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Chowhound Board Challenge! Fantastic meals under $8!

Haha it isn't actually called McRib (I think it's just Sate Rib) but it is a ground pork patty, covered with sate sauce - I haven't had an actual McRib in so long I don't remember what those are actually like.

Oct 14, 2011
uncultured in Prairie Provinces

Chowhound Board Challenge! Fantastic meals under $8!

You can still get a sate viet sub (beef, chicken or McRib) for under $7 at the Thi Thi across from Harry Hay's - they seem to be a bit lighter on the meat these days I find (at least the beef) but it's still tops in my book. I probably eat there once a week during summer :)

Oct 13, 2011
uncultured in Prairie Provinces

Prairie Food Trucks - A Possibility?

Yay for Alleyburgers! Though I haven't had the chance to try one yet, it's hard to get into the lineup early enough.

One of my friends also alerted me to an upcoming PerogieMobile, also scheduled to launch this summer in Calgary:

Jul 06, 2011
uncultured in Prairie Provinces

Craft beer Market, Calgary....What a disappointment

I definitely recommend District - especially if you go during happy hour(s) - 4-7pm every day! - when you get $3 of glasses of their house beer. They have live cask nights often enough as well. Lots of good food there too!

I too had a rather unfavourable experience at Craft - we had originally intended to go there for dinner but ended up leaving after just one beer as it was pretty clear that they didn't have their ducks in a row.

Jun 27, 2011
uncultured in Prairie Provinces

The new Calgary Farmers' Market at Blackfoot Centre will open tomorrow

A couple quick takes on a couple less conventional stalls from when I was there 2nd week after opening:

Wildfire Wing Co - a friend and I had wings for breakfast, which actually isn't has awesome as it sounds. Really nothing special about this place at this point in time - wings were barely better than your average pub, and just with sauce added after cooking - and all the sauces we tried were quite weak. In fact, I thought they made a mistake with the "teriyaki wasabi" wings as I couldn't taste the wasabi at all (they said others had said previously that the wasabi was overpowering, so YMMV). I think only hawaiian BBQ was worth noting. Really kinda expensive too for stall food, considering there was nothing really to suggest that they use high-quality ingredients.

Mr. Esfihas - I hadn't heard of these things before, but apparently esfihas are a Brazilian mainstay. They are cute little dough circles with either savoury or sweet toppings - I had the dulce de leche (which evoked fond memories of my vacationing in Argentina) and my friend had a couple of the savoury ones. It's pretty easy to drop a few bucks on these for a quick snack, though they are quite small. Nice branding though!

Jun 22, 2011
uncultured in Prairie Provinces

Wurst - Calgary German Beer Haus

I went to both Craft Beer Market and Wurst on the same night over the weekend - surprisingly, I'm not an alcoholic ;) Amazingly, both places had the same problem - they were out of a significant portion of their on-tap beers! Opening weekend jitters, hopefully - but Wurst only had 3 available on tap - rather disappointing.

It was so busy that we weren't able to get a seat - we just walked in at around 9pm, and should have known better than to try to get a table without a reservation. We ended up sitting around a barrel downstairs, which wasn't too bad but didn't exactly provide a good eating surface. The food looked great when it came - several dishes were served in cast-iron pans, which was pretty neat, and the pork knuckle that my friend ordered was almost the size of his head! Luckily a table opened up shortly after our food arrived so we had some space to maneuver. Unfortunately, it was so dark that I literally couldn't see what I was eating - I ordered the bratwurst, which in the dark seemed to be swimming in some kind of creamy potato-ey substance. Not too bad, but the brat was quite dry - I much prefer them greasier and juicy. I see their website has "bringing mustard back" but I couldn't taste much, if any, in the dish (but maybe I just missed it because I couldn't see it).

I will probably go back again, but mainly for the pork knuckle (schweinshaxen) - when else do you get the opportunity to eat something that's like 80% fat? ;)

Jun 22, 2011
uncultured in Prairie Provinces