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Desperate Search for Water Buffalo Cream (called Kaymak or Gaimar)

I've had Kaymak at Aroma Cafe on Overland near Westside Pavilion. It's so scrumptious! They have a little deli area and sell some Bosnian delicacies and they might have it for sale.

Sep 23, 2011
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Need a great "salads" restaurant in LA...thoughts?

I love Tender Greens in Culver City for casual dining. The salads are made right in front of your eyes and there's nice patio seating for people watching. There's also Choppe Choppe on Hughes a couple of blocks away. Both places have really delicious salads.

Tender Greens
9523 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Sep 23, 2011
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Spekuloos in LA?

Ohhh, this stuff is so good! I think it's crack in a jar. I received it as a gift from relatives in France after reading about it on David Lebovitz's blog. I turned my friend on to it and she orders the spread from According to their website, the spread can be found at Gelson's. Good to know!

Jul 13, 2011
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

First Birthday Party Locations

Maggiano's at the Grove has both a bar and private rooms.

May 12, 2011
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Any Chow-worthy lunch places around Slauson/405?

I like Reyhan Persian Grill located just west of the 405 on Jefferson. They have lunch specials. I like the chicken kebob which comes with a side of basmati rice and a little salad. It also comes with an appetizer of delicious hummus.

Feb 28, 2010
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Disneyland Dining: The Mediocrest Place on Earth

Try the Storyteller's Cafe or the more upscale, adult-taste oriented Napa Rose at the Grand Californian Hotel. The hotel is within a short walking distance of both Disneyland and California Adventure. Expect to pay between $20-$30 at the cafe and $30+ at Napa Rose. The food is a bit overpriced but way better than anything at the parks. If you have a time crunch or the park is crowded, skip the fine dining experience and have fun on the rides and enjoy the shows.

Dec 29, 2008
jojoma in Los Angeles Area


Jin Patisserie located in Venice, Paris Pastry in Westwood and Caprice fine French Pastries in WLA.

Jin Patisserie
1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Paris Pastry
1448 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Caprice Fine French Pastries
3213 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

Sep 15, 2008
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Culver City - Lunch Help

Skratch for sandwiches and salads on Hughes between Washington and Venice across from the WaMu parking lot. For Cuban food, try Versailles on Venice near Motor or El Rincon Criollo on Sepulveda, 1/2 block north of Samy's Camera store.

Jul 10, 2008
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Best Pizza Delivery on Westside???

Try Ciccero's Pizza on Pico Blvd., 1/2 east of Barrington Ave. Their primary business comes from pizza delivery rather than dine-in customers. The pizza is quite good (order from their gourmet pizza selections). They also have some good salads.

Jun 16, 2008
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Excellent Restaurant with Wine Flights (but not a wine bar)

Napa Valley Grille in Westwood offers wine flights.

May 01, 2008
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

New restaraunt in former Ugo Space(Pico Blvd)?

I don't know what's going in there but right next door a Red Mango is going to be coming soon according to their website. Wow, if the Starbucks parking lot isn't crowded enough!

Sep 20, 2007
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Gluten-free AND good?

My husband and I took our friend who has celiac disease to Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian churrascaria on La Cienega in Beverly Hills. It has a prix-fixe menu which includes a fabulous salad bar, a fantastic selection of fire roasted skewered beef, chicken, lamb and sausage along with various side dishes such as fried bananas, polenta and mashed potatoes. You can eat as much as you want. They have an extensive wine selection and scrumptious desserts. I don't know if the wonderful cheesy bread they serve is egg free but it is gluten free. We had a creme brulee which was the best one we've ever tasted...I know, you want to avoid dairy but I'm sure you could request something to your desire. Our waiter was incredibly helpful as was the restaurant manager when my friend notified them of her condition. The only caution is pace yourself there because the food is so filling and the salad bar and cheesy bread is so tempting!

Sep 19, 2007
jojoma in Los Angeles Area


Red Mango apparently was the original natural flavored frozen yogurt and inspiration for the Pinkberry chain. It's creamier in texture and IMO tastes better than Pinkberry and less expensive if you want a small with more than one topping. The fruit toppings selection is great but no mochi available. The decor is a little more comfy with couches & banquettes although seating is limited. Parking available just around the corner.

