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Knives in Beijing/Shanghai?

Thanks so much, all of you! I'm excited because the class covers knife skills, and that's one of my weak areas. I think even if I buy a cleaver in Beijing, I have to go to Zhang Xiao Quan (can't do the characters, sorry) while we're in Shanghai. I can always use a new pair of sewing scissors.

Old School Portland Eateries

Have to add a couple, even though it's been a while. Hung Far Low, just for the name. I've never managed to eat there (tried once, but the waitress's cigarette ash was just too long for comfort. Seriously), but I have a Chinese-American friend who thinks it's a classic.

The Virginia Cafe. New location (across from downtown library), but same kinda place. Also, if you're into Chinese, you MUST try Om Seafood, out on SE Powell at about 75th.

Hung Far Low
2410 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216

Mar 07, 2011
saucy.wench in Metro Portland

Knives in Beijing/Shanghai?

Leaving for Beijing on the 16th, and wondering if anyone has some knife shopping tips for either Beijing or Shanghai. I can go off the beaten path (have been to China numerous times, and my daughter speaks some Mandarin).

I'll be taking a cooking class -- -- would I be best off just talking to the teacher?