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Your Favorite Weight Loss Tricks and Recipes

Please tell me this is a joke. It isn't healthy for anyone to save their calories for alcohol, no matter how much they enjoy it. Some caloric beverages (Low fat milk, 100% fruit juice) are so much more nutritious. Also, even being entirely sedentary burns calories. Your lungs, digestive tract, brain, and internal organs are all working. That takes energy. It concerns me that you don't exercise, because that is a wonderful way to boost metabolism, increase serotonin, and keep your body young. Eating as slow as you do is not normal, and could easily be diagnosed as an eating disorder behavior. You're doing yourself no favors by living this lifestyle. Please at least see your PCP to make sure you're okay, and if you feel like these habits are unstoppable, there is help. https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.o...

Thanksgiving with In-Laws - What to take on flight?

I've heard Klonopin travels nicely :P

Oct 15, 2012
pegathaismyname in Home Cooking

potato soup ideas

What about a Spanish tortilla?

Oct 08, 2012
pegathaismyname in Home Cooking

Almond Milk

+1 on Blue Diamond, especially unsweetened vanilla for drinking. Trader Joe's also has their own version, which is excellent, and cheaper, if you can get to a TJ's.

A Life in Bites

I feared. I ate. I conquered.

Jan 30, 2012
pegathaismyname in Features

Cooking for One: A Widow's Challenge

Toodie, do you like apple crisp? I've been making a microwave version by chopping up an apple (take the skin off if you want), and topping it with oats mixed with butter and spices. Microwave for about 4 minutes and you've got a nice toasty dessert. I don't add sugar, as the apple is sweet enough. I imagine you could add nuts too. Also, how do you feel about almond milk? I love almond milk smoothies, with peanut butter and fruit and protein powder if you want it. I also second everything said about frozen veggies. They're just too easy not to use.

Dec 09, 2011
pegathaismyname in Home Cooking

What to do with leftover pumpkin pie custard?

I don't know if this would work, and baking it in a water bath certainly would, but if you wanted something a little different... thin the filling out with some evaporated milk or cream and cook it over a double boiler until you have a pumpkin custard sauce, and serve it with Christmas cookies or gingerbread.

Nov 28, 2011
pegathaismyname in Home Cooking

If all foods were nutritionally equal would you change your diet?

Assuming that this also means that I'm not allergic to anything, then yes, my diet would change. The thing is, I still ENJOY fresh fruits and vegetables, and would still eat them, just because they taste good to me. I would, however, add in some whipped cream and cake and such, and perhaps end my love affair with Splenda :)

Restaurant bans children under age 6 - What do you think?

Though I totally agree with the restaurant's intentions, I think that there are easier ways to go about getting the desired effect. There are places where small children just should not be, and fine dining is one of those places in my opinion. I'm not old or old fashioned, I'm just shy of 21 and I have worked in the service industry enough to know that sometimes ill-behaved children are just not conducive to the environment that the restaurant is trying to provide. All that being said, wouldn't it be easier to just have a sign saying something to the effect of "We do not provide a childrens' menu"? People would know that the food is going to be more "grown up" and if they do bring their children, the price, accommodations, and expectations for the children will be the same as for the adults.

Quality (read: healthy) snacks for after school program?

My mom does a summer camp every year, and for snack, this is what she does. She has big containers of cereal like cheerios, dried fruit, pretzels, peanuts, mms, and other trail mix-y stuff. She puts scoops of appropriate serving size in each container, and the kids go through the line and make their own snack. This is good because it is very adaptable for allergies. Nut allergy? skip the nuts. Gluten intolerant? Use rice or corn chex.

98-year-old needs to gain weight, doesn't eat enough: Food suggestions

This may sound odd, but I love sweet potatoes mashed up with a spoonful of peanut butter on top. I use natural peanut butter, and the sweet-salty-nuttiness of it all works really well for me. It's a nice change from butter on potatoes, and since she likes both, why not try it? Peanut butter also goes really well in oatmeal or pudding. Actually, any nut butter or even Nutella (if she goes for that) can be mixed into lots of soft things to up the caloric/nutrient content.
Also, if she likes cake, have you considered making trifle? The layers of cake and pudding and fruit should be soft enough for her, and you could use lots of heavy cream and such.
Good luck!

Energy enhancing foods to avoid afternoon lunch crash & fatigue?

I totally agree with the low carb ideas. I think for me at least, eating too much of anything can lead to a food coma. so maybe split your lunch in half, and have some salad and protein (grilled chicken, fish, steak, cheese) at noon, and then when you get hungry again, have some nuts and fruit?

Are there things you eat/avoid every day to be healthy?

This looks like the beginnings of an eating disorder, at least from my perspective. They can and do hit at any age for any demographic, and not all eating disorders mean just not eating (It looks a little like orthorexia, but I'm not a professional, just a former sufferer). The major red flag that I saw was
"...many of the foods I’ve watched him thoroughly enjoy over the years have been completely removed from his diet because of unfounded fears and eating has become rote, something he HAS to do. I’ve offered to make meals for him to have some variety, I’ve asked him for a list of what he feels he can and cannot eat and he’s refused because he’s “afraid” to change anything. He has completely stopped dining out in restaurants and only eats with family for holidays."
Eating should be something that we enjoy, at least to some extent. It looks like he could be missing out on some key nutrients, even in the name of health.
That kind of rigidity can become dangerous very quickly. You may want to look into getting him some help. Best of luck!

I need a new salad dressing option!

Have you thought about thinning out hummus with some lemon juice and/or oil? I've never used a recipe for it, just sort of scooped a blob of hummus into a bowl and added enough liquid to make it pourable. It's really good! I also like to use toppings like cottage cheese, guacamole, or salsa that make their own dressing around the salad, depending on the contents of the salad.

May 05, 2011
pegathaismyname in Home Cooking

Favorite "texture" - do you have one?

I just thought of this... Is anyone else completely turned off by the texture of ground meat? I absolutely cannot stand it. I'll eat a steak, but not a burger, or a turkey breast, but not meatballs. It's kind of squishy-chunky and unnatural... or is that just me?

Favorite "texture" - do you have one?

Oh I love this topic! It seems that all my likes and dislikes are because of texture. I love love LOVE creamy, custardy stuff (just eating some egg custard now). It doesn't help that I am lactose intolerant, but I've gotten it down to the fact that I like smooth things over any other texture, and soft over hard.