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Naughty Piglet: New wine bar & rest, Tulse Hill/Brockwell Park

Jay Rayner gave Naughty Piglets a thumbs up on Sunday the 3rd. The queues may have subsided in a couple of months...

May 13, 2015
thewegie in U.K./Ireland

[Manchester, city centre] Red Chilli

Given the truly atrocious meal I had at the Portland St branch when I was up in Manchester for Lancs v Middx last September, I'm really not surprised: greasy noodles, kung pao chicken that was simply cheap chicken with a dodgy red sauce and peanuts, stir-fried tong choi with garlic that had too much salt and oil and no discernable garlic. Given that the Chow Hounds had never led me wrong before, I was stunned at how awful it was.

May 13, 2015
thewegie in U.K./Ireland

50th Birthday Dinner

It's the big five zero this year, and my husband's promised me a blow-out dinner. Unfortunately, both my first choices of Waterside Inn and Le Gavroche are already booked solid on the day in question, so we're casting around for somewhere else.

To set the scene, starred places we've been to and enjoyed over the past couple of years have included River Cafe, Alyn Williams, The Glasshouse, Chez Bruce, and St John. Starred places we haven't liked include Pollen Street Social, Locanda Locatelli and Galvin La Chapelle.

Any and all suggestions gratefully received!

Feb 17, 2014
thewegie in U.K./Ireland

Brik pastry (London) Where can I get it?

I've bought it in my local Waitrose in Richmond. It's in the chiller cabinet next to the butter.

Apr 04, 2012
thewegie in U.K./Ireland

Grouse in Glasgow after the Glorious Twelfth?

I'd recommend the Ubi Chip as well, especially as they have the cellar to cope with grouse. Apart from the year-round wood pigeon pest (which are delicious), snipe is the only other game bird that comes into season at the same time as grouse and they're about as easy to get hold of as Roc's eggs.

If you're buying yourself and plan to roast, be aware that prices in the week after the 12th are astronomical. I usually try (usually I fail ;-) to wait until around the end of the month, when prices drop down to more normal levels.

Aug 05, 2011
thewegie in U.K./Ireland

Which Indian restaurant in London?

I think Moti Mahal has noticeably gone downhill. I first ate there about four years ago, and the place was marvellous. Husband and I took a friend there for dinner, and the food was so-so by comparison. The delicacy and preciseness of flavour that had been there had gone down several notches towards something much more like the usual "English Indian". I felt particularly let down by the Black Dhal, which I remembered as excellent, and which turned out to be a few lonely lentils swimming in a red sauce, and which wasn't a patch on the Nepalese Special Black Dhal that the Nepalese restaurant around the corner at home does. I had to repair across the road to Lowlander to have a Grottenbier to cheer myself up afterwards.

Moti Mahal
45 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AA, GB

Aug 05, 2011
thewegie in U.K./Ireland

In London for a short time - dining suggestions

The Harwood definitely allows babies and toddlers in the evenings. There have usually been at least a couple there every time I've been for quiz night.

May 26, 2011
thewegie in U.K./Ireland

Chacoli / Tzakoli white wines from Basque area northern Spain - to buy in London

As do The Good Wine Shop in Kew.

I've also seen it in Bedales in Borough Market, but that was before they reorganized the shop to make more room for seating upstairs.

Apr 05, 2011
thewegie in U.K./Ireland