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Naan recipe?

Are you suggesting that authentic naan uses yeast?

Apr 21, 2011
mikedavid00 in Home Cooking

How do I store pepperoni slices?


I have a 10lb bag of pizza pepperoni slices from the wholesaler that was frozen. It's in my fridge now and thawed out. It's a nice pinkish pepperoni color.

But whenever I try to store thin cuts of meat, even in the freezer, they eventually lose color and start to smell when defrosted. I especially have this problem with pepperoni and thin cold cuts.

Can someone tell me how I can properly portion and store pepperoni? Looking back, I don't think I've ever had success in storing any kind of thin cut of meat. I do not have a food saver etc but would go out and get one if that's what it took.

Also a side question if i may..

I bought some pepperoni from Montreal. It smelled and tasted amazing when I made my pizza. I put it in the freezer. Took it out 4 days later to use on a pizza. And after it defrosted it TOTALLY lost it's odor and flavor and released way less juices. Almost completely. Can someone tell me why this happened?

Apr 10, 2011
mikedavid00 in Home Cooking

Finding pizza mozzarella cheese in the GTA (other than Grande)

Hey those are both good suggestions. With cheese you have to try them until you find one that works.

The reasoning is there is many ways to cost cut 2 identical looking blocks of cheese at the same fat percent and have them melt, taste, and smell totally different. Our gov't sets up a milk cartel and milk board which is responsible for a lot of this.

You can't get that cheese that you could back in the 70's and 80's. Remember when Pizza's would be 'too greesy' and some places would get a bad rep about their pizza being 'too greasy and heavy'.. well.. that was the GOOD mozzarella back then!! Now the cheese literally evaporates off the pizza and is worthless.

I tried to get a source of raw milk to make my own, bu the milk cartel bans the sale to ensure price fixing.

Honestly I get so frustrated living here sometimes I have to HUNT THE WHOLE CITY for *basic* ingredients like Curing Salts, sausage casings, rennet, and MOZZARELLA CHEESE! like.. BASIC things! When you get a bit older and experienced in life you step back and can admit that we live in a second world gov't controlled monopolized regime. So frustrating!

Finding pizza mozzarella cheese in the GTA (other than Grande)

Hey there,

Grande used to be good back in the day when they had the 23% whole cheese Mozzarella bricks for $20 a brick. Now the prices are up to about $27 or so, and they not sell the high fat mozzarella anymore. Also the cheese doesn't melt the same as it used to (I make pizza weekly with their cheese for years now).

Is there any other source for getting bricks of pizza cheese in the GTA or anywhere else?

I'll test it and let everyone knows how it stacks up to Grande as I make it weekly.

ISO: Manual Meat Mixer

Hey there,

I'm trying to get into sausage stuffing and have seen this item used in many Youtube videos:

I'd like to know where I can get something like that here in the GTA as I could use this for many other uses.