge Suprestore. It is in the Asian aisle with other drinks. They have several different brands.

Dec 30, 2008
annynstar in Prairie Provinces

Recommendations for Thanksgiving Dinner Take-Out (Calgary)

Yeah, it would be no problem. I would do it in the toaster oven, it just needs to be set 350 f. I just think it heats more evenly than in the microwave.

Recommendations for Thanksgiving Dinner Take-Out (Calgary)

Last year we had the Main Dish Dinner and it was very good. I liked that they also sell all of their side dishes separately, so you could get mix and match. Also, their takeout containers are oven safe, which is great. Good luck choosing ... I am always up for the relaxed approach!!

House-smoked Salmon in Victoria

The go-to-place for smoked salmon is definitely Finest At Sea in James Bay near Fisherman's Wharf. On any given day they offer three types of cold smoked salmon - sockeye, coho or springer. My personal fave is the sockeye. The also do cold smoked albocore tuna which is melt in your mouth tasty. Their hot-smoked is also excellent, and they offer it in a wide variety of flavours (teriyaki, peppered, etc). It really worth the trip to James Bay (27 Erie Street). Although be warned, if you go too late on a Saturday they can run out of things!

Foodie tour of Victoria, related question

I also totally agree with munchiegirl, especially on Fifth Street. I think Camille's and Niche may be too "fancy" for kids ... Camille's especially known as a romantic spot. ReBar in Bastion Square is another great suggestion very laid back and prides itself on local food. Just a warning about Victoria and its liquor laws, any place that is a pub or bar has a no kids allowed rule even if they serve food. This includes a lot of the downtown pubs and brew houses. Hope you enjoy yourself!

Spice Cafe at 5 West Condos (Cgy)?

Funny you should mention it today, tomorrow night I am going to a wine and food event there. The Spice Cafe in 5West specializes in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine, the chef was previously at the Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and has cooked for some very impressive people. Apparently the food is very traditional served on banana leaves. I'll report back after tomorrow. And if you are interested the Saturday the 21st event still has room. Check the link for details:

"DeVille Luxury Coffee and Pastries," Calgary (among other downtown noticings)

I was talking with the manager of the Palette before it closed and I heard the new place will also be licensed and have quite an extensive collection of wines. It would be great if it stays open late ... it could make a great stop for dessert after dinner.

Madrid Dinner Suggestion - Not Tapas

We have been in Madrid for a few days now and have loved the food ... but we are looking for a place to have an actual dinner and not just tapas (while delicious would like something more substantial). Any cusine is acceptable. We both love the experience of dinner ... a long non-rushed meal. We are staying near Puerto del Sol but are willing to walk (probably less than two miles but we will cab for great food. Would appreciate any suggestions. We leave Wednesday so quick responses would be ideal.
Thanks, Sam

Apr 21, 2008
annynstar in Spain/Portugal

James Joyce Irish Pub

The pub is actually called the Joyce on 4th and is part of Calgary's Best Pubs group. As far as I know it has never been affiliated with the James Joyce. Also, as long as I have lived in Mission, it has always had the TVs. Sometimes it plays early morning rugby and Premier League soccer, as well they organize packages to sporting events ( a pretty fun way to see the Flames). It is affiliated with Limerick's and a few other pubs. I am pretty sure it has not just been sold, because they still seem to be affiliated with Limerick's and are still sharing buses to the Saddledome for sporting events. The wait staff always seems to be a bit clueless there!

Pre-prepared takeout Christmas dinners in Halifax, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa

In Calgary, both Sunterra Markets and Main Dish offer this service.
Sunterra is a higher-end grocery store and the Main DIsh offers gourmet dinners to go.
Sunterra website:
Main Dish website:

Edmonton Resto Recommendations

Thanks for all the great suggestions, I am looking forward to eating this weekend!

Edmonton Resto Recommendations

My husband and I are coming to Edmonton for the long weekend and we are looking for great places to eat.
We are staying at the Hotel MacDonald downtown.
We would like to be able to walk to the restaurant (25 minute walk or less).
We love all types of food and are looking for recommendations in the $20 entree range.
We are also open to lounge-type places.
Also, if anyone has a great place for Sunday brunch, it would be appreciated.
Thanks for your recommendations.