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Modernist Cuisine - The Art and Science of Cooking ... less per pound than Parmigiano Reggiano (it is almost 50 lbs)

I'm intrigued by he book and I hope it does well. My questions about are as with any other cookbook: what can I do with it? I am skeptical about these large generalist works. I have found them to be outmoded by more modern specialist works. For example, I seriously doubt that this book will give me the kind of value and insight about bread that Peter Reinhart's Breadbakers Apprentice gave me, or the value that James Peterson's book Sauces gives me about sauces.

I look forward to a good credible review by somebody who really knows food, and is not as gullible as the newspaper reporters have been.

The examples I have seen remind me of the old LaRousse Gastronomique, which has value, but doesn't interest me because I can get better information elsewhere.

Mar 13, 2011
RudyH2O in Home Cooking