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The Inspired Cook on Queen East - Help!

That's really too bad to hear that they're shutting down. I have nothing against the owners and running a small business is really hard, but still no luck in getting my pot.
Basically the owner called me explaining that they've had a hard time reaching the minimum order number and told me to not give up on them. Said they would call me in two weeks but it's been a month or so already. Just called again and the owners are only in on weekdays so I have to wait until Monday to get my refund.

The Inspired Cook on Queen East - Help!

Thanks for letting me know! Yeah, I had visited them at their new location originally.
Well, I'll have to drop by in person then.

Thanks again!

The Inspired Cook on Queen East - Help!

Hey there Toronto foodies,

I'm wondering if anybody knows what's going on with The Inspired Cook on Queen East (Leslieville). Their number seems to not be in service anymore even though I just called 2 days ago and somebody picked up. I paid for a Le Creuset pot and it's been months of me hounding them for my order. Now I'm starting to think they've run with my (and possibly others) money. Anybody walking by know if they're still in business?

Thanks very much!

The Inspired Cook
1378 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M4C5M3, CA

Where to Buy Fresh Fava Beans

Thanks! I called Highland Farms and they do indeed have them!

Highland Farms
850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

Where to Buy Fresh Fava Beans


I'm looking for fresh fava beans and know close to nothing about them. Are they in season? Where can I get some (Toronto)?

If it's difficult/impossible, what are my alternatives? Frozen or canned?

Thanks so much!

Muna Tea (Peruvian)?

This is a random question but thought friends on Chowhound might be able to help!

When we took a trip to Peru they drank muna tea, mainly for altitude sickness. Every time we had it they would just pick it fresh from outside (like an herb) and drop a few leaves in. It's minty, but not quite the same as our peppermint mint tea. Now that we're back in Toronto, we've been missing it!

Does anybody have any idea where we might be able to buy some? Order some? Find something similar?



Finally got to eat at Woodlot! Here's a rundown for those wondering:

5 people - we had read about their "giant" portions and decided to order 2 appetizer sized dishes, 3 mains, 2 sides and 4 desserts. First things first - Woodlot just changed to their spring menu so I'm pretty sure things have changed... the portion size is NOT huge. We could have easily eaten a main plus shared some sides/appetizers. The side dish of mashed potatoes and turnips would be best shared by 2 people. Only their desserts were huge. Don't go in expecting a giant portion anymore.

We would have ordered more but here's the negative: after serving us the two appetizer dishes in a normal amount of time, we waited an hour and a half for our mains to come. When we asked the waitress about our food after the hour mark, she went to ask the kitchen and said "they keep telling me 3 minutes..." Finally when our food came, she said they were going to take off all the entrees off of our bill. I am going to cross my fingers because they JUST started the spring menu so I hope things look better from here.

The food: the pappardelle was delicious, as everybody has mentioned. GREAT egg noodle texture and the flavour was epic. The gnocchi was melt-in-your-mouth and the walnut sauce had a really complimentary sweet flavour.
For mains we had the pork belly & duck, haddock, and snail & bacon with a fried polenta base.
The best was the snail & bacon - absolutely great flavour with these perfectly cooked mushrooms in it and the fried polenta was so crispy. The haddock was perfectly cooked with these pasta-like tiny balls at the bottom (sorry, don't know what they are called) that were very interesting. The pork belly & duck was our least favourite - good flavour but didn't have as much depth. The duck meat was also quite dry at parts.
We had the lemon and berry tart and the apple pie with burnt honey. Both were excellent. The tart was nice and sour and had a roasted marshmallow on top - we found that made it a bit too sweet. The apple with the burnt honey was genius.

The service was pretty good - attentive servers who were friendly and helpful. We wish that they would have let us know that we didn't have enough food - we thought they had huge portions but it turned out not so. I mean, at the end with the desserts, we had enough to be full but during the meal we could have eaten more.

I would definitely love to go back but I will wait until they get in their groove with this new menu.


Thanks for the responses everyone!
I did get a call back just now and the lady was very nice.

Just a heads up for anybody looking to make reservations - their only time available on weekend evenings were all past 9:30 pm so I made a reservation for NEXT week Saturday and their only available times were early at like 5 pm. This is for a table of 5.
So... make some early reservations! :)


Been dying to try Woodlot and decided this would be my birthday dinner selection this year. I called on Sunday leaving a message to make a reservation for this coming Saturday and nobody has returned my call. Called again today and nobody is picking up so I left another message and no response yet. Anybody else have a problem with this? Any suggestions besides physically making my way out there and banging on the door? Haha.