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Fish and chips

Okay sure it is supposed to be common man's food *if you live by the coast* but this is Chicago and there is ocean to be seen for hundreds if not thousands of miles. Sure maybe if a lake fish were used it would be both fresh and relatively inexpensive. But I think generally a member of the cod family is used.

Now as the person above said pretty much all of places people listed use factory frozen fish. This is the reality of living in the Midwest. If you want "fresh" fish (in reality at least 2 days old) you will pay for it. I had the fish and chips at the gage and frankly they are nothing to write home about. If you need to take someone for good fish here you will pay and still likely be sold something old. Just take the kid to Boston and get him fish there. If you stay here you probably are better off with factory frozen fish. It isn't terrible and is better than what they claim is fresh.

Jan 17, 2012
sxr71 in Chicago Area