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Small Weddingish Cake for Eloping Couple from East Coast (Tartine, Craftsman & Wolves, B. Patisserie?) [San Francisco]

Tartine's Passion Fruit bavarian was my wedding cake (and we buy an anniversary slice every year). Our wedding was several years ago and people are still talking about how delicious and not too sweet and flavorful that cake was.

HELP!! Bay area wedding on a budget?! Is it possible......

I just went to a wedding there a couple months ago. Nice venue and the food was perfectly fine.

Hamburgers - SF Dish of the Month September 2013

DH took us to Nopa last night after several failed burger encounters (see re: Umami, Jack's Prime, that place in HMB). The Nopa burger was fantastic, cooked medium rare with a nice char, picked onions, a great grilled bun, and fantastic fries. Nopa FTW.

Hamburgers - SF Dish of the Month September 2013

Belatedly replying to say we had burgers at Ground Up last month and were not fans at all. I dragged us here instead of the awesome fish & chips place based on a thread I saw on CH.

I liked my fish burger pretty well, though I wasn't a fan of the bread (dry, tasteless) but DH's burger was disasterous. It came out well done instead of the "we cook all burgers medium rare" plus the absurdity that they charge extra for ketchup and their absurd comment that since tomatoes weren't in season nearby, they weren't being offered. This was infuriatingly hilarious because we had gone to the San Mateo farmer's market that very morning and bought tomatoes grown within a few miles of Ground Up and from farms listed as featured farmers on the Ground Up sign.

Hamburgers - SF Dish of the Month September 2013

Nope, didn't get fried pickles. I got regular fries and he got the garlic fries. He really liked the garlic fries. I thought the regular fries strangely didn't taste very much like potato, so I didn't end up eating most of mine. They are thicker cut than The Counter, and they did have skin on them, which I prefer.

Hamburgers - SF Dish of the Month September 2013

We went to Jack's Prime in San Mateo over the weekend. I wouldn't recommend it. DH's cheeseburger was well done, despite being requested at medium rare. He liked it ok but wouldn't return. My turkey burger was salty, dense, and flat tasting, though a step up from Umami's tuna burger in terms of non-beef offerings (which is to say, the Umami tuna burger was one of the worst things I've eaten in years).

Hamburgers - SF Dish of the Month September 2013

Since I know the family who owns the business, I have to point out that Coupa is Venezuelan, not Argentinian. I love the cachapa and the chai there. I haven't tried their fries yet.

Umami Burger Palo Alto - yuck

The DH decided we should try Umami burger last weekend and I agree with your disappointment/yuck. I don't eat beef, so I tried to order the turkey burger. Despite it being about 6:30pm on a Saturday night, they were sold out. The waitress recommended that I try the ahi burger, which she said was better than the turkey burger anyway. Fine. She warned me it was seared so the inside would be raw. I told her to cook it as little as possible.

The ahi burger was the most tasteless, boring, mushy, unpleasantly textured food I can remember eating in months. It simply didn't taste like anything, and it turned out to be a pre-formed patty made of chopped and pressed tuna that was only slightly pink on the inside. It was absolutely terrible.

The DH liked his truffle burger ok, but not that much. Needless to say, we are never going back.

Catering lunch/cupcake delivery SF/Palo Alto area

Cater from downtown SF to Palo Alto?? I have never heard of such a thing. If you're looking for fancy catering, maybe get Fuki Sushi to deliver through DoorDash. Fuki is very, very good and very popular with Japanese business travelers.

Catering lunch/cupcake delivery SF/Palo Alto area

I'm a new, big fan of DoorDash, a startup from Stanford alums. DoorDash delivers from a bunch of PA restaurants (see website) to PA/MP for a flat $6-per-restaurant delivery fee, with first delivery free. I'm not sure if they deliver from Kara's, but if you email them, I bet they'd make it happen. So, that will expand your catering possibilities. I can't make further suggestions without more info about your budget, your bf's tastes, etc.

Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen, San Mateo - who's tried it?

