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Pubs in Greenwich?

Apr 13, 2013
mysterydvr in U.K./Ireland

BEST Fish&Chips in Lincoln?

In brief follow up, Sign of the Fish also sells other items such as sauasage and chips, peas, etc, and has a small upstairs dining room, but my preference is take-out of just fish at 3 pnds 60 p. Delicious.

Mar 30, 2013
mysterydvr in U.K./Ireland

BEST Fish&Chips in Lincoln?

Price a little higher, but the quality still VERY good. Haddock at THE SIGN...

Mar 27, 2013
mysterydvr in U.K./Ireland

Lunch in Lincoln in England?

We are looking for a reasonable restaurant for lunch in Lincoln in England. Any kind of food.

Mar 27, 2013
mysterydvr in U.K./Ireland

Family Restaurant in Athens for Lunch

Good, simple Greek Food at a moderate price. Well-behaved children part of our party of 6. Suggestions?

Mar 27, 2013
mysterydvr in Europe

Good Greek food in Athens ?

Family restaurant where well-behaved children are welcomed?.

Mar 27, 2013
mysterydvr in Europe

BEST Fish&Chips in Lincoln?

The Sign of the Fish across from Lincoln's Central Market has, in my judgement, the freshest and tastiest fish at moderate prices. Primarily take-out, 'The Sign' is open every Market Day before noon. There is often a line, but the hardworking owner and crew work quickly and the wait is short. Well worth the short wait.

Mar 27, 2013
mysterydvr in U.K./Ireland

Paris reataurants on Au Pot de Fer in the 5th?

After a lot of arranging,, we are retired and in the Latin Quarter for July and August on Tournefort. We walk down Pot de Fer every day and Mouffetarde. We enjoy good food, but prefer a reasonabe price. Any recommendations for Lunch or dinner?

Jul 21, 2011
mysterydvr in France


The SIGN OF THE OF THE FISH in Lincoln's Central Market offers fresh fish and chips every market day. This busy shop offers traditional fish and chips and a variety of other items. I returned to Lincoln after 5 years and was delighted that the quality was still high and the prices still moderate. I enjoyed my fish and chips on a bench near the flower shop close by. Enjoy

Jul 08, 2011
mysterydvr in U.K./Ireland

Cheap eats around bay and bloor

Sadly now closed. But Ritz at Yonge & College is open and very good

Bon Apetite 6th floor of The Bay downtown

Just discovered this 6th floor cafeteria with a beautiful view of the Old City Hall. open at 11:30 am week days (& Saturdays?) we are not talking gourmet food here, but good cafeteria food around $10. Unhurried, uncrowded hideaway best accessed by West elevators just outside west entrance to The Bay. A place to die for if you are a tired tourist (or shopper) and want to sit down to a generous serving of comfort food with an unobstructed view of the Old City Hall across the street. Any other opinions?

Bon Apetite
1176 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1R5, CA

New ' Fine Dining' Chinese Restaurant

At Irwin & Bay I see new chinese restaurant called Crown Something. Large and nicely decorated. Anyone try it? Recommendations?

Best Spaghetti and Meatballs

Neighborhood spaghetti & Meatballs about $12 also pizza excellent. On Gloucester just east of Yonge.

Cocina Lucero?

This 'makeover' Mexican Flavors restaurant is now open for breakfast. On Yonge, one block south of Wellesley, has anyone tried it?


We have tried mussels in several restaurants in PEI including Flex Mussels. Our latest favorite is at the Water Prince Corner restaurant in Charlottetown. Just mussels is about $7.

Jul 13, 2009
mysterydvr in Atlantic Canada


After trying about 8 seafood chowders in PEI this summer, I continue to pick Brehout's in Murray Harbor as the best . About $6. Almost as good, although different, is the seafood chowder at Dalway by the Sea. About 12.

Jul 13, 2009
mysterydvr in Atlantic Canada

P.E.I. Fish Restaurant overlooking Shipwreck Point

Replying to my earlier report in 2005, Shipwreck Cafe unfortunately not as good as it once was. Chowder now much much better in Murray Harbor at BREHOUT'S. Also, excellent sea chowder and most elegant settting is Dalway by the Sea on the north shore for about $12. Within national park, but you get a free pass to get to Dalway by the Sea if you tell park ranger that is where you are going.

Jul 10, 2009
mysterydvr in Atlantic Canada

PEI: Best Dining?

Back in PEI for Summer, 2009 I have found excellent breakfast and lunch in Mt. Stewart , 20 minutes Northeast of Charlottetown at Kristie's Family Restaurant. In Charlottetown, fish lunch and dinner excellent at Water Prince Restaurant, corner of? Water and Orince, of course. Today I'm heading out to Murray Harber for lunch at Brehout' see if chowder is still the best on PEI. Will check back.

