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NYC first visit (kind of) - where to eat to feel like you're in NY!

I agree that Nathan's hot dogs are quintessential NY. If Coney Island is not to be visited then Papaya King on 86th and 3rd is also a must for a hot dog.

Mar 27, 2015
ajs42548 in Manhattan

Serious Eats: Where to Eat Chinese in NYC

Our favorite Szechuan restaurant is Wa Jeal on 2 Ave bet 82 and 83 St. Every guest we bring there insists on going back.

Feb 19, 2015
ajs42548 in Manhattan

BEST meal in St. Martin- BY FAR!!!

L'Estaminet is our favorite restaurant in St. Martin and anywhere for that matter. Other great restaurants on the island are Piazza Pascal also in Grand case, SkipJack's in Simpson Bay for seafood. Not fancy but good. Dreams in Nettle Bay on the French side. IZI in Simpson Bay for simple but excellent red sauce dishes.

Best restaurant in Grand Case, St. Martin?

Our favorite is L'Estaminet. Piazza Pascal is also quite good.

Where should I eat in Sint Maarten / St. Martin?

L'Estaminet is still there but the two owners split. It was great in the past and might still be. The chef/owner is still there. Mario's is still there but never went there. Heard it was not quite the same as years ago but is still good. Went to Yvette's a few years ago and enjoyed it. I would recommend Piazza Pascal in Grand Case. The lolos are still there but never cared for them. I've heard good things about Big Fish in Oyster Bay. Check out Izi in Simpson Bay for good red sauce Italian. I've heard good things about Fig in the Cupecoy area. Bajatzu in Maho is a great steak place. For reasonably priced seafood try SkipJack's in Simpson Bay. In Marigot, try La Vie en Rose.

Mysterious establishment on E 89 st

There is an establishment at 300 E 89 St that has no sign, nothing to show what's inside. Does anyone know what is inside this place? Is it a club? Is it a restaurant? It's on the south side of the street near 2nd Ave.

Sep 30, 2014
ajs42548 in Manhattan

Weekday lunch in the area of Sullivan, Ulster, Orange counties

Mountainview in Bloomingburg, Hacienda in Goshen, Cosimos in Middletown depending on your route.

St martin

Grand Case on the French side is a gourmet's delight. L'Estaminet is great as is Pizza Pascal and just about all restaurants there also Yvette's in Orlean(this is REAL local cuisine and is not expensive). On the Dutch side there is Tutta Pasta, Izi, Pineapple Pete's, Skip Jack's, Bajatzu, Fig, The Hideaway. There are too many good ones to list but this is a good list. Some are fine dining and some are not fancy but good restaurants.

Best Bagels in Queens?

True bagels are not supposed to be soft on the inside. They are supposed to be crusty on the outside and be dense and chewy on the inside.

Aug 10, 2014
ajs42548 in Outer Boroughs

Chinese takeout - UES

We've eaten there. I also compare it to Wa Jeal. But We give Wa Jeal an edge. Still A Jiao is only a block from my home so if we don't feel like schlepping down to 83 St. we go there.

Jun 04, 2014
ajs42548 in Manhattan

Le Cottage in St. Martin

I hope you know that tipping on the French side is not required or expected. If the service is exceptional an extra $5 or $10 dollars is recommended.

My last breakfast at Orlando's Hampton Bays!!

You should have informed the woman that restaurants are required by law to serve tap water when asked.

What are the World's Finest Chocolate?

TCHO. They're in San Francisco, but of course send all over the country.

Nov 06, 2013
ajs42548 in General Topics

decent bagels in lower hudson valley?

Bagels are NOT supposed to be light and fluffy on the inside. Light and fluffy is white bread. Bagels are supposed to be dense and chewy on the inside.

The most exotic foods you can find in NYC

How about Sliced beef/yak or Sliced beef/yak tongue or Goat intestine (liver, heart and stomach) among other exotic dishes at Himalayan Yak Restaurant in Jackson Heights?

Feb 23, 2013
ajs42548 in Manhattan

Per Se

I'd go if I had a Groupon.

Jan 31, 2013
ajs42548 in Manhattan

Brunch in Port Jervis area.

I have a country house 10 minutes north of Port Jervis. There really isn't much in the way of a good brunch in that area Maybe as someone else mentioned, Milford which is 10 minutes south of matamoras might be an option.
There is an elaborate brunch (at least there used to be) on Sundays at the Best Western in Matamoras. They have(or had) one complete with a carving station and lots of other choices

Reykjavik Iceland

I used a CapitalOne credit card for everything. I let them know when and where I was traveling so there would be no problems getting purchases approved overseas.

