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Richmond Restaurants For Northeners

another yankee transplant here. queens, specifically. the hub and i like specific items from specific restaurants. and we like to eat cheap. so far:

the cluster of viet restaurants around horsepen: pho so 1, vietnam 1, tay do. take your pick. i appreciate that these restaurants are run by vietnamese folks. the viet places in nyc are all chinese owned. the pho is as good, if not better, here in RVA than NYC.

bbq: the hub likes bbq spare ribs, which we've only found at buz & ned's and alamo within city limits. you cannot get proper bbq spare ribs in NYC. i will miss this when i head back north.

catfish: mama j's and comfort are my favorites. will also miss a ton. i also like the atmosphere at croaker's spot.

take out italian: 8 1/2 reminds me of affordable, solid italian food back home. sure, it's not the best of the best, but it works for when i am too tired to cook and want something consistent and good.

uss brooklyn at black sheep.

country style doughnuts. the amish doughnuts at the south of the james market.

ricoto chicken and chicken fiesta for peruvian chicken and the ceviche at ricoto is great.

fried chicken blue plate at the hill cafe.

Aug 25, 2012
Linda in Mid-Atlantic

Best Korean Places in Annandale?

Bumping up to ask for specific Korean-Chinese restaurants in Annandale. I was reading about "Jang Won" on Yelp. Is this the go-to spot for Korean-Chinese? Any other recommendations? Thanks in advanced!

// start mini-rant

Also, I had recently taken a trip to Yechon and I absolutely HATED IT. I wanted to like it so badly, but the food was cold, salty, and "soulless". Despite that, the place was packed to the brim. What gives? This can't be the best of Korean food in Annandale? Was this a one-off? I ordered all the standard dishes (BBQ, Jigae, Hameul Pajun/Seafood Pancake).

I'm Korean-American and I'm from Queens. This isn't me being a biased New Yorker, as I would take any type of Korean food that I can get in this part of the country.

// end rant

Yechon Restaurant
4121 Hummer Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

Cannelle Patisserie in Queens

i also noticed the regular croissants got smaller. the chocolate croissant also has less chocolate in it. the almond croissant i had this past weekend actually had more filling than others i've had in the past? perhaps i got a lucky one. the prices were also raised across the board, but still affordable comparative to manhattan prices, or even other places in queens.

May 18, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Interesting breakfast options in Sunnyside, Woodside, JH or Elmhurst?

de mole serves a great + cheap breakfast/brunch everyday, 10/10:30 - 2. afterwards, they tack on $2. it's a small menu, about 4-5 items, but they are all very good. the huevos rancheros is great. the coffee is also very good.

cannelle patisserie has great breakfast items. i can't think of a single item i've tried that i didn't like. their croissants, danishes, muffins, quiche, sandwiches, bagel + lox, all are great and cheap for the quality. the coffee is good, too.

May 18, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

CURRY POINT[new sunnyside]

i also continue to go, but had an odd situation the last time i went.

as i've mentioned above, i was happy that the samosa (fresh cooked or not) was 2 for $1. what a steal. the chef/owner even had assured me this was the price. i must've gone in about 5x and got 2 for $1.

the last time i went in, a young man was at the counter and said that 1 was $1. i told him that i disagreed and that since their opening, i always paid 2 for $1. he insisted he was there since the opening and that was never the price. i told him that i spoke to the chef/owner and he still continued to disagree with me. it was silly for us to be arguing over it, but then it became a matter of principle. i am obviously not lying to try and con these guys over $1.

it left a bad taste in my mouth, no pun intended.

the young man shouldn't lie and tell me that he's been there since the beginning when it was the first time i saw him there and i had received direct confirmation from the owner on the price.

Apr 13, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Good Korean food in Flushing

for korean bbq within walking distance of the main street station, head to union st + 37th ave (kitty corner from the police dept). the place is called jang tuh (or some formation of that). it's a small place, but their kalbi is great. they are one of the few korean bbq places in queens that still uses woodchips for the fire, which shines through in the taste of the meat. i believe they have lunch specials which are cheaper. this place is mostly koreans, unlike kum kang san down the street. i like it here the best for kalbi, outside of nam oh jung on northern + 161st.

kum kang san on northern + union is where i send non-koreans that are getting introduced to korean food and are intimidated by places that are only koreans. kum kang san has a large chinese clientele, as the waitstaff speaks english and the menu is extensive. i don't know any koreans that go here anymore, actually, unless it's for a special occasion in the banquet area. not to say they don't go there, but it's a little too cavernous and big for my taste.

even closer to the main street station is woo chon, which is across the street from the flushing library on kissena blvd. this place has been around for ages. it's not the best around, but it's decent enough. i have always liked their suhl lung tang (korean oxtail soup with noodles).

