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need a breakfast tip for 6th ave/ W42nd for Friday

Hi Manhattan Chowhounders! I'm I giant bundle of gastronomic envy after searching through these threads looking for a tip - but I'm running out of time so I give up and appeal for direct help :)

I am visiting Manhattan this weekend, staying near 6th ave/w 42nd, arriving early on Friday and need to meet a friend near the hotel.

I want a good & affordable breakfast spot where we can eat for ~<$10. Could be a reliable greasy spoon or could be something with a wonderful different kind of breakfast.

Anyone with a tip, I would SO MUCH appreciate it!!

Feb 19, 2009
bright_416 in Manhattan

best on corso italia

OK I know you're looking for Italian but as I read these postings, it reminds me of a delicious place I found last year....mmmmm! So when you need a break from Italian, don't miss Atlas One. It's at St.Clair and Atlas, a fabulous Egyptian-themed restaurant with melt-in-your-mouth eggplant dishes, "Bruschetta Cairo" (or something like that) -- well, actually everything I've ever eaten there has been amazing. Also the decor is worth mentioning - don't be afraid to venture off to the washroom in this place! Lots to look at, friendly staff and holy cow did I mention the food?

Where did all the Indonesian Food go??

I have been searching for an Indonesian restaurant in Toronto for years...I even emailed the embassy once. Nobody can give me a tip! I can't believe there aren't any around. Note please that I'm not even asking for a great/decent or even affordable one! Heck, I'll even take anywhere in Southern Ontario. All I can find is Malaysian, which isn't the same. Help!!!