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Khao San Road Review

staffing is an ongoing issue, but small things could have made a big difference. for example it did not appear that any of the staff had sections (maybe it was just the bar area?) anyways, a different girl gave us the menu, our dishes were brought to us by different people, and our bill was served by a different person.

it seemed like the tables were numbered for taking orders, but the staff appeard to be confused about what dishes were ordered at each table. several times (i'm talkin more than 5+) i saw the waitresses go up to a different table and ask "did you order X?". this happened to us as well, and the additional pad thai ended up belonging to the table behind us.

i def. took the reviews and CH buzz into consideration, and we were laid back so i didn't bother asking for our missed items, etc as to not stress out the young staff even more. however i firmly believe that small tweaks could have been made to enhance the experience. like having one waitress/host be assigned to answer the phone so it's not ringing off the hook. this would be considerate to patrons who are calling, and those sitting on the right side of the resto. the food is good enough to return but i just wish the service was ironed out a bit! i'm sure the business will continue to do really well, which gives the owners tons of opportunity to improve. i'm glad there's a great place for thai in downtown and def. want them to succeed.

Khao San Road Review

i'm happy for the owners that their business is doing well, but one would think that they would pay attention to the constant service issues. it would make a huge difference in the dining experience, esp given the high caliber of food.

Polonez Restaurant

oh wow i love this place. Perogies there = bundles of heaven.

Looking For a Restaurant/Bar Serving Belgian Delirium in Toronto


Mengrai Thai is disappointing

i liked the atmosphere of this restaurant and the service was impeccable. but the food was unremarkable. the pad thai was ok, but not even close to the bursts of flavours from Sukho Thai. i've ben2x now with friends. we've tried the street style pad thai, and 2 of the stirfries (which are nothing more than chinese stirfries if you ask me - nothing special at all), thai iced tea (diluted, could be more creamy. the best one in the city is from Khao san Road), spring rolls (which are small, you get 6 of them i think but they are the size of a female pinky finger). lastly, we had a tapioca dessert which was acceptable but i wouldn't reorder it.
i was disappointed with the food, esp since ppl mention it all the time on this board.

Khao San Road Review

Went to KSR on Saturday for dinner and there was a line up out the door. We ended up sitting at the bar. We had waited about 40 mins for a table for 2 as we didn’t have reservations but it appeared that those who had reservations also had a bit of a wait.
Once we were seated we didn’t get our menu right away. It was about a 10 min wait. The menu and wine list are just a few pages printed on some computer paper and stapled at the corner.
We were starving and were excited to try the food so we ordered 10 things (we don't mind taking home leftovers!): garlic tofu, spring rolls, squash fritters, one soup, som roas pad thai, khao soi, Pad Gra Prao, 2 desserts, and 2 thai iced teas.

Issues: out of the items we ordered, we failed to receive all our dishes (didn’t get spring rolls, soup, pad gra prao, one dessert). The speed from the kitchen is similar to Sukho thai but there is nothing new about that. But be prepared to wait for food while the phone rings off the hook and no one answers as they are too busy serving customers in the store. Also the sound of the ice crushing machine whirring every 5 mins to keep up with thai iced tea orders is beyond annoying. We also didn’t get any water or chilli sauce brought to us throughout our entire meal even though we asked for it. the service was clearly overwhelmed by the patrons. The line up was consistent throughout our entire dinner.

The food was great. The Garlic tofu and Sam Roas style pad thai – both amazing. See previous reviews and believe them. Flavourful and done perfectly. The koah soi was very rich, I definitely wouldn’t be able to eat this everyday. The meat was tender and the noodles were soft. I’ve never tried this dish before (always stuck to the delicious pad thai) but read so much about it I had to try it. it was a nice presentation, but there was a clear separation between the top layer of oil and the coconut curry laksa-like soup. Perhaps this is normal, it wasn’t a big deal, I just stirred it in. it was tasty otherwise. We ordered our entrees thai hot and they were very mild (it would have been nice to add chilli sauce to it, but we never rec’d it). The drinks were delicious, very creamy and the blend of tea is to die for! Much better than any other thai iced tea I’ve had in Toronto. The crushed ice cubes is a nice touch, instead of large ice cubes. The dessert was simple, warm, and creamy.

Despite the food being phenomenal, there were clear service issues. We didn’t get all of our food but didn’t want to wait 30 mins for all the things that were not brought out, esp in the noisy area we were sitting in, so maybe they did us a favour there. Our bill was about $75 for 2 people, I loved the food, but I would grade the forgetful and disorganized wait staff/service a D. The atmosphere left me with a pounding headache from both the noise and the crowd we had to battle through to leave our seats to exit. I plan on coming back, but I’ll be waiting for owners to get things sorted and the hype dies down a bit before I go back again.

Khao San Road
326 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7, CA