Yes, we went once, a few months ago, shortly after it opened. We got two sampler platters, the house combo and the mezze trio, so we could try lots of things. I'm trying to remember - we liked it, we would go back, but I don't recall being very impressed and excited. Our regular rotation includes Sushi Sam's and Osteria Coppa, with occasional forays into Hotaru. If we were in the mood for convenient Mediterranean (don't want to drive to Oren's), we'd return.

I recall that the chicken was dry and maybe the rest of the meat too, except I think the lamb burger patty was fine. The waitress accidentally gave us tzajiki instead of baba ghanoush in my mezze trio, so when I told her, she gave us the baba ghanoush too. The tzajiki was good, the hummus was good, and I didn't like the plyaz. I liked the falafel, but it's a very different style than what I am used to. I would order the mezze trio again next time. The pita isn't pita as I know it, more of a flat-ish bread. The staff was very friendly.

The Plant in Burlingame

Yes, there's several in SF and one in Terminal 2 at SFO. We went to the one in Burlingame shortly after it opened. The food is tasty and fresh, and feels healthful. One odd note - the burger's default bread in Burlingame was regular bread - you have to specify a bun if you want an actual bun, which is not the case in SF. I've had four or five meals at various Plants and enjoyed them.

Redwood City (or very close) upscale?

I went to The Sea on my employer's dime two weeks ago. The food was pretty good, not great. Based on the food and the unimpressive sommelier and the slightly "off" service (everything seemed slightly amateur, unpolished), it was wildly overpriced and I plan to steer my employer's money elsewhere in the future. It's a very nice looking restaurant though.

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - July 2013 [OLD]

We got a pack of the Driscoll's organic strawberries last week. no flavor, just sweet, lots of white inside. We're freezing them for smoothies because they aren't worth eating raw.

Jul 08, 2013
artemis in Chains

Best Fish & Chips, Smelts in Half Moon Bay?

The new fish & chips place Fish & Frites across from Pasta Moon was great when we tried it a few weeks ago.

Hummus - SF Dish of the Month July 2013

This is my favorite too. So creamy and silky. DH would agree that it's Israeli-style hummus, though I don't know what makes it different. We're at Oren's probably once a month, with our standard order being two classic hummus, a falafel add-on, a chicken skewer add-on, and whole wheat pita.

Coqueta - Chef Michael Chiarello NEW Spanish restaurant on Pier 5, SF - any reports?

We went last weekend, walked in around 5:45pm and got two seats at the bar in the main room, overlooking the prep area, which was fun and allowed us a preview of all of the pintxos, the desserts, and the salads. We had

-ensalada resorte- a cup of shredded spring veggies with a puree of peas on the bottom. Fresh, delicious, and a great start. Note that the "serrano crouton" is in fact a couple pieces of crunchy serrano. What makes this a crouton, I don't know, but it was really delicious with the salad. It was crucial to get a little bit of everything in each bite.

-roasted octopus - smoky, tender, charry, wonderful. I did not understand the purpose of the potatoes on the plate because they detracted from the octopus flavor, but it is definitely a must-order.

-grilled iberico secreto. Less successful. Despite being pork, it tasted like beef, which I don't care for at all. The DH liked it ok, but it was clear that the kitchen's real skill was with seafood.

-paella. I've never been to Spain, so I don't know how this compares, but I loved this. The prawns in particular were amazing, and the rice had a deep seafood flavor. I'm not sure what the point of the random pieces of asparagus were; they didn't really seem to belong. The charry and slightly chewy chorizo was also good, and I wished that there was more crusty bits of rice on the bottom for texture. I read a review saying it came out every hour, which wasn't our experience. You just ordered it and it took about 40 minutes to come.

-apple pie with blue cheese ice cream - DH liked this ok, I thought it was too sweet.

We also ordered three wines, each of which was about two pours, over the course of the meal. The best was one on tap that I can't recall anymore. There were a lot of interesting options and the waitress was happy to let us try anything we were curious about.

