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CHOW's Intense Brownies

These are probably the best brownies ever created. I made them a few years ago for my family's Thanksgiving or Christmas, and my family loved them. This year, my cousin confronted me at Thanksgiving, demanding to know why I didn't bring them. haha
I rarely bake, but when I do, I use this recipe. It has fooled everybody into thinking I'm an amazing baker. I'm totally alright with that.

Dec 23, 2012
verticalQ in Recipes

Going to Lexington, KY- any suggestions?

Yeah, if you're looking for BBQ, go to Billy's.

For a pricier meal: The Dish is awesome, Azur is also tasty, deSha's has grown on me, Atomic Cafe is also great if you like Caribbean food.

For breakfast, I HIGHLY recommend Spalding's Bakery. It's on Winchester Road near downtown. They have amazing doughnuts, but they only accept cash (that's bitten me once before). They have milk and juice too, but no coffee (at least I don't think they have coffee... never seen it there). Magee's Bakery is also quite good. They have baked goods, hot items, and coffee.

Mandarin is probably the place to go for an inexpensive Chinese meal. DeVassa downtown has tasty tapas (around $8.00 each... two can eat for around $25 without drinks). If you're looking for Indian food, go to Tandoor. A.P. Roots on Romany Road is good if you're looking for reasonably priced, locally produced food.

Hopefully, that gives you several options to choose from for some "local flavor."

Going to Lexington, KY- any suggestions?

Thai Garden in Georgetown has some of the best Thai food I've ever had. It's pretty cheap ($7-$10), and so very yummy.

What else besides meat is heavenly in the cast-iron skillet?

Cast iron skillets are the only way to make a proper grilled cheese sandwich. Apply softened butter evenly across the bread's surface, and grill the whole thing just below medium. Grilling it slowly is the key... too fast and you'll burn your bread before the cheese melts. I know this isn't the most complicated recipe in the world, but it really is worth mentioning.

Sep 19, 2008
verticalQ in Home Cooking

Do People Really Eat Cheese Made with Maggots?

Aww HELL NO! This is the kind of thing that makes me consider going vegan.

Sep 18, 2008
verticalQ in Features


I think the problem with using apples would be that they would turn brown very quickly. When I do a mixed fruit, I usually use strawberries, pineapple, and peaches, but they're still highly seasonal.

Jul 24, 2008
verticalQ in Features

CHOW's Intense Brownies

These brownies rule! I have made these several times, and they always make you look rock star.

*Quick dessert hack: top with espresso gelato and macerated strawberries. It's super easy, and you're friends will rave.

Jul 08, 2008
verticalQ in Recipes

Best Restaurant in the State of Kentucky....


Best Restaurant in the State of Kentucky....

My one experience with Proof on Main in Louisville was that the food was great but the hosting staff were a-holes. Granted, I was there during Thunder Over Louisville though, so they were pretty busy... still, no reason to be rude to people that just asked if you have a table for two. Our waiter was nice though, and the food was tasty.

Lynn's Paradise Cafe is a great place for breakfast (I'd assume other meals too, but I've only ever had breakfast there). Usually extremely busy though.

Metropol in Lexington is one of the "hidden gems" of the city. A lot of people seem to not know about it (which kinda shocks me really), but the food is always great and the staff is always extremely nice.

Papa Leno's in Berea has some amazing pizza. Pazzo's and Joe Bologna's in Lexington are also great for pizza.

Sal's (just a few doors down from the Lansdowne Malone's) in Lexington is also very good if you want Italian food.

Finally, Atomic Cafe in Lexington is great for Caribbean food (mmm... Eggplant Caviar).