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Good to eat local and raw Honey for allergies

I have heard that if one suffers from allergies, eating locally harvested honey helps with allergies!
I remember Cole's Wild Mountain Honey since childhood, and I grew up in the Bay area. It was nice to discover they are based in Oakland. I love it. Especially when it crystallizes, yum! Good stuff

Roots Tonic Recipe?

Does anyone have a recipe for Roots Tonic. I want to make this at home. It is based in Rasta and Island culture, and my online search was not very successful. Any tips would be great, thanks

Off The Grid Berkeley - every Wed night 5-9pm starting 6/1/11!

I got there about 7ish, and yes the lines were long. More frustrating than anything was how hard it was to know what was for sale and how much it cost. Yes it is the first time in this location, but not like they don't know the drill. Menus would make it much better. The lines were blocking foot traffic and the view of the menu. 510 Burger was sold out/not serving, but it was not clear. Some organization needs to happen. I decided to go to the Epicurious Garden instead. I hope in the future it improves, it is a cool idea and it would be nice to see it succeed

Epicurious Garden
1513 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

Nut Milk Bags?

Thanks chefj, I couldn't find it on their website, but called 510-849-0400. They are called Grain Bags or Brewing Grain Bags and cary them in 2 sizes. 8"x9" or 24"x24", $4.50 or $5.95. I also found people suggesting Reusable Paint Strainer Bags, available at your local hardware, but boil them before first use.
I made some almond milk, without a bag, just some cheese cloth and a strainer, which worked as well, really tasty too! I think the bags make it easier if you plan to make a lot of nut milk, frequently.
Online there are resources for mail order, and they also come in Hemp.

Nut Milk Bags?

Does anyone know where to purchase a nut milk bag in the East Bay, for $4-$15? I want to make almond milk, do some sprouting, and possibly juices as well. I am incorporating raw foods into my diet and I want to find a good quality bag. I think either nylon or hemp, I am open to suggestions and any experience people have had?! If you know of good resources for affordable Raw Foods in the East Bay, that would be a bonus, thanks.

Where can I buy NUT MILK BAGS / sprout bags / jelly strainers in LA???

what is it called, and what section can you find it in? Thanks