Mondo Gelato across from Westide Pavilion has what they call Italian style frozen yogurt in two flavors, natural and tart. The tart being more lemony flavored. Both flavors creamier than PInkberry. The fruit toppings not as appealing. Parking available a half a block away in the Starbucks parking lot. Actually Red Mango will be opening next to Starbucks shortly and that may be the death of the Italian style yogurt at Mondo.

Yoku Yoku, located in a strip mall at Sepulveda & Palms, has a creamier frozen natural yogurt, with an excellent selection of fresh fruit toppings including cherries plus mochi. Unfortunately, the medium with 3 toppings comes to $6 versus $5 at Pinkberry's.

Sep 14, 2007
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Chow Challenge: $5 lunch on the Westside => Cent. City, Culv City, WLA, SM, Brntwd, Wstwd, MDR and Venice

Chutney's at Barrington & Pico has a lunch special for $2.99. It's two pieces of tandoori chicken with naan & salad. For an extra $2.00 you can get a mango lassi.

Sep 13, 2007
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Culver City grubbin?

If you like sushi, Kaizuka, on Culver near the Kirk Douglas Theater, is very good. For great salads, try Tender Greens, also on Culver in the downtown area. The grilled flatiron steak salad and the ahi tuna nicoise salads are excellent.

Sep 11, 2007
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Poll: What restaurants do you eat in most often?

In W.L.A.:
Chutney's on Barrington & Pico for Indian fast food at really reasonable prices
Yabu at lunch for the chirashi combo with soba and at dinner for the black cod
Sushi Anju for lunch for really affordable bentos
Tlapazola for the tasty fish dishes
Ramenya for the chashu ramen
Mr. Cecil's for the baby back ribs, grilled corn & hushpuppies
Sofra at Westside Pavilion for Turkish fast food
John O' Groats for amazing breakfasts
PInkberry's for frozen crack with mochi & fruit
Red Mango for creamier frozen crack
Falafel King for the chicken shawarma
Papa Beard's for scrumptious cream puffs
Nook Bistro-just discovered it and I'll definitely be eating there more often but I'm not telling
anyone where it is because it's a jewel.....

In Santa Monica:
Bread & Porridge for breakfast and great French press coffee
The Counter for customized burgers and the 50/50 combo of fries & onion rings with sauces

In Culver City:
Kaizuka (try the red snapper sushi)
Tender Greens for the best salads (try the flat-iron steak salad & the ahi nicoise salad)
Culver City Farmer's Market for Mexican BBQ corn, rockenwagner's cheesy bread twists
and Corn Maiden gourmet tamales
Tito's Tacos for the all meat burritos
Johnnie's Pastrami for a heart attack between a roll

In Marina del Rey:
Kaya Sushi (when I've had a memory lapse about the slow service) for creative sushi and
bim bim bop
Tamara's Tamales for gourmet tamales
Wharo's for Korean BBQ on the westside

Sep 11, 2007
jojoma in Los Angeles Area

Your most infamous kitchen misadventure

Many years ago my husband and I lived in a huge apartment complex. One night, I decided to fry up some wontons in the kitchen. I heated up the oil and while I was waiting for it to reach the proper temperature for frying my wontons I became distracted by a t.v. program my husband was watching in the next room. Well, I glanced over my shoulder to see flames shooting 2 feet high from the frying pan. We both were running around the kitchen with frying pan in hand, like chickens without heads trying to decide how to extinguish the fire. We finally doused the flame, relieved that we had averted a near disaster...until we saw the smoke slowly making it's way to the smoke alarm in the dining area!! We then rushed around trying to find something to block the smoke from reaching the smoke alarm, climbing on top of the dining table with a bag, desperately trying to cover it to prevent the alarm from breathing it in.

Damn, our luck,the next thing we heard was a blaring alarm in the hallway. I quickly called the main office of our complex to tell them that it was a false alarm and to turn it off...only to be told that the alarm was connected directly to the fire department and it was too late, they were on their way. We went outside to see hundreds of people evacuating the building, panicked and running, some buttoning their blouses and shirts, pulling up pants....The fire engines arrived and I had to tell them what had happened while my husband hid from sight. They had to enter our apartment and inspect and I basically stood outside of the building, pretending like who were the fools in that apartment who pulled a false alarm?!!

Aug 30, 2007
jojoma in Not About Food