Kum Gang San
138-28 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11354

Nam O Jung
160-13 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11358

Jang Tuh
136-93 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11354

Woo Chon
41-19 Kissena Blvd, Queens, NY 11355

Feb 26, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Cannelle Patisserie in Queens

i absolutely love and adore cannelle. i've literally tried every bakery item there, including the sandwiches, quiche, muffins, pastries, cookies, bread, cakes, you name it. my waistline is not happy with this. :-)

but, since we all go on and on here at CH about the great things about cannelle, there are a few blips to be aware of that i've experienced over time:

echoing the sentiment about the red velvet cupcake, it wasn't great. i am also not a fan of red velvet in general, so i am not really sure if i've ever tried one that blew me away.

on the otherhand, i LOVE brownies. all kinds of brownies. however, the one here is good but also doesn't blow me away. i tend to shy away from both the cupcake + brownie and prefer the pastries.

if you get full cakes during busy holidays (say, like christmas), they will bring you cakes from their freezer (or their extremely cold fridge, not sure which one). i was not aware of this the first time it happened to me. i put the black forest cake into my fridge prior to serving without even looking at it. when i did serve it, the cake was frozen and tasted terrible. definitely check to see if it is frozen first. you will have to thaw it out instead of sticking it in the fridge.

anyone else wish they would use recycled paper plates and reusable utensils? with the sheer amount of customers that dine in, it makes me a bit sad that there is so much plastic being used (plastic plates + utensils). i wish they would change to something a bit more environmentally friendly.

Feb 22, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Lunch for about 15 people near LIRR station in Bayside?

not sure if 15 people could fit into press 195? i would call ahead of time and see if they can accommodate your party. they may fit you along the long tables by the bathroom, you would def take up that entire section.

another suggestion would be gino's trattoria on bell + 35th ave. it's a bit of a walk up from the lirr, but it isn't terribly far. they have a lunch menu, the place is fairly big, decor is clean + modern. food is good, nothing outstanding, but solid pastas, paninis, salads, etc. i think they have a party room for 25+ ppl. i think for your party, they would seat you in an alcove made for larger parties.

i also like erawan on bell + 43rd ave. decent thai place. again, i would call to see if they would be able to fit your party. they have another restaurant, erawan steak or something that's further north on bell + 39th ave. they can definitely accommodate your party, but the menu is completely different and more american.

Feb 11, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

CURRY POINT[new sunnyside]

i never attempted to catch spicy mina at a good time, so i can't use that as a comparison. i usually go to the places in jackson heights and i think curry point is just as good, cheaper and closer.

i think the samosa is good for its price. i would gladly choose $1 samosa over [insert $1 item off fast food menu].

we are DEFINITELY trying to drum up some excitement for a more than just decent, but a GOOD indian place in sunnyside. i'm getting tired of my usual stand-bys in sunnyside and welcome any good new additions.

i don't see anything wrong with that...

Feb 10, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

How's the Pho @ Natural Tofu in Sunnyside?

I just tried it last night. As stated above, it's decent when you are craving a bowl of Pho in the 'hood and don't want to trek out to Elmhurst/Flushing (though I greatly prefer Pho from those places). The pho at BCD came with a TON of noodles, almost too much. The broth is decent, nothing to write home about. I ended up putting in a ton of hoisin sauce, the red pepper hot sauce and Siracha sauce, so it was nice and spicy. The meatballs were an interesting addition, the sliced meat was good. It also comes with the plate of bean sprouts, a couple of japaleno slices, and cilantro.

Feb 10, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

CURRY POINT[new sunnyside]

I went back for visit #2 on a weekend night again. It was again, fairly quiet, so I do hope that business picks up. I noticed they posted pictures of food along the outside of the restaurant, perhaps to entice new customers?

I would hate to see a decent Indian place like Curry Point not survive. There seems to be a good number of places closing in Sunnyside in recent times, warranted or not (such as Sugar & Joe, Gray Point Thai, Nourish Health Food Store).

This time, the utensils were indeed silverware. They again gave me + companion 2 free drinks to have with our meal (we dined in). I don't know if this is a temporary thing or what, but I like it!

We ordered the Chicken Karahi, which was very good, I liked it better than the Chicken Tika Masala. Chicken was tender, fell off the bone. It came with a heaping plate of white rice and a small side of iceberg lettuce + cucumbers. They also gave a small plastic container of white yogurt. I had asked if they had a mango chutney or some sort of sweet sauce to use, but the lady said they did not.

