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Best Take-out Places for a "Big Salad" (Dinner)?

Thanks so much for all the suggestions. A lot of these places we've definitely seen before, but had no idea they had such a loyal following. We'll pick through them one-by-one.

Part of the secret is the toasted pita, but beggars can't be choosers.

Best Take-out Places for a "Big Salad" (Dinner)?

A bit of an unusual request, but my wife and I sorely miss the "Big Salads" available back home in New York City's diners (Sunflower Diner on 26th/3rd was a definite fav). A nice Cobb salad, in a huge portion size, with toasted pita. Available for delivery after 9:30pm...

However, in SF, we are having trouble finding places to take-out for a healthy dinner meal! For lunch, there's Mixt Greens, but they're closed after 3pm. Forget the delivery and forget the 9.30pm -- we're willing to drive, and show up at 7.30 for a nice Cobb and some toasted pita.

Does anyone know of diners, restaurants, etc. in SF that can offer a "Big Salad" ( for takeout?

Obviously others in the area must feel a similar pain. Hoping to drum up some ideas!

Thanks in advance,

Mixt Greens
114 Sansome St Ste 120, San Francisco, CA 94104