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Village pub or chez tj?

My hubby and I will be in San Jose for a night & will be celebrating our anniversary. Which do you recommend between the village pub and chez tj? By the way, if it is a mistake to go to either, please let me know that as well. We want a special dinner, but are stuck with where we can get a reservation at the last minute. TIA

One night in Austin

Thanks for the suggestions, notsusan.

Chefdavis-I pretty much like all kinds of food-american, french, italian, indian, etc. I do stay away from seafood heavy cuisines (like thai) for obvious reasons.

Sep 05, 2011
mcoventry in Austin

One night in Austin

I've only got one night in Austin :-( I wish I had more time, but . . .

1. What is the best area to stay in for a woman alone?
2. Best restaurant for dinner and breakfast? Don't care about the price since it is just me, but I would like something really great. I'm allergic to all seafood & bell pepers/chilis (depressing, isn't it?)

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! TIA

Aug 30, 2011
mcoventry in Austin

Restaurants near SDF & convention center

We are working at a convention this weekend & staying in a hotel near SDF. Are there any good restaurants within 15 minutes of this area? It seems like all I'm seeing is fast food & the cracker barrel? I don't need fancy, but I do need edible, LOL.
Thanks for the help!!!!