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Recommendation for affordable, very good group dining

Thanks all. I did lay out for my colleagues that Secrets, Tricks, and Mission were probably the clear choices. Thanks for the tip about the hotel location...I'm not sure why we are in Tempe this year as normal...probably money.

And I miswrote re Cafe Bink...yes, I was disappointed that it was so far. I did though pass on FnB's link...again, I'm not sure they can handle a group but looks great. They're in Old Town right? That is right on the cusp of being too far but if there is a standout destination that can handle a group, please do tell!

Thanks so much.

Feb 09, 2012
broadwinged in Phoenix

Recommendation for affordable, very good group dining

Okay, my short list at this point (from combing other posts here mostly) is House at Secret Garden, House of Tricks, The Mission and even though I'm not sure they can handle a big group, Cafe Bink.

I guess I might have biased all of you about distance...we consider 2 miles a walk and it's certainly no problem to hop in the hotel van or group cars and drive for 5 or 10 minutes. Anyway thanks for considering!

Feb 08, 2012
broadwinged in Phoenix

Recommendation for affordable, very good group dining

Thanks...that's a great start...and I have been to House of Tricks before. We're all game to walk the block to the Metro Light Rail Station so if others have recommendations along the rail line. Also the hotel will gladly ferry us a couple miles...

Feb 07, 2012
broadwinged in Phoenix

Recommendation for affordable, very good group dining

Firstly, my apologies for posting a topic that may have many responses already, but the search box isn't getting me anywhere.

The board and staff of the small international not-for-profit I work with is converging in early March on Phoenix for a couple nights. Staying near the airport at the DoubleTree by Hilton.

We're looking for a solid, reasonably priced (entrees in high teens to low 30s) place worthy of a Chowhound thumbs up not too far from the hotel...preferably walkable, shorter light rail trip, Phoenix or Tempe. Style of the food not essential (southwest, eclectic, etc) as long as it is prepared thoughtfully, and with care (with a vegetarian option or two), maybe with fresh (even local?) ingredients, a good wine list, nice drinks...and, here's the hard part, a decent space (nice corner, private room?) for 25 to 30 folks. By decent I mean, not crammed in like sardines and not needing to yell at your neighbor when having a conversation.

Am I asking too much?

Our last meeting was in Boise, Idaho and Chowhound led me to recommend Fork to my colleagues - a big hit. Now the heat is on in the Phoenix/Tempe area. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

Feb 07, 2012
broadwinged in Phoenix

Imagine it is 9 pm Saturday in Portland

...and you want to kick off a several day vacation with your spouse with a couple very nice glasses of wine and maybe a couple of appetizers or share a light meal. Don't want to spend much more than 50 before the tip. Don't want the nosiest atmosphere, but bustling and intimate is fine.

I had made reservations at Bresca, but...

What if several (1 to 5 say) colleagues want to come along. Say your goal is still the above plus others want maybe a good beer maybe a glass of wine, maybe a bite as well. We all want to talk some...

Where to then Chowhounds? Does this bar at Fore Street accommodate this? Other venues?

Fore Street
288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

111 Middle Street, Portland, ME 04101

Lunch near Peter O Knight Airport, Davis Island

Hmm, according to that review they are not open for lunch...Baileys that is.

But the other recommendations are very useful. Pane Rustica is very tempting. I'll check the timing...or maybe get the food to us... Will report back! Thanks!

Apr 19, 2011
broadwinged in Florida

Lunch near Peter O Knight Airport, Davis Island

Okay, I've seen discussion of Thai Island but I'm hoping all of you venerable Chowhounds will advise me on the best lunch spot within a 10 minute drive (tops) of Peter O'Knight Airport (that's the tiny airport at the south end of Davis ISland near the yacht club). I'm coordinating a series of environmental flights out of that airport. About 5 to 6 of us (with a wide array of tastes) will make a quick drive at noon and will want to sit down to a satisfying, tasty, not spicy, not frilly but just plain good lunch. Service doesn't need to be fast but reliable and not slow would be fine.

As I travel around the country, the Chowhound board has been invaluable.

Apr 14, 2011
broadwinged in Florida

Casual, very good & mid-price on Cape Cod in March

And just to add....the next night we wandered into the Squealing Pig. Basic bar food, maybe a notch up, but great beers, very very good wines by the glass (some local), decent prices and a warm, friendly, fun place. We really enjoyed the evening in this convivial establishment!

Three stars for food
Four for attitude, fun , and good wine!

Squealing Pig
335 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

Casual, very good & mid-price on Cape Cod in March

Napi's was good...very good. Let's face it, in P'twon, little is open in March.

Nice wine list...we were happy to be able to buy a bottle of the Guigal...good standby.

Bowl of Portuguese soup was wonderful - a four star bowl. A little spicy, fresh, very good.

Caesar salad was fresh, nicely prepared.

Cod Provencal was excellent...just a lovely plate of fresh, perfectly cooked, well portioned fish.

Dessert, not memorable.

Espresso pathetic.

Very good service, owner greeted us at the end of the meal. Friendly, nice ambience for two but also friendly to families.

P'twon is lucky to have them. My only thought is that while the meal was excellent, I didn't have a desire to go back...kind of like I had the good meal. Rest of the menu, while eclectic, didn't appeal to me...but that is really a personal detail.

Napi's Restaurant
7 Freeman St, Provincetown, MA 02657

Casual, very good & mid-price on Cape Cod in March


I know there are many links here on Cape Cod dining, and I've checked the couple winter discussions, but as I head off for a week of work (yes, in March) on the lower cape with my husband tagging along, I'm wondering where the mid-priced, casual spots are where the food is prepared with thought and care, is interesting and flavorful, though simple is fine, and a nice glass of wine or pint of micro beer can be had. Mid-priced to me means entrees from 12 to 20. We love good food but those $27 and 32 dollar entree...while oh, so tasty sounding, are not in my price range.

Provincetown mostly on this trip, but Tuesday night I'll be driving in and could stop anywhere on the way.