Nov 23, 2012
ajs42548 in Europe

Where to eat in Iceland- August 2012

Holy moly. we just got back from Iceland and we also ate at that place. We were walking along the waterfront and it was cold with a cold windchill. We saw the sign that read.. Lobster Soup. It was a little shanty with bench tables and kebabs in the refrigerated display. The soup was incredible with lots of big chunks of lobster. The kebabs were excellent and very fresh.

Nov 21, 2012
ajs42548 in Europe

Reykjavik Iceland

There is a place called The Pearl (Perla). It's in a big domed shape structure on top of a hill. It actually is where all teh hot water for Reyykjavic is storaed and distributed. There is a rotating restaurant in it that I've been told by many is quite good as is the view. I haven't been there as I found out about it the day I was leaving Iceland. I was there last week. It's expensive but then all restaurants are expensive in Iceland. There are many good restaurants in the downtown area as well. Lamb is very big there as they grow millions of sheep. Of course sea food is also big there. One interesting thing is.. everyone charges everything. I even charged a cup of coffee. I never even had possessionnof one krona. If you use a bank card with no transaction fees I recommend it (CapitalOne for example).

Nov 21, 2012
ajs42548 in Europe

Flex Mussels.

I disagree. The mussles are not shrunken and you can get them prepared with many different sauces besides classic.

Aug 27, 2012
ajs42548 in Manhattan

Looking for a cool hang near the cruise terminal in Philipsburg, St. Maarten

I was going to suggest those same 2 places, Blue Bitch and The Greenhouse.

Rye bagels in NYC?

I agree that they are delicious and hard to find. Unfortunately the only place that had them that I know of closed. It was the Bagelry on Lexington Ave and 88th St. They are out there but as you say elusive. Let us know if you find any. It's not in Manhattan but there is a bagel place in Bay Terrace in the Baybridge Shopping Center that has rye bagels and the bagels are excellent, not the puffy bagel wannabes you now find in Manhattan. The name of this place is Bagel Club.

Jun 25, 2012
ajs42548 in Manhattan

Best Bagels in Queens?

Bagel Club in the Baybridge Shopping Center in Bay Terrace has good bagels.

Jun 04, 2012
ajs42548 in Outer Boroughs

best pizza in elmhurst?

I vote for Rosa's on 69 St even though it's not exactly Elmhurst. I replied to you Tokimoki because I used to teach at IS 73, 20 years ago.

Jun 04, 2012
ajs42548 in Outer Boroughs

Only 3 Dinners in St. Martin...What Are Your Favorite Picks?

Grand Case is the gourmet center of the island which itself is the gourmet capital of the Caribbean.

The best restaurant on the island is in Grand case and it's called L'Estaminet. Google their reviews. Nuf said
Other restaurants to consider: Spiga, Skip Jack's(not fancy but good) and La Vie en Rose. For a great, reasonable restaurant that serves local creole food try Yvette's.

Brooklyn Egg Creams

Coney and J? I lived on on Coney and J. It was caddy corner to the bank. Did you work at Bobbins or the luncheonette across Coney Island Ave from there?

Mar 01, 2012
ajs42548 in Outer Boroughs

Should New York Ban Eating on the Subway?

I'm waiting for the first fight to break out between a person who spills coffee or gets pizza stains on someone's new cashmere coat or a lawsuit because that offender ran away.

Mar 01, 2012
ajs42548 in Features

Kosher in St Maarin, St Thomas, San Juan, Tortola or Antigua?

We just found out about the Jewish center in SXM. We met the rabbi. It's actually above Zee Best in Simpson Bay near Top carrot. They sell Kosher food if you want to buy any though there is no reason to buy any if one is on a ship. He would know what the story is is far as Kosher on the island goes. I don't know how to contact him but by the stairs leading to the center I think there is contact info. Just as at Zee Best where the stairs are.

UES Delivery?

There are tons of places near her like Roma Pizza on the corner of 88th and 3rd. However if I were to recommend one place it would be 3 Decker Coffee Shop on 2nd Ave and 91 St. They have an extensive menu, serve good comfort food and are very reasonably priced.

3 Decker Restaurant
1746 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128

Roma Pizza
1568 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10128

Jan 27, 2012
ajs42548 in Manhattan