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"Chinese" Restaurant for family dinner in Calgary this Saturday

What's the deluxe seafood and tofu soup? i never had soup at a Sichuan styled restaurant though. I ordered fried rice (there are several kinds and I usually ask them to not include the green onions) with a plate of pickled cabbage (on a piece of menu-newer dishes- the waiters hand to customers. If not, ask them for it) I've had spicy beef (not sure the English name, I had it for 14.98; go look for it in the beef category) Personally, I hate deep fried food, so I am not feeling the spicy chicken. There's also a dish with diced chicken (pan-fried) for people who don't eat chicken with bones. (I loved that more). I ask them too if I'm not sure what's in a dish, haha. Wish you luck!

@ John Manzo: Oh, that! I've dined there a few times but not of recently. Actually, that place is a mixture of Taiwanese and Sichuan styled food; I've had fish pot and it was great! (was actually in a pot, not bowl) the pan fried cabbage was also delicious.

Mar 12, 2011
manio in Prairie Provinces

"Chinese" Restaurant for family dinner in Calgary this Saturday

Well, if you can take spicy foods, head for chinatown's (you can take the C-train and walk from Center street station)
1.Delicious country (Sichuan food, not westernized) just opposite Dragon Mall City and next to a bookstore. The space can be narrow if you want to have a big party of people eating there.
2.There's also a restaurant in chinatown that says it serves Sichuan and Shanghai food just further down the road away from Silver Dragon and turn right. (it's got yellow and red letters) I forgot the name but it's something called MBB or something. (They changed the menu and now a lot of dishes are in picture forms, so if you don't understand Chinese, you can ask the waiters) When I thought of the name I'll come back and tell you.
3. I think another good one is U&Me... they got a great selections too other than their dim sum. (but I guess you can ask them for Chinese menu even during dim sum hour).
4. Edgemont City is also awesome and quite authentic regional Chinese food, but it's in the NW, so it probably would take a long time from where you are.

T-Pot, I got admit their food is pretty good, but they're too far away and they've hidden charged me. (like for the veggie dish, he asked how I would like it, and added an extra dollar on top without explaining it) but that was over a year ago, so IDK what's it like now. Oh, I will try the Cultural Center Restaurant and I kept holding it off. What's Han's? Gotta find that out.

Mar 11, 2011
manio in Prairie Provinces