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Looking for a recipe called -Evettas or Avettas- Turkish maybe?

My mother in law used to make a recipe she called Evettas. It was -Lamb, rice, beans, tomato paste? She now has Alzheimer's disease and she can't remember the recipe. This was her "go to dish" whenever we got together on our visits to Fla. I have done numerous web searches and have found nothing. I am thinking maybe it is a regional dish that has other names in other regions. She says it is a Turkish dish, but she got it from her mother, who spoke 6 different languages, so it could be Portugese, Spanish, Greek, or middle eastern. Anyone know this recipe?

Feb 18, 2010
ironmanps in Europe

I need a good place for breakfast along I-81 between Harrisburg and Winchester

Driving to Fla. in Aug. and need a good place for the 6 of us to get breakfast and strech (about 4-5 hrs. in to our drive) and would like some place local, not the usual Waffle House or Cracker Barrel. Any opinions?

Jul 23, 2009
ironmanps in Pennsylvania

where is the best family run Italian restaurant in the Orlando/Kissimmee area?

We acctually went there the last time were were down (2006) and they are on the list for this year too. It is the type of place we search out when we travel. La Forchetta is popular with the Houston Astro spring training team according to the pictures there.

Jul 23, 2009
ironmanps in Florida

where is the best family run Italian restaurant in the Orlando/Kissimmee area?

I really like to go to locally owned/locally operated restaurants when we go out. Where are the best neighborhood places?

Jul 21, 2009
ironmanps in Florida

pasta from scratch in lasagna?

I always boil mine first for a couple of minutes. Then I cool the seperated sheets before I assemble the Lasagna. Easier to make that way.I also make the sheets a little thicker (#4 setting on the machine roller) than the normal capellini thickness.

Nov 13, 2007
ironmanps in Home Cooking

A more exciting roasted chicken?

I made Tyle Florence's "Ultimate Roast Chicken" last night. It is our favorite roast chicken recipe. I never bother anymore with the gravy part of the recipe. This chicken "don't need no stinkin' gravy".

Nov 13, 2007
ironmanps in Home Cooking

I want to make Beef Short Ribs- which should I ask for?

I want to try my hand at Braised Short Ribs. The slow cooked, fall off the bone, deep flavored kind. Is there a type or style of ribs I should ask the butcher for? I don't care about price. Is there like a "loin end" or a "rump section" or some sort of "further away from the hoofs- the tenderer the meat" rule to use?

Oct 29, 2007
ironmanps in Home Cooking

Chicken Pot Pie help

My CPP consists of 2 C roto. chicken in lg. dice. Fork tender lg. dice potatoes, cooked sliced carrots, frozen corn. The sauce (which is great) is 1 sm.- med. onion, 2-3 stalks celery, chopped and softened in 6 Tbl. butter. Then add 6 Tbl. flour and cook for 2-4 minutes. Add one 14.5oz. can (or fresh HM stock) low sodium chicken broth, heat, stirring, until it boils. Then add 1 cup half & half, stir in and cook until boiling, then add 1-2 Tbl. parsley. Thin if needed with more broth. Pour over Chicke and veggies and fold together. I spoon this into deep remekins that I line with Wegmans pie crust, cover with crust and bake at 400 for 1/2 hour or until G/B/D.

Oct 12, 2007
ironmanps in Home Cooking

suggestions for flavorful/infused oils

I make my own infused oil. I heat good EVOO in a heavy pan over very low heat, to which I add- thinly sliced garlic, assorted dry herbs (oregano, marjorum, basil, thyme, etc) a little crushed red pepper falkes. Let it steep until the garlic is soft and has scented the oil, then remove the garlic with a fork. I use this oil for white pizza W/ greens and goat cheese, herbed/ parmesan croutons, finishing sauce on fresh roasted red and yellow peppers or grilled veggies. You get the idea.

Oct 03, 2007
ironmanps in Home Cooking

Ideas for Great Food for Plane Trips

My favorite thing to take on a plane is Zanax. It allows me to cope with the screaming kids in row 12, and ALL the other passengers wonder why they didn't think to bring any.

Sep 26, 2007
ironmanps in Home Cooking

Pork loin - need inspiration

How about this:
3 pounds center cut boned pork loin roast, patted dry
2 1/2 cups ginger ale
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 cup sherry
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup chopped ginger
1 small yellow onion, chopped
5 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
6 cardamom seeds, crushed
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
3 cups veal stock or dark chicken stock
2 tablespoons unsalted butter

In a large non-reactive baking dish, place the pork loin.

2. In a medium bowl, combine the ginger ale, soy sauce, 1/2 cup of the sherry, honey, ginger, the onion, garlic, cardamom, and red pepper flakes. Pour over the pork, cover tightly and refrigerate 12 to 24 hours, turning occasionally.

3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

4. Remove the meat from the marinade and reserve. Pat the roast dry with kitchen towels, season lightly with salt and freshly ground black pepper, and place in a roasting pan. Cook uncovered until an instant-read thermometer registers an internal temperature of 155 degrees F, about 1 hour.

5. Remove the roast from the oven and place on a platter. Tent with aluminum foil and let rest for 10 to 15 minutes before carving.

6. Meanwhile, pour any remaining marinade into a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Cook at a brisk simmer for 5 minutes. Place the roasting pan over 2 burners over medium-high heat. Add the remaining 1/2 cup sherry and cook, stirring to deglaze the pan. Pour the juices into the saucepan with the remaining marinade. Add the chicken stock and cook until reduced by almost half. Whisk in the butter and remove from the heat. Adjust the seasoning to taste. Strain into a sauceboat or decorative bowl.

Serve with Baked or Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Sep 26, 2007
ironmanps in Home Cooking

Tons of Rosemary & Sage! What to do?

Rosemary and Sage are both Herbs that, due to their low moisture content in the leaf, dry very well. I pick, wash, and spin mine and then lay on a cooling rack to dry for a couple of weeks. Strip the leaves from the stems and store in an airtight jar until next summers crop.

Sep 25, 2007
ironmanps in Home Cooking

Binghamton, NY area sushi?

There is a small Japanese restaurant in the Price Chopper Plaza on North St. In Endicott, that has good sushi, so I have been told. I have heard that the sushi is very well made, with a big variety on the menu. Not sure what the name is, although it used to be "Sake Restaurant".

Looking for "E-J's Chicken Barbeque Sauce Recipe

I used to have a recipe for a vinegar based "yellow" marinade/basting sauce that was called E-J's (as in Endicott-Johnson Shoe CO.) chicken sauce. I remember it had eggs,or egg yolks, and poultry seasoning in it . I lost the recipe and hope somebody out there has had it passed down to them and would share it with me.

Aug 30, 2007
ironmanps in Home Cooking