The Tandoori Roti was very good, gigantic, warm. I was thinking about the Samosa all week, which is why I went back. Very crispy and good again. I also ordered the Chicken Samosa, which was also good. It was very mustard-y. I liked the Vegetable Samosa better. And $1 for a plate of 2 very delicious and hot Samosas is SO CHEAP!

Here's the info from the menu:

Curry Point Halal Grill
Open 7 Days
Free Delivery
41-02 Greenpoint Ave
Sunnyside, NY 11104

Feb 10, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

CURRY POINT[new sunnyside]

I went over the weekend and I was satisfied with my meal. I am very happy to see a decent and inexpensive Indian restaurant in Sunnyside. I went over the weekend for dinner. During the 45 minutes I was there, I'd say there was about a total of 5-7 other orders, both take-out and delivery.

I ordered standard fare, just in case. Samosas, Tikka Misala, Naan, Rice. I shared all this with another person for a total of $13. It was all very good and large portions. The samosa was very good, the outside was light and crisp. It is not dense like the ones at Jackson Diner. They let us grab 2 waters on the house with our meal. It is a family run business and the employees were very polite.

There are some vegetarian dishes in the front counter. But, everything we ordered was made-to-order in the kitchen, which is actually adjacent to the restaurant and not behind the counter. There are tables so you can eat in, but it's not a formal restaurant. We were given plastic utensils to use. However, all the food was served on big, white plates which gave it a cleaner and nicer presentation.

I'd love to see this place do well, I had wished for a decent Indian restaurant in Sunnyside and my wish was granted.

Feb 02, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Sonali Indian Cuisine, new in Sunnyside!

there's mention of a new indian restaurant, curry point, on Greenpoint + 41st (right across the street from marabella's pizza). hope it's good...

in regards to pizza - i think marabella is good, but it doesn't blow me away. i feel the same about the new place, sunnyside pizza. i asked for a slice nice and hot and i got lukewarm. that isn't the fault of the pizza obviously, will have to ask for "super hot" next time.

i wouldn't order the pho at BCD - i go to eat soondooboo, not pho there. :) i usually drive over to the pho bang's on b'way in elmhurst to get my pho fix.

Jan 29, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

5 Guys Burger in Woodhaven

floors were still slippery as of last saturday. perhaps b/c it was super busy that day? be careful.

Jan 24, 2010
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Maybe moving to Sunnyside, seeking general info

everything is within walking distance when you live within the "main" area of sunnyside. i'd consider the main areas to be off of the 40th and 46th street subway stations off the 7 train.

there's no whole foods like place here.

i get fresh produce from a korean grocer on greenpoint ave + 42nd st.

there's many supermarkets in the area - foodtown, met, associated that have small sections of natural/organic food.

superior market right on queens blvd and 40th st also has some organic/natural offerings. you can find items, just have to look around and know where to go.

i also buy items at the butcher's block - may not be organic meat, but it's good/fresh.

i go to another korean grocer on 43rd + 43rd to get korean food items.

on the weekends, i will make trips to the super stop + shop on northern + 48th. or drive over to the trader joe's on metropolitan ave in middle village.

the 2 fish stores i go to and i think the only 2 in the area: one is on QB + 45th st or so. another is called fish house on 42nd + greenpoint. they have your traditional fish and shellfish. i've had no problems with either of them, and both seemed fresh enough for me.

yes, many restaurants in the area. i go to BCD, the new korean restaurant, De Mole, and Mediterraneo the most frequently. i don't mind Pete's Grill for diner food.

Nov 25, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Sonali Indian Cuisine, new in Sunnyside!

thanks for the reviews.

sunnyside is in dire need of good indian, vietnamese and pizza. i would love a nice bowl of pho right about now. or a good slice. any word on that new sunnyside pizza place opening up on QB + 40th (northside), right next to that diner?

Nov 04, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Sonali Indian Cuisine, new in Sunnyside!

it is on 43rd st on the north side of queens blvd. it is right behind the korean restaurant on the corner of 43rd + QB. i never see anyone in there besides the employees, so i've always been weary of checking this place out...

Oct 28, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Sonali Indian Cuisine, new in Sunnyside!

i saw that they opened this past weekend, i believe. they had what looked like friends + family in the restaurant. i was hoping for a take out menu, but i did not see one when i passed by. will have to check sometime this week again. i hope it's good, sunnyside desperately needs a good indian place!

