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Where to eat/stay in NOLA?

DO NOT go to Gallatoires. Go instead to Bayona, ask for Chris to be your waiter, and tell him Suzette sent you. Ask him about his cat named Ass. If Chris isn't there ask for Brian to give you a waiter up to his standards. Seriously, Bayona is one of the top tables in NOLA, and that is saying a lot for such a foodie town. You will eat well there, thanks to amazing chef Susan Spicer, and be well cared for thanks to the very attentive staff. Here's the info - 430 Dauphine Street, New Orleans, LA 70112-3406, (504) 525-4455. My second suggestion is brunch at Commander's Palace. Chef Tory's kitchen is run with the hush of a church, and with equal reverence for the food that comes out of it. I enjoyed the Garden room for brunch - it felt like I was in a very fancy tree house, despite the tornado warnings and waterfall effect the rain made on the window glass. Despite all this, the jazz trio played on, they serenaded, and very well dressed people at every table were getting very, very tipsy. If it's your anniversary, let them know, and they will take special care of you. My final suggestion is August, where John Besh presides as chef. Loved the atmosphere, sommelier, food, all of it. The chef sent us 5 desserts last year - I guess he was in a good mood! Laissez les bon temps roulez!
PS - The ONLY place to stay is the Hotel Monteleone. I hope you don't mind that it is haunted! It's in the Quarter on Royal street - walking distance to everything except Commander's.

Commander's Palace Restaurant
1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

430 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70112

Mar 10, 2011
nosquidfood in New Orleans

French dressing on pizza in Biloxi?

YES it is true! I just came back from my annual Mardi Gras trip to NOLA for the weekend and my friend's house in Ocean Springs for the rest of the week, culminating in a perfect for a 7 year old's birthday dinner trip to Sicily's Italian buffet, where they served about 25 different kinds of pizza, and some traditional gulf coast specialties. Amongs the pizzas, red beans and rice, gumbo, chicken, bread puddings and such, I noticed several squirty bottles of orange liquid clustered at every pizza area. When I asked my local host, he explained it was a local custom to put French dressing on pizza down there. Fueled by Mardi Gras bravery, I gave it a shot. Weeeeeellllll, all I can say is it was not so good. I can't imagine why anyone would do that to a perfectly good, or in this case just OK, pizza. The custom might have evolved from the French penchant for mayonnaise on things like french fries, with I suspect the natural next step being flavored mayonnaise on pizza. But I'm just guessing. All I can say is I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES!!!!

Mar 10, 2011
nosquidfood in Central South