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London - best indian restaurant?

I know this is a common topic but I'd like to get the most up to date information from you Chowhounders. I will be in London this weekend and would like to try authentic, tasty, moderately -to low priced indian food. What is your favorite restaurant?

Apr 14, 2011
lizod in U.K./Ireland

[Co. Kerry, Ireland] Recommendations?

We will be spending a week in County Kerry, Ireland in mid-April, traveling around the Dingle and Iveragh Peninsulas. Any recommendations for stellar or simply memorable restaurants/pubs/cafes?

Apr 03, 2011
lizod in U.K./Ireland

Sam's Chowder Mobile - where exactly is it?

I'm trying to find Sam's Chowder Mobile today. The website says "Golden Gate Park" but I can't figure out exactly where that would be in GG Park. Does anyone know their regular route or where I can find it?

Jul 23, 2010
lizod in San Francisco Bay Area

Best SF Restaurants

What is the best restaurant in SF, money no object, for a special occasion?

Mar 16, 2009
lizod in San Francisco Bay Area

Restaurant in Financial District/Embarcadero

Looking for a good, moderately priced restaurant for dinner in the SF Financial District or Embarcadero. Entrees c. $20. Any ideas?

Dec 02, 2008
lizod in San Francisco Bay Area

Dublin 2007

We're visiting Dublin in early October and wanted suggestions on where to eat. Any good, not too pricey but fun eateries?

Aug 30, 2007
lizod in U.K./Ireland