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Birthday dinner suggestions in Calgary

Go to Redwater Grill on MacLeod Trail--more expensive than the places the b-day girl already likes but not exotic, pretty casual but excellent service and delicious food. Just an idea! have fun!

Nov 13, 2012
randine in Prairie Provinces

"La Casita Mexicana" in Wicked Chili (17th Ave SW), Cgy: You'd never expect this to work, but it does.

I was very glad I had bought some kind of a coupon for this place because if I had paid the full asking price for the horrendous meal I had at this place I would have been super upset. To agree with some previous comments it was all just a super bizarre experience overall. I see it has changed names but it is just way too weird for a Mexican restaurant and an Indian one to be sharing a space.. There was nobody else there during my visit on the Mexican side- they had ran out of beer, took forever to bring everything, disgusting mushy cold refried beans, really werid guacamole , fishy smelling fish, and they had sprinkled parsley all over everything! All the food was really gross- cold, no flavour, bad presentation, and expensive. The server was very friendly and hospitable- probably the one good thing about the visit. I live in Puerto Vallarta for part of the year & Calgary for part of the year, and also spend most of my waking hours cooking and researching cooking so I do not feel any of my comments are unjustified. The food was truly horrible, in no way shape or form actually Mexican cuisine and I was just super disappointed in the meal- one of the worst i have ever had in YYC. Would not want any other fellow foodies to waste their time or money on this place.

Oct 22, 2011
randine in Prairie Provinces

Fresh Turkey in Calgary?

Does anyone know where to get a whole fresh turkey in Calgary anytime other than the typical turkey times of Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas? Thanks.

Mar 11, 2011
randine in Prairie Provinces