Jul 10, 2009
mysterydvr in Atlantic Canada

Xtreme Taste on Cumberland

Open just 2 months and oddly named for 'Mediterranean & European Cuisine,' this small sandwich shop and take-out in Yorkville is a half block west of Yonge on Cumberland before you get to the Havana Cigar store. I have only had their schnitzel sandwich and salad, but it was made to order, fresh and delicious. At $4.99 it's the best deal in the neighborhood. Highly recommended. Anyone have any of their other tasty offerings?

Excellent Breakfast, Good Price

Walking a few blocks north of Eglington on Yonge, I passed The Good Bite on the east side and stepped in. Breakfast was excellent, and lunch looked good as I passed a table on the way out --Chicken Club looked delicious. Try it.

Inexpensive fish restaurant in Mismaloya?

We are going in Mid March. We are not 'gourmet' types but love good food, especially fresh fish and shrimp. Suggestions?

Mar 01, 2009
mysterydvr in Mexico

Delightful Lunch 20 minutes north of Victoria

We just had lunch overlooking Brentwood Bay north of Victoria (toward the airport) on Vancouver Island at Blue's Bayou Cafe. Yes, I know, it's not exactly Cajun, but it's moderately priced, very good food, very good service, and beautifully presented. Noon on Tuesday it wasn't crowded. For a break away from downtown Victoria tourist prices, try it. And you can stop on the way back to town and pick up fresh corn at a farm near Buchard Gardens for the next few weeks. Web site is

Cheap or Moderately priced restaurants in Victoria?

Looking for any kind of food in Victoria or Vancouver Island in general. Seafood of course, but any other 'must eat' dishes are welcome. --DVR

Any 'Moderately' priced good food in Victoria?

O on VanCouver Island in general? We will be there 2 weeks. Seafood, of course, but anthing else also. --Mysterydvr

Best Seafood Chowder in PEI

Still Brehaut's in Murray River Harbour IHO. About 40 minutes east of Charlottetown, Brehaut's is a knotty pine Breakfast-Lunch & Dinner place, open all year around in Murray Harbour. Right next to the Church (which is for sale) Brehaut's serves the usual good stuff (seafood dinners, hamburgers, french fries, home-cooked deserts, etc) but to me, the ultimate worth -the- drive offering is seafood chowder, biscuit on the side, for $6. Add a side order of coleslaw and you have the ultimate 'light' lunch. Still the best.

Jul 25, 2008
mysterydvr in Atlantic Canada

Charlottetown Piece of Cake closed!

Dropped by the Federation Mall just to see location of well rated lunch restaurant on second floor. Closed! Business down this summer in P.E.I. Suggest travelers come to the Island and SPEND MONEY. Strawberry season at peak in the next week or two --Pick your own about $1.35 a box. Strawberries outstanding. --DVR

Jul 16, 2008
mysterydvr in Atlantic Canada

Water Prince Seafood Restaurant in Charlottown

Considered a 'find' The Water Prince has fresh fish and lobsterat a moderate price, and if you like THICK seafood Chowder, serves good Chowder. You usually need reservations after 5:00pm. Warning: Probably a mistake, but two overcharges on my bill, and the restaurant was not busy. As I said, probably a mistake, only a $1 each, and corrected, but still.?

Jul 08, 2008
mysterydvr in Atlantic Canada

PEI Some Still Good Others so-so

Back in PEI Gillis Drive-in, North of Montague, still great for economy dining. Montague's Windows on the Water still gets good reviews. Will give Jonesey's in Morrell another try --was disappointed last summer. New Rob Roy on St. Peters Rd near Morrell bland and cavernous. Sadly, Hurricane Restaurant in Naufrage (15 minutes north of St Peter's not as good as before. Hoping that Brehaut's in Murray Harbor is still good (especially chowder & cole slaw) and hope Dalway on the Sea still serves outstanding Fish chowder for lunch in charming Old Hotel setting (evening meal pricey). I'll report back. Mysterydvr

Jul 02, 2008
mysterydvr in Atlantic Canada

Best Inexpensive Mall Lunch?

I was recently at Dundas Square and amid the KFC and Subway franchises I spotted Tropical Joe's, a famuly run carribean-type place serving oxtail on rice, stewed chicken, etc. I opted for a large curry chicken, boneless and falling apart, with peas, beans and rice and all smothered in a delicous pungent sauce. A small amount of marinated cabbage served on the side. I had enough left over for an evening snack. Price? about $8 including tax and absolutely fabulous. Anyone else been to Tropical Joe's? --DVR

best burgers in T.O.

Best Burger for the price is SIZZLER'S on the west side of Yonge just north of College. A bit of a hole-in-the-wall, but for lunch, burger only is about $3.50 of a 'combo' with drink about $4.50. Open late (early morning) for night crawlers.