We could have done with one less tapa (the secreto) and skipped dessert and still had enough food, which we'll keep in mind for next time to keep the tab down. Service was friendly and pacing was comfortable. We never felt rushed or forgotten. She did offer a tray of pinxtos at one point and try to push them a little bit, but I think she was required to do so.

The guy next to us at the bar was a solo who had the razor clams, the shrimp, and the whole crab. He said everything was great. On the other side was a couple who ordered the "tater tots" which looked ok to me, a bunch of pintxos which did not appeal to me, and the shrimp warm tapa, which looked amazing. Apparently they thought so too because they picked that plate clean.

We plan to return soon and to focus on seafood and anything involving use of their wood fire/charryness. And after watching the man next to use so thoroughly enjoy his crab, we may have to order that too.

Turkey burgers?

Thanks for the tip! DH likes the bison burger at The Counter. We'll have to try Umani soon.

Turkey burgers?

I like the turkey burger at The Counter.

La Folie for special dinner [San Francisco]

Because it was our wedding night and we were staying in a hotel.

La Folie for special dinner [San Francisco]

May I suggest you eat very lightly for the day or two before going to La Folie. The food was wonderful, but the portions were humongous. I ended up having to tell the waiter halfway through our meal to not bring me the next course at all, even though we would still have to pay for it. While I've never had to say this about a fine dining experience before or since, La Folie was just way too much food. I wish the portions were half as large.

Mountain View update

I've been to Asian Box a couple times, ordering either the vegetable slaw or brown rice, the chicken, wok tossed veggies, all the toppings except the jalepenos and picked vegetables, and the fish sauce dressing. It's in my top-5 for takeout in PA, with Oren's, Pluto's, Sprouts, and Le Bou. I wish Asian Box was closer to the office.

Freebird's World Burritos,any good?

Ditto. My chicken burrito was the most bland, tasteless, awful thing. I'd rather eat a bowl of cereal for dinner than ever go to Freebirds ever again.

Mar 11, 2013
artemis in Chains

Scream sorbet going out of business??!!!

I'm so sorry to hear this. It has been so wonderful to enjoy a truly delicious non-dairy ice cream, and the luscious sorbets that burst with fruit. Your products are amazing. I hope you can find the investors and business management experience you need to support your remarkable vision and talent.

Great crab on San Mateo Coast?

I agree - it seems like such a tourist trap and it is, but they also have really good seafood, and the view is lovely. We always order things simply prepared both so we can really taste the great fish and also because we're not keen on their sauces etc. I had a really beautiful piece of grilled wild salmon there last year.

Really Nice Holiday Gift Basket in SF?

Draegers (supermarket with 3 locations) does fabulous gift baskets. They always have some ready to go, or you can order a custom one. Give them a price range and some do's and don'ts (sweet or savory, no red meat, no white chocolate, local only, kosher, whatever), and they will put something together.

dairy-free Christmas goodies

This blog is totally parve i.e. dairy free. I've made several of her recipes and they turned out great.

The other place you should check is Pinterest. There's an absurd number of dairy-free/parve recipes there.

Nov 29, 2012
artemis in Special Diets

Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

Thanks for the tip!

Costco food finds - 4th quarter 2012

We tried the Suki's Chicken Tikka Masala (refrigerated, with the ravioli and the pesto) - nay. The chicken was so very dry, even though we warmed it in a covered pan on the stove on low. Pass.

Oct 05, 2012
artemis in Chains

I Dumpling in Redwood City

I went yesterday and enjoyed it. We got the Beijing noodles - great noodles, nice texture, not watery for us; the vegetarian dumplings - again nice work with the dough, a little bland without that great chili sauce; the s&p tofu - arrived wicked hot, not greasy; and the pork and shrimp dumplings - nicely shrimpy and porky. Very, very weak tea. All this for $29, before tip. I saw they also sell the fresh noodles on their own, presumably for takeout. We got there around 8, so by the time we were wrapping up, the staff was eating their meal at the table next to us. It looked like ma po tofu, boy choy, and some noodle plate. The ma po looked really good. I would definitely return to try more things, and be sure to get fresh noodles to take home, too.