Oct 27, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Montreal Bagels in NYC (coming soon)!

i concur with nehna. i am a born and raised new yorker and i have to admit, those montreal bagels beat a new york bagel any day. but, a new york bagel beats a bagel anywhere else in the world. :-)

i don't like that new york ones are so doughy, too soft and gigantic. the montreal ones are smaller, crispy on the outside, light and warm in the inside. esp when you get them straight out of the oven at fairmount! heavenly.

bigger isn't necessarily better when it comes to bagels...

Oct 06, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Waterfront Crabhouse in LIC

i wanted to post an unfortunate experience that my sig other and his 2 friends had at this restaurant over the weekend.


the behavior of one particularly employee, the OWNER, completely left a bad taste in their mouth and they are furious. we are telling all of our friends and will continue to spread the word to avoid this restaurant.

i apologize for being the messenger, as none of them are members of any food community online.

my sig other and his 2 friends went to the waterfront crabhouse after a round of golf over a weekend. they arrived around 6PM, to a fairly empty restaurant (about 30% occupied). they asked the hostess, who happened to be the owner, for a table. they were told to wait to be seated. they moved to the side, as two other parties walked in after them.

the party immediately after them, 4 older folks, asked for a table. they were also asked to step to the side to wait for a table. this group, that came in AFTER them, were seated first. strange, but they let it slide. then, the second group, a family of 4, who had stated they had a reservation, were also immediately seated.

they continued waiting for another 5 minutes and were still not seated. his 2 friends went back to the owner and asked what the wait was for, as there were plenty of seats and the 2 parties after them were already seated. she then rudely asked the 2 friends to step away and keep waiting for a table on the side. they couldn't understand why there was a wait at all, with there being plenty of tables opened.

after waiting yet another 5 minutes or so, they were finally seated. they were not seated in the main area alongside every other diner in the restaurant, but were seated in a side room. ALONE.

at this point, they could've left, but they were exhausted after their golf match and just wanted to sit down and eat.

they stated that the waiters and bus boys provided much better service and had absolutely no problem with them. they had then asked who the hostess was and wanted to complain to management about her. it turned out she was the owner, so they did not have a place to air their grievances.

i am stumped. they were not dressed inappropriately (all wore polo shirts, shorts/pants, shoes). none of them drank any alcohol at all that day (the 2 friends do not drink, period). they are the friendliest bunch, just your average young professionals.

if anyone else knows where i can talk to someone about this incident, i would appreciate it. in the meantime, i will never visit this establishment, and neither will anyone i know.

thank you.

Aug 02, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

3 weeks in Sunnyside - the Queens eating adventure

my 2 MUST places are DE MOLE and BCD.

de mole: i go almost every week for either their weekend brunch/lunch or dinner. the brunch options are so cheap (all under $5) and so good. i love all of their dinner items, never disappoints. they are also expanding next door; it will be a lounge area while ppl wait for tables.

bcd (book chang dong): this is the korean spot mentioned above. even if you have no idea or no inkling towards tofu, this is a different beast altogether. it's under $10 for the tofu stew thing. just go. if you don't like it, which i don't doubt you will like it, there are other korean items, such as kalbi.

other spots i go to for eats:

butcher's block for my lunch necessities, like cold cuts.

superior market has cheap greek yogurt ($1.70 for the small, it's all above $2 anywhere else)

lowry wine factory: cheap, decent selection, some of the older guys there are knowledgeable

greenpoint market: fresh produce, i like the owneres

sugar and joe: i'm craving a sweet bite, owners are also nice

yogurtberry/starberry: fulfills froyo cravings when i can't get to a red mango

sripriphai: ok, it's 2 stops from you on the 7. it's a must.

aubergine: decent coffee and cake slices

ten full: decent chinese take out

el shater: spinach pies and my fill of a falafel

there's a korean deli right by there (43rd & 43rd), sunnyside deli or farm or so? i go there for my korean food necessities

oh, and the farmer's market will be starting again? should be any day now. i've found good fruits and veggies there

mediterraneo: craving big heaping bowl of cheap pasta

Apr 09, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Tony Roma's to open at Bay Terrace Shopping Center

yes, this may not be "chowhound worthy" but what a blast from the past.

remember the one that used to be on northern blvd near bell? it's currently the 2nd outpost of ham ji bak, the korean sam gyup ssal place.

i remember going to tony roma's for graduation dinners from elem and junior high school! haha.

Mar 29, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Recession Eats!

are you talking about the korean sweet potato, goguma?

i feel like they may be slightly different from the traditional yams/sweet potatoes. as a child, my mom would buy them in bulk from the korean supermarket. they had purple skin and the inside was a dark orange color. she would literally wrap it up in tin foil, stick it in the oven, and then we would eat it like that. i don't believe that she put in any spices/seasoning. the natural sugar would be released from the goguma during the heating, i believe.

don't mark my words, as my mom could've snuck things without telling me. :)

Mar 11, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Quick trip to NOLA report

At Acme, we ordered seafood platters and po boys. I had the Peacemaker po' boy, which was fried oyster and shrimp, with a Tabasco mayo. It was actually pretty good, but the oysters clearly stole the show. Oh, we ordered ice cream and it was like astronaut ice cream. Kind of dry, is this common?? Very odd.

I don't want to knock Herbsaint, as I did enjoy my meal, but I definitely did not get blown away by anything. I would recommend it to other visitors, but may temper their expectations.

Mar 03, 2009
Linda in New Orleans

Quick trip to NOLA report

I had been scouring the NOLA board for quite sometime and finally made my way down over President's Day weekend. It was the first time for this New Yorker. It was also Valentine's Day and the start of a few Mardi Gras parades, so I was expecting a bit of craziness. However, though there were definitely crowds, our taxi driver lamented that the crowds were very thin compared to pre-K days. We didn't have to wait for a cab and there was no traffic. I hope NOLA will be revived to its old glory days.


Went straight to HERBSAINT for dinner. Promptly ordered the traditional sazerac (very good). We ordered fried frog legs, braised short ribs, kurabuta pork belly, steak, seared scallops, flounder, and finished with the homemade ice cream and olive oil cake.

I found the food to be very good overall, but nothing blew my mind. The fried frog legs had a sweet sauce with it, I think it would've been fine without it. The short ribs were very good, came with a tasty potato pancake underneath. All the entrees were also very good. The olive oil cake that came with sorbet was sort of like a glorified muffin. I wouldn't recommend it.

I may just be an impatient person, but it took forever to get the attention of the waiters and to get another beer. I thought to myself, ok, we should slow it down a bit...


Jazz brunch at MR B'S BISTRO. They had a $25-30 3-course special that came with a gumbo, jumbalaya, and some tomato soup starter, a choice of petit filet with truffled eggs, french toast, or creole eggs, and bread pudding. We ordered all 3. All were very good and rich. The coffee was great as well. The mimosa was nice and strong. The loaf of bread that was given to us was also very good. New Orleans loves their bread, huh? I really liked the bread pudding, but it was too much carbs at this point. My belly was bloated already.


Cafe du Monde. The line was out the door for both the beignets and table. Scratch that.


Finished off at ACME OYSTER HOUSE. The charbroiled oysters and raw oysters were great. Nothing more to say about that.

Had another sazerac at Old Absinthe House, I liked it better at Herbsaint?

Thanks again for all the recommendations. Our flight was canceled for a night so we missed a whole day of chowing down. I hope to head back to try other favorites, like Galatoire's, Arnaud's, Commander's Palace, Cochon, and the likes.

Feb 19, 2009
Linda in New Orleans

Help with SouthEast US Road Trip (VA NC SC GA) [moved from Not about Food board]

Yes, I am taking this trip in a few months and there is valuable information here!

I plan to take the trip from NYC > Atlanta, stopping for a night. Any recommendations for good places to stop (while still making good time)? i'm thinking somewhere in NC? Look forward to eating bbq, fried chicken, whatever comes our way! Any burger joints or fast food type places I shouldn't miss (that is, local eateries, not McDs, etc).

Feb 19, 2009
Linda in General South Archive

Looking for top quality bakeries in outer boroughs

cannelle all the way. i've been to marquet and like it there, but cannelle is a different beast altogether. it's fancy desserts at really affordable prices (everything is around $3). i highly recommend the trek out to cannelle. you won't regret it!

here is the link to the new yorker review:

Feb 01, 2009
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Rice pudding at El Shater, Sunnyside

you can take the 7 train to either 40th or 46th st. walk down to 43rd st, it's a block north of queens blvd (on 43rd ave).

Oct 22, 2008
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Perfect Team Corporation aka Guang Zhou Jiu Jia

thank you so much for the recommendations - i had never seen it circulating here in nyc. the place i went to in LA had a nice book with all the pictures, so i all i had to do was point. they should try that around flushing. ;)

thanks again! will report back.

Sep 21, 2008
Linda in Outer Boroughs

Perfect Team Corporation aka Guang Zhou Jiu Jia

i had this wonderful dim sum dish in LA that i've never seen in NYC before. it is a white steamed bun with a very bright yellow, gooey filling. the filling is slightly sweet and it is served warm. it's also the "cutest" dim sum dish ever, it resembles a stark white egg with runny yolk when you bite into it. any luck here or any other dimsum place in all of nyc at this rate? thanks!!

Sep 20, 2008
Linda in